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Radiohead 'Disappears' from Internet, Releases New Song

Portugal Music Festival

The English rock band Radiohead once recorded a song called “How to Disappear Completely.” Earlier this week, the band appeared to have done just that. On Sunday, Radiohead slowly started to disappear from the Internet. ​​Radiohead fans quickly began discussing the possibility of a new album. More

Audio  Lennon's Lyrics, Cobain's Letter and Gaga's Piano Up for Auction

Julien’s Auctions is holding a sale of rare rock 'n' roll goods at an event in New York City on May 21. Among the items are a jacket worn by Queen's Freddie Mercury, a piano owned by Lady Gaga, and a letter handwritten by The Beatles John Lennon.

Audio May The Fourth Be With You

On any given day, you might see Star Wars-related photos all over Facebook and Twitter. There might be a cat made to look like Darth Vader. May 4 is a special day for Star Wars fans every year. It has to do with one of the most famous sayings from the science fiction movie series.

Audio Soccer Fans Go Crazy When Leicester City Wins After 132 Years

Soccer fans around the world went crazy on Monday when Leicester City won the English Premier League title. The team from central England was not expected to be content for best team in England this year.

Video 'Lemonade' Flavors Beyonce's Tour Opening

The pop superstar Beyonce performed in Florida to open her latest concert series. She started the show with songs from her album "Lemonade,'' released just a few days earlier. The album release also came with a special television program starring Beyonce on the cable station HBO.

Audio Reports: Prescription Drugs Found with Prince's Body

Media reports say police discovered prescription drugs with Prince when the musician was found dead at his home last week. Several news organizations, including ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, are citing law enforcement sources as the basis of the information.

Maria Sharapova May Get a Second Chance

In March, the World Anti-doping Association suspended a number of athletes from competing in their sports because they tested positive for a drug banned in January. Now, the group says it does not know how long the drug can stay in an athlete’s system and it is reconsidering the suspensions.

Audio US Holocaust Museum Show Inspires Hungarian Art Students

The “Some Were Neighbors” explores what moves people to behave certain ways in difficult situations. It challenges viewers to understand a dark period of history, and examines the importance of social responsibility. Art students in Hungary used the exhibit to create works of art.

Video 'Ten Years' Film Gains Praise and Criticism in Hong Kong

The film Ten Years imagines life in Hong Kong under Chinese rule in the year 2025. China’s central government censors block any mention of the film on the Internet. But in Hong Kong, the film has been attracting big audiences.

Video Gorilla at Prague Zoo Has Surprise Baby

Shinda the gorilla had been pregnant before. But all of the pregnancies ended early, without a baby. Zookeepers had lost hope that she would ever have a baby. The gorilla is also a bit overweight. So, no one even noticed Shinda was pregnant until April 23, when she delivered a healthy baby.

Video Remembering African Music Great Papa Wemba

Papa Wemba died on Sunday after collapsing at a music festival in Ivory Coast. The singer was 66 years old. He was long considered one of Africa’s greatest musicians and known around the world as the king of Congolese rumba.


Prince was a highly skilled musician. He played many instruments including guitar, piano and drums. He wrote popular songs that crossed many musical borders. He had a powerful voice with a wide high to low range. Prince’s music brought together many musical styles.

Audio For Prince or Queen Elizabeth? Niagara Falls Turns Purple

The death of music superstar Prince shocked and saddened the world yesterday. In his honor, many famous monuments turned purple.  The color was chosen in memory of his hit song “Purple Rain.” ​​​Yesterday, even Niagara Falls - in Canada - turned purple. But was it really for Prince?

Video ‘Everybody Wants Some’ in this Linklater Movie

Award-winning filmmaker Richard Linklater looks back at college in the 1980s in his new humorous film, “Everybody Wants Some.” The new movie is not a sequel to “Boyhood.” That 2014 Linklater film followed 12 years of a boy’s life as he grew to adulthood. “Everybody Wants Some” is much lighter.

Video Pop Musician Prince Dead at 57

American pop music superstar Prince has died. His representative, Yvette Noel-Schure, told the Associated Press that the performer was found dead at his home near Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was 57 years old.

Audio New Technology Aims to Put Audiences ‘Inside’ the Movie

At the recent South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, companies showed off new technologies for movie watching.These include virtual reality devices and 360-degree films. If movie theaters decide to use these technologies, it could change the way people watch movies.

Audio Vietnamese Immigrant's First Novel Wins Pulitzer Prize

The Associated Press won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for public service for its reporting on abuse in the Southeast Asian seafood industry.Other 2016 Pulitzer winners include the poetry prize for “Ozone Journal” by Peter Balakian and the drama prize for the musical “Hamilton.”

Video Gymnast From India Makes History

Dipa Karmakar is the first woman gymnast from India to qualify to the Summer Olympic Games. She is also the first Indian gymnast - male or female - to make an Olympic Games since 1968. Indian PM Narendra Modi praised Dipa for bringing "glory to [India's] name."

Audio Castaways Get HELP

Three men were rescued in the Pacific Ocean in April after their small boat turned over. The castaways swam to a small island. They used the leaves and branches of palm trees to spell the word help so that an airplane could see them.

Hemingway Exhibit Opens at JFK Library in Boston

​​The Kennedy Library holds the world's largest collection of documents, photographs and personal belongings of the American writer Ernest Hemingway. Library Curator Stacey Bredhoff describes the collection as one of the library's "greatest treasures."

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