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Movie Recalls ‘The 33’ Trapped in Chilean Mine

Disaster struck Chile five years ago when a copper and gold mine collapsed, trapping 33 men 700 meters underground. A rescue team worked tirelessly for 69 days to save the mine workers. More

Audio These Americans Eat the Most on Thanksgiving

Many Americans spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, celebrating with a traditional meal. But for others, it is a competition. Across the United States, there are contests to see who can eat the most pumpkin pie. These events go from October through Thanksgiving.

Video ‘Trumbo’ Tells the Story of Blacklisted Screenwriter

In 1950, the United States Congress tried to end the career of Dalton Trumbo, the highest-paid screenwriter in Hollywood. Now, that story is being told in the new movie, “Trumbo.” Actor Bryan Cranston stars as Trumbo. Helen Mirren plays society writer Hedda Hopper.

Video 'Spectre' Launches New Era for James Bond

British actor Daniel Craig again plays intelligence agent James Bond. It is his fourth 007 movie. In 'Spectre,' Bond is on a personal journey to find an enemy from his past. He lost much that was important to him in “Skyfall” including the spy agency director, “M.” Now the agent he wants revenge.

Audio Hollywood Works to Eliminate Gender Pay Gap

Patricia Arquette won the best supporting actress award at the 2015 Oscar ceremony. She used her moment to address pay equity in America and Hollywood. The debate continues even now.

Video Lambert, Stapleton Win Big at CMA Awards

The Country Music Association named Miranda Lambert female vocalist of the year at its awards ceremony Wednesday night in Nashville, Tennessee. Artist Chris Stapleton won the award for male vocalist of the year. Luke Bryan was honored, again, with the CMA award for entertainer of the year.

Audio American Halloween Goes to the Dogs

Halloween in America is a big deal! So big that many Americans now dress up their pets for the holiday. Some have parades and contests to vote Best Dressed.

Video International Players to Watch in the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is arguably the best basketball league in the world. No longer are foreign-born NBA players unique. Most teams have one or two. And some are among the most important and interesting players in the league.

Audio World Series Teams Last Won in 1980s

Neither the New York Mets, nor the Kansas City Royals have won the World Series since the 1980s. Now they meet in the baseball championship series.

Audio Is Beauty Defined by Nature or Nurture?

A new study suggests that what a person finds good-looking in another person is shaped by the observer’s environment and experiences. Genetics may be less important than thought. The scientists got a good idea of the uniqueness of individual face preferences from examining the choices online

Audio Adele Announces New Album on Social Media

Adele announced on social media that her new record will come out November 20. This will be her first album since 2011. She explained on Twitter and Instagram why she took a break from music. Her new album is about a turning point in her life. Fans are excited about hearing new music from Adele.

Audio 'Back to the Future' Celebrates 30 Years

Thirty years ago, Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled in time “back to the future” in the film “Back to the Future II.”The characters, played by actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, traveled in a time machine from the year 1985 to the year 2015. They landed in Hill Valley on October 21.

Video Who Goes to a Rock Concert With Their Mother? Millennials!

When musicians over the age of 50 are the star performers, you expect to see many Baby Boomers cheering them on. Aging rock music stars usually have Baby Boomer fans. Younger rock stars are more likely to appeal to Millennials. But at the Lockn' Music festival, two generations came together.

Video California Dogs Riding The Waves

Last weekend, groups of surfers and their dogs took to the waves in the seventh “Surf City Surf Dog” competition. It took place at Huntington Dog Beach, a short drive from Los Angeles, California.

Video ‘The Martian’ Mixes Science, Science Fiction

Hollywood's latest space operation gone wrong movie stars Matt Damon as an astronaut mistakenly left on Mars. The film is a hit with movie critics. But what do science critics think?

Audio Baseball Legend Yogi Berra Leaves Wonderful Expressions

Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra was known as much for how he created original phrases in English as for his record 10 World Series championships with the New York Yankees. He has died at age 90.

Audio Magical Invisibility Cloak Soon to Be Real

Imagine throwing a cloak over your head and becoming invisible to the outside world. That possibility, the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, could soon become a reality. After you read the article, join the conversation by answering, "If you fought evil, what would your magic tool be?"

Video Amazing Animals Make the World Records Book

Guinness World Records tell us who is the best, fastest, biggest, most or smallest in the world. Recently, the publishers announced the new record holders for 2016. Meet the amazing animals who entered the records books this year. They include a tortoise, a dog, and a steer with huge horns.

Video Documentary Shows US, Mexico Fighting Drug Cartels

Matthew Heineman is the director of the documentary called “Cartel Land.” It tells about the work of cartels -- businesses or criminals that take part in illegal activity to make money. The movie follows two communities in the U.S. and Mexico trying to stop drug cartels from harming their cities.

Audio Willis Conover, the Voice of Jazz, Is Now Online

Willis Conover's "Jazz Hour" broadcast on the Voice of America introduced millions of people in the Europe and the former Soviet Union to American jazz. Now, under the music program at University of North Texas the Willis Conover archive of jazz recordings are being made available online.

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