October 06, 2015 08:27 UTC

  • Trade ministers from a dozen Pacific nations in Trans-Pacific Partnership Ministers meeting post in TPP Ministers "Family Photo" in Atlanta, Georgia, October 1, 2015.

    Audio Twelve Countries Reach Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

    For the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal to take effect, the agreement needs approval from national legislatures in all 12 countries. Completion of the deal is a major foreign policy victory for U.S. President Barack Obama. However, U.S. congressional approval of the deal is not guaranteed.



Does 'Arizona' Mean 'Amazing?'

We saw and did so much in Arizona. We visited Navajo language classes, hiked in Grand Canyon National Park, and drove through some of the most beautiful land in America. This is only part one of our Arizona blog! More

Learning English Videos

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Saving the Honeybees, One Hive at a Timei
We depend on bees to help produce one third of the food we eat. One man has started a program to help stop the worrying drop in honeybee numbers.

Video Saving the Honeybees, One Hive at a Time

We depend on bees to help produce one third of the food we eat. One man has started a program to help stop the worrying drop in honeybee numbers.

Video Satellites Help Protect Developing Nations

The U.S. space agency and the U.S. Agency for International Development use satellites to provide important information about climate to developing countries.

Video English in a Minute: The Sky's the Limit

If someone says "the sky is the limit for you" what do they mean? Find out in this week's English in a Minute!

Video News Words: Recycling

This news word gets used again and again. Hear the word used in a news story and our hosts will tell you more about the word recycling.

Video Vietnam Seeks to Expand Its Economy

The Southeast Asian nation hopes to add higher-value industries to its economy. The country could become a bigger part of the factory supply chain, making headlights for cars, for example. One economist says Vietnamese private business needs more access to land and finance.

Video How to Deal with Back-to-School Stress

Leaving behind the carefree days of summer and starting school with routines, homework and expenses can be stressful for everyone -- children, parents and teachers. But you can do some things to help reduce stress.

Video Medical Shortages in Yemen Becoming Severe

Al-Sabeen Hospital in Yemen’s capital cares for children and pregnant women. But aid agencies say the hospital is short of medicine. Houthi rebels seized control of much of the country earlier this year. It is feared that Yemen’s civil war could intensify.

Video Countries Compete for Oil in the Arctic

Environmentalists have denounced U.S. oil company projects in the Arctic. A former Shell Oil Company official says new kinds of energy can be developed without harming nature.

Video New Apple Products and Upgrades Go on Sale

Apple starts selling updates of Apple Watch, the iPad and iPhone this month.

Video English in a Minute: Elephant in the Room

If someone is talking about the "elephant in the room," does it really have anything to do with wildlife? Find out how to use this phrase in this week's episode of EIM!

Video Pressure on Markets as World Worries About Chinese Economy

Markets are showing weakness. China’s economy was talked about at the recent G-20 talks. The U.S. government is urging China to be more open in discussing its policy plans.

Video Calais School Offers Migrants Help in Time of Crisis

Europe is facing increased criticism about how it has reacted to the flow of migrants. Not all Europeans think that walls or laws are the answer. In the French city of Calais, one school is opening doors and bringing migrants of different nationalities together.

Video Painful Tooth Repair May Be Over

Nobody likes going to the dentist. This is especially true of children. But new technology may help teeth heal naturally without painful drilling and filling.

Video Exhibit Shows the Secret Life of Roots

The U.S. Botanic Garden has a new exhibit about plant roots. The show helps to explain what is growing under our feet.

Video Cubans Use a Card to Reach the Internet

Newly approved pre-paid cards let Cubans get on the Internet. Reports say only five percent of the population has full use of the Internet.


Nobel prize in Medicine - winners

Audio Ireland, Japan, China Scientists Share Nobel Prize for Medicine

The first of the 2015 Nobel Prizes has been announced. The committee awarded the prize to scientists from Ireland, Japan and China for discoveries that will reduce death and suffering. For one of these countries, it is a first-ever win. More

Business & Economics

Video Phone Apps Help Stop Counterfeiters in Kenya

Counterfeit goods, or false versions of products, may cost the government of Kenya as much as $1 billion each year. The fake goods also hurt business owners who find it hard to keep customers. But information technology is being used to try to stop the problem. More

Health & Lifestyle

CrossFit athlete in District CrossFit gym. (Photo: Michael J. LaPierre)

Video Older Athletes, Lower Fitness Age

There are many benefits to exercise. You feel better and are more healthy. But can it really make you younger? A new study focused on older athletes says you can lower your fitness age -- no matter how early or how late in life. Fitness age is how well your body works. More


Video ‘The Martian’ Mixes Science, Science Fiction

Hollywood's latest space operation gone wrong movie stars Matt Damon as an astronaut mistakenly left on Mars. The film is a hit with movie critics. But what do science critics think? More


Video Asian Immigrants to Overtake Hispanics

A new study by the Pew Research Center says Asians will be the top immigrant group in the year 2065. Fifty years from now, there will be more Asian than Hispanic immigrants in the United States. And, they say, no race or ethnic group will have a majority in the country. More

Science & Technology

Audio Great Barrier Reef Choking on Pollutants

The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. It is the largest living organism on Earth. However, the reef is being damaged by climate change and pollutants from farms that flow into the reef. More


Nigeria Violence

Audio Terror in Cameroon Targets School Children

Children and teachers cannot go to school safely in the area along Cameroon’s northern border with Nigeria. Security forces, parents, and the government are doing all they can to keep school campuses safe. More


Bill of Rights

What Does the Bill of Rights Say?

The first ten amendments -- or, changes -- to the U.S. Constitution are called the Bill of Rights. After 2/3 of Congress and state legislatures approved them, they became effective in 1791. More

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People wear house models during a march held on World Habitat Day in central Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 5, 2015.

People wear house models during a march held on World Habitat Day in central Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 5, 2015.

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