November 30, 2015 01:03 UTC

  • Audio Critics: Peanut Butter With Caffeine Unfit for Kids

    Adding caffeine to peanut butter is a terrible idea, says a U.S. senator. But the company behind Steem Peanut Butter says the added caffeine will help people get energy without drinking lots of coffee or energy drinks.


Video Route 66 Serves Up Pizza, Burgers, 'Horseshoes' and More

From Chicago pizza to roadside burgers in Los Angeles, the food along Route 66 plays a special -- and delicious -- part of any journey down America's Main Street. More

Learning English Videos

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English in a Minute: Wake-Up Calli
Have you ever gotten a wake-up call? This expression can be used in many situations. Find out more about this idiom in this week's English in a Minute.

Video English in a Minute: Wake-Up Call

Have you ever gotten a wake-up call? This expression can be used in many situations. Find out more about this idiom in this week's English in a Minute.

Video Sprint Signs Telecommunications Deal in Cuba

Sprint has agreed to provide direct wireless phone roaming service for foreign visitors in Cuba. It is the first United States-based company to do so. Roaming service permits mobile phone users to use their devices outside of their service network.

Video How Well Does Your Country Speak English?

The EF English Proficiency Index rates the English language level of adults in 70 countries in which English is not the first language. The latest report says Sweden leads the world in English. The average level of adult English proficiency is up. But not all countries are improving.

Video Banana Protein May Help Kill Viruses

Bananas taste great and provide important vitamins and minerals. The fruit also fights depression, can prevent muscle pain and protect against heart attacks. Now scientists say bananas may also stop viral infection.

Video Will Ethiopia's Teff Be the Next Super Grain?

An ancient grain from Ethiopia is for sale in stores across America. It is called teff. It has been an important part of the Ethiopian diet for thousands of years. The small grain is mainly used to make flour.

Video Facebook Launches Mobile News App

The “Notify” app will let users get content from media partners on their smartphones. And, Facebook will be able to add news alerts in its daily notifications to a worldwide audience.

Video English in a Minute: The Calm Before the Storm

American English has a lot of weather-related idioms. What do you think it means if a situation is "the calm before the storm?" Learn how to use this expression in this episode of English in a Minute!

Video China Looks to Limit Tourism Kickbacks

China is looking to stop low-cost vacation tours that force tourists into costly stores. The tourists buy the tours at reduced prices, but then they are expected to make costly purchases at stores while on the trip. Sometimes, these agreements lead to conflict between tour guides and tourists.

Video ‘Better Make Room’ for College Kids, First Lady Says

First lady Michelle Obama launched a media campaign in October to support young people who want to go to college. A social media website called Better Make Room is at the center of this campaign. This website helps share information and stories between students applying to college.

Video Study Says Bubonic Plague Much Older Than Thought

Danish researchers examining ancient human teeth have discovered evidence of the plague from 4,800 years ago. In the middle 1300s, the disease killed 50 to 60 percent of Europe’s population. But the bacterium was not nearly as aggressive in its earlier form says the study leader.

Video Is Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs?

A scientist looked at how the chemical oxybenzone affects coral. He says it does three things: It causes their exoskeletons to turn white, and it damages the adult coral’s DNA, or genetic structure. The genetic damage also hurts the coral at the larval stage, when it is very young.

Video Robotic Vehicles Explore the Celtic Sea

One vehicle has equipment that can detect small organisms called zooplankton and fish. It also has devices to measure water currents and record other features of sea life. Another research vehicle is powered by solar panels and a wind turbine. It sends information about biodiversity hotspots.

Video English in a Minute: Jack of All Trades

Does this expression have anything to do with a man named Jack? This idiom is not what it seems. Learn more by watching this episode of English in a Minute!

Video Women's Entrepreneurship is on the Rise

Companies, government agencies and universities back programs to increase women’s entrepreneurship, both in the U.S. and around the world. Raising capital remains a major issue for women-led businesses. But new ways to get money are emerging.


Audio African Union Promises to Stop Child Marriage

New studies show the rate of marriage for children in Africa continues to increase. Most African countries bar child marriage. But experts say enforcement is poor, and traditional beliefs about girls and women still rule. Experts are gathering in Zambia to talk about how to end the custom. More

Business & Economics

Audio Hackers Try to Steal Your Shopping Passwords

As the holiday shopping season begins, hackers are trying to trick users into revealing their private account information. Last week, hackers tried to trick users into handing over their passwords and user names. Last holiday season, eBay and other online shopping websites were attacked. More

Health & Lifestyle

Video In Japanese, Onigiri Means Love and Comfort

Onigiri rice ball is a popular food in Japan. VOA Learning English visited an onigiri-making class. The organizers are raising money for World Food Day. By uploading pictures of making or eating onigiri, everyone can donate for children who need help. More


Audio These Americans Eat the Most on Thanksgiving

Many Americans spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, celebrating with a traditional meal. But for others, it is a competition. Across the United States, there are contests to see who can eat the most pumpkin pie. These events go from October through Thanksgiving. More


Audio After Years on Death Row, Freed Man Helps Others

Anthony Graves was cleared of murder charges after spending 19 years in prison for the crime. For more than half of those years, he was scheduled to be executed. Now, Graves spends his days as a free man trying to reform the US justice system. His prosecutor has been disbarred from law practice. More

Science & Technology

Audio 15 Tech Gifts for 2015

Not sure what gift to get your loved one? Think technology! Consider these fun and useful tech gift ideas. You do not have to be a high-tech expert to get excited about these gifts. You may even find something special for yourself! More


Audio Peacemakers, Employers Come Together for Education

Several leaders of non-governmental organizations came together to mark International Education Week. At a discussion in Washington, D.C., they told about education programs in places like Lebanon to prevent violence between Lebanese and Syrian youth. More


Audio Dialogue: Tales from the Lewis and Clark Expedition

VOA's Anna Matteo interviews colleague Kelly Jean Kelly on her recent expedition. This month Kelly followed the footsteps of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Hear some stories she brought back with her. And learn the difference among road trip, business trip and expedition, as well as other words! More

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 A volunteer holds up a baby as others help migrants and refugees to disembark from a dinghy after their arrival from the Turkish coast on the Greek island of Lesbos.

A volunteer holds up a baby as others help migrants and refugees to disembark from a dinghy after their arrival from the Turkish coast on the Greek island of Lesbos.

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