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'Hello,' Can You Pay Me?

Many people around the world like the music of Adele. And sometimes, Adele fans record themselves playing her songs and put the videos on YouTube. But be careful. If your video gets too popular, you might owe Adele some money. More

Audio Trending Today: Egypt Rolls Out Red Carpet

Vehicles carrying Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and his aides drove on a red carpet to a housing project outside of Cairo. The carpet stretched a distance of four kilometers!

Video Helping Blind People 'See' Great Artwork

An American photographer is making copies of great artwork available for blind individuals and those with very poor eyesight. At least 285 million people worldwide are either blind or considered visually impaired. They are unable to see or enjoy visual fine art.

Video Trending Today: Florida Manatees Find Fans on Facebook

A short, 20-second video of the hundreds of manatees in Three Sisters Springs went viral on Facebook. And “Three Sisters Springs” became a trending topic. Manatees are aquatic mammals. The friendly creatures are sometimes called “sea cows.” But they are actually an aquatic relative of the elephant.

Video Airplane Concert in India Lands Crew in Trouble

Five crew members for a chartered flight in India are suspended after permitting a Bollywood star to sing to the passengers. The Jet Airways crew let singer Sonu Nigam use the plane’s announcement system in flight in January 4 and the video recently went viral.

Audio Broncos, Bruno Mars, Beyonce Win Big at Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos football team won America's biggest sports championship on Sunday night. The Broncos won the National Football League championship game, known as the Super Bowl. Two other winners were singers Bruno Mars and Beyonce, who energized the halftime show.

Audio Do You Watch for the Game or the Ads?

The 2015 Super Bowl was the most-watched ever. This year should be no different. But why do people watch the Super Bowl? Of course, the game is a big deal, but … those ads!

Audio Football Player Criticized for Dancing While Black

Cam Newton is a star quarterback in American football. But Newton, an African-American, is being criticized for the way he celebrates on the field.

Video Story of 1831 Slave Rebellion Holds Message for Today

The new movie, “The Birth of a Nation,” was a long time in creation. The film created a buzz at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. It tells the story of Nat Turner, a slave who grew up to lead a rebellion in the state of Virginia in 1831.

Audio Trending Today: Puppy Bowl

There are two big games on Sunday: the Super Bowl, and the Puppy Bowl. On Wednesday, Animal Planet announced the starting lineup for the 2016 Puppy Bowl. Fifty puppies will “play” in the game. They are from animal shelters, and are available for adoption. Each one is in need of a good home.

Hockey Fans Tweet Player To All-Star Game

A surprise name came up in the National Hockey League’s All-Star Game voting. Fans voted John Scott, a little-known role player, into the showcase game. Then Arizona traded him to Montreal. It looked like he would not be able to play in the game.

Audio Trending Today: Lionel Messi's Biggest Fan

Last month, a 5-year-old boy in Afghanistan became famous on the Internet. A photograph of him went viral. In the photo, the young boy was wearing a Lionel Messi soccer jersey he recreated using a plastic bag. Now, Afghanistan's football federation says the boy may get to meet Messi.

Audio Ice Boats Race Like the Wind

This year, winter weather has been slow to arrive in parts of the northern United States. But now that it is here, some people in the state of Maine are enjoying an unusual activity: ice boating.

Audio Trending Today: Sia, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Sia is an Australian singer known for her offbeat costumes and a desire to not show her face while performing. But she still is willing to have a good time, as shown by this collaboration with late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon.

Audio White Actor to Play Michael Jackson in Comedy

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop," will be portrayed by white British actor Joseph Fiennes in the comedy "Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon." The casting choice is being criticized on social media and elsewhere.

Trending Today: Barbie Reimagined

The Barbie doll has been a part of American culture for more than 50 years. Tall, blond and blue-eyed, she became a symbol of the “all-American girl.” But in recent years, the Barbie “look” came under attack as unrealistic. On Thursday, the company that manufactures the toy updated her look.

Audio Buttons Are Art at New York City Gallery

"The Button Show," at Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea displays works made with the small, ordinary objects usually used to fasten clothing. There are button sculptures, portraits and wearable art by 11 artists. Some of the works are political, some are personal and others are just fun.

Audio These Models Make Money with Hands, Feet

Famous models are known for their beautiful faces and figures. But there is another specialized area of modeling, where feet, hands, earlobes, eyes, lips and hair are the best features.

Audio Actors Criticize 'White' Oscars for Lack of Diversity

The Academy Awards, or Oscars, ceremony is Hollywood’s biggest night of the year for actors and filmmakers. But this year, some are refusing to attend the ceremony. They are boycotting the event because of the lack of diversity among the nominees for Academy Awards.

Audio American Concerts Available Worldwide

Want to hear an American musician perform or watch a play? Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to go to a performing arts center. Many concerts are available “live” on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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