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Tanglewood Music Center Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The world famous Boston Symphony Orchestra normally performs at Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. But its summer home is the Tanglewood Music Center in western Massachusetts. The Boston Symphony Orchestra also has a summer program at Tanglewood for young singers and musicians. More

Audio Serena Williams Chasing History at US Open

The U.S. Open tennis tournament begins Monday in New York City. It is the last opportunity for 127 women to win a ‘Grand Slam’ title this year. And it is a chance for one player, Serena Williams, to win a place in history. A victory would give Williams a rare 'calendar-year Grand Slam.'

Audio Nairobi Music Store Sells Vinyl Records Again

Musicians once performed at the store, which used to sell record albums. Cassettes, CDs and MP3s caused lowered sales because they were easily-copied. But the renewed popularity of vinyl records may save the store, and some once-forgotten East African music is being heard again.

Video Movie Shows Rap Group 'Straight Outta Compton'

The music genre known as gangster, or gangsta, rap was born in the poor, dangerous neighborhood of Compton, in Los Angeles, California. The violence of street life there and tense relations between the community and police influenced the sound.

Video Actor Cruise Again Lives 'Dangerously' in Fifth 'Mission: Impossible' Film

Tom Cruise performs all his own stunts in 'Mission:Impossible - Rogue Nation." They include a wild motorcycle chase down a curvy mountain road in Morocco. In this fifth installment of the 'Mission: Impossible' series, Cruise's character is fighting a mysterious group of dissident agents.

Video Underground Station in Capital to Become Arts Center

An underground streetcar station in Washington, D.C's historic Dupont Circle district was closed 50 years ago. Now it is getting a new life. A plan calls for turning the spacious underground platforms into a space for art shows, talks, concerts and even a film set.

Audio Folk to Rock: When Dylan Went Electric

Fifty years ago, folk music legend Bob Dylan rocked out at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island on an electric guitar. He was widely booed. The audience may have been unhappy with Dylan’s performance that day, but it changed the direction of music and culture in the United States.

Video After Much Delay, Wildlife Park Opens in Jerusalem

Activists fought for the park for almost 20 years against the wishes of developers who wanted to build businesses and homes on the land. The activists wanted to show how wildlife can live in cities. “Just leave some space for nature…and let people in so they can enjoy all this beauty.” | As It Is

Video Movie Tells Story of Mental Health, Poverty

Director Maya Forbes tells about her family and its struggles with depression, poverty and sex discrimination in her new film, “Infinitely Polar Bear.” The film is not like other Hollywood movies that have a happy ending. Instead the movie shows an American family and how it reacted to events.

Video Special Olympics Bowler Ready for Summer Games

Eunice Kennedy Shriver established the Special Olympics in 1968. They are held every two years, alternating between winter and summer sports. Barbara Figueroa is a competitive bowler from southern California. She has been playing the sport for nine years and is excited about the international games.

Video Santa Claus Congress Opens in Denmark

Much of Europe is struggling with hot weather. The Christmas holiday is the last things on the minds of most people. Yet delegates from around the world have gathered in Denmark for the World Santa Claus Congress. They are preparing for the holiday season and discussing other concerns.

Audio Comedians Debate What Is Acceptable Humor

People inside and outside the world of comedy are debating what, if anything, is too controversial for comedic use. Comedians are making changes to respond to those who are sensitive to controversial issues. Some comedians say that audiences are not being reasonable.

Audio More Focus on Serena Williams' Body than Victory

Serena Williams could soon become the fourth woman in history to win a tennis Grand Slam. She won Wimbledon last week. But recent discussion in the media centered on how female tennis players look more than how they play. And that has made a lot of tennis fans and feminists angry.

Audio Harper Lee’s Second Novel Fuels Debate

On Tuesday, Harper Lee’s second book “Go Set a Watchman,” was released for sale, 55 years after the first. Lee had announced in February that she would publish a sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Some readers are protesting the character of Atticus as he is written in “Go Set a Watchman.”

Video Summer 2015 Brings Movies for Toddlers to Teens

A girl's emotions star in 'Inside Out,' an animation from Pixar. 'Minions' is the story of the little yellow creatures from the 'Despicable Me' series. Don't like cartoon movies? Try "Paper Towns' based on a John Green book or 'Ricki and the Flash' starring Meryl Streep and daughter Maggie Gummer.

Video Demons, Male Dancers and Dinosaurs at Theaters Everywhere

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as the Terminator and Channing Tatum reprises his role as stripper Magic Mike. But there are also scary movies about demon children, comedies with a talking teddy bear and a marijuana-smoking secret agent; and a documentary about the late British singer Amy Winehouse.

Video 'Jurassic World' Sells $1 Billion Worth of Tickets

The movie continues the series that began in the 1990s. It already is the second most popular movie of 2015. Critics praise the new film as exciting. A group of paleontologists praised the film as well. But they said they found the science behind the dinosaur story to be weak.

Audio Swift Change to Apple Streaming Policy

Taylor Swift protested Apple's plan to forgo paying royalties to artists during the three month free trial of Apple Music streaming service. She wrote that is a long time to go without being paid. Apple answered soon after Swift's blog appeared on the Internet. It promised royalties to artists.

Video Musician Helped Define Rock n’ Roll in 1950s and 60s

Saxophone player Grady Gaines worked with many of the early stars of Rock n’ Roll, including Little Richard, Sam Cooke and Fats Domino. The 81-year-old legend has now told the story of his life, in a book called “I’ve Been Out There.”

Audio A Nigerian Film Festival in Paris

Some of the best Nollywood films are showing at a film festival in Paris. The festival is called "Nollywood Week." This is the third year the festival has taken place. This festival is very important for bringing attention to films made in African countries.

Learn with The News

  • Video Iran Seeking Foreign Visitors and Their Money

    The agreement between Iran and six world powers will ease financial restrictions on the Middle Eastern nation. Iranians hope that the end of travel restrictions will lead to more foreigners visiting the country. In London, travel agents say some people are already asking about how they can visit. More

  • Audio US Preparing Sanctions Against China

    The United States is preparing to act against Chinese who steal trade secrets using the Internet. The actions could freeze accounts and block the transfer of money. They would target thieves who use the Internet to steal U.S. trade secrets. More

  • Audio EU Officials to Hold Talks on Migrant Crisis

    The talks will involve home and justice ministers from EU member countries. Luxembourg, the EU’s current president, says the meeting will take place on September 14 in Brussels. The International Organization for Migration says more than 322,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea. More

  • Employees of Rivalry Games work on their computers at technology incubator MuckerLab, in Santa Monica, Calif.

    Video Los Angeles' Silicon Beach Becoming Like Silicon Valley

    America's high technology industry is centered in northern California. The area, known as Silicon Valley, is a short drive from San Francisco Bay. Silicon Valley is home to Google, Apple and other industry leaders. More

  • The north dome of the Quelccaya Ice Cap in Peru is seen in this handout photo from Ohio State University taken in 2003.

    Video Andean Glaciers Reveal Secrets of Climate Change

    Ice caps, very large sheets of ice, do not only exist at the earth’s poles. There are tropical ice caps in mountain ranges, too. The largest, the Quelccaya Ice Cap, is on top of the Andes Mountains in Peru. But the Quelccaya Ice Cap is melting quickly. More

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  • Audio Are You Too Smart for Your Own Good?

    If you think being smart is always a good thing, think again. Smart has many meanings. Read on to find out what they are and the surprising origin of the term Smart Aleck. More

  • Audio Everyday Grammar: Fun with Future Tenses

    English has several ways to talk about the future. It's one of the most flexible tenses in English. We visit some popular songs for examples of the future forms. Read and listen as the Everyday Grammar team shows you six ways to express an event in the future. You will not regret it! More

  • Video A Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce

    Carter Druse lived in Virginia, a southern state during the American Civil War. He had a tough decision to make - should he join the Confederate Army or the Union Army? Read this classic American Story to find out what decision he makes, and what it means to his father and fellow soldiers. More

  • Audio Betty Azar, 'Rock Star' of English Grammar

    It all started with a question from a student. The year was 1965. Betty Azar was teaching her first English as a Second Language class at the University of Iowa. A student from the Middle East asked Ms. Azar, “Why can’t I put a in front of water?’ As in ‘I drank a water.’” More

  • Audio Millions with Mental Illness Get Little or No Treatment

    The World Health Organization reports that hundreds of millions of people worldwide have a mental disorder. However, the WHO adds that most get little or no treatment. Learn the vocabulary needed to talk about this important study. More

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