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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

A model has her makeup done backstage at a fashion show in Dakar, Senegal during 2013 Dakar Fashion Week.

At what price beauty? Women are still willing to change the color of their skin although there are serious health risks | HEALTH REPORT More

Audio New Ferris Wheel Lights Up Washington, DC

The wheel stands 55 meters above the Potomac River. It is one of the few observation Ferris wheels in the world that is right on the water | American Mosaic

Audio D-Day In Color

Most of the films made of the D-Day invasion are in black and white. But George Stevens was also making personal movies, using his own 16-millimeter camera and what at that time was still-rare Kodachrome color film.

Audio Columbine Shooting Inspires New York Play

"The Library" explores the emotions and media activity that follow a deadly school shooting. The play was inspired by the real life shooting attack at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999 | American Mosaic

Audio Hollywood Paparazzi

Wherever there are famous people, there are “paparazzi.” That is the Italian name for photographers who chase famous people in an effort to take their picture.

Audio Mariachi Music Gains in Popularity

And, we listen to music that supported and opposed the ban on the sale of alcohol in the United States | As It Is

Audio Music You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

We go to the music-filled Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana | As It Is

Audio International Students Learn Filmmaking in Hollywood

Many filmmakers go to Hollywood, the movie capital of the world, in hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry. Local universities are also appealing to students who hope to become producers or directors | American Mosaic

Audio Saving Black Gospel Music

New African-American museum in Washington, DC to save and play music that is an important part of American history | As It Is

Audio Play for Millenials? Board Games

Toy industry experts say some people in the United States are turning off their electronic devices to play with classic toys like board games. This is especially true among the so-called millennial generation | American Mosaic

Audio New Opportunities Open for Foreign Engineering Students

New scholarship opportunities are available for foreign engineering students to study and work in the United States. And, an American performer shares his talents with children in Rwanda. | As It Is

Audio Basket Maker Teaches Women in Africa

Jackie Abrams makes beautiful baskets. They were recently on display at the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington. But the artist says sharing her basket making skills to help empower women in Africa is equally important to her | American Mosaic

Audio American Art Works Return to Nation's Capital

More than 200 art works by some of America’s best artists have returned home to a museum in Washington, D.C. The paintings had been traveling to shows around the world for the last four years. Now they are on exhibit at the Phillips Collection again.

Audio Lorde, Imagine Dragons Lead Billboard Awards Nominations

Lorde and Imagine Dragons each captured 12 nominations. The Billboard Music Awards will be presented May 18th at a ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, today we tell about a NASA program to interest students in math and science | American Mosaic

Audio Smithsonian Exhibit Shapes Human Evolution

Artist/scientist John Gurche brings ancient hominids to life for visitors to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington. The work combines artistic skill and scientific understanding. And we learn about the bravery of ordinary civilians | American Mosaic

Audio America Loves Blue Jeans

Some people like them old, soft and torn up. Others like them fresh and new looking. But most Americans own some blue jeans, whatever the style. The beloved pants have even been honored in songs. We play some of those blue jean songs. | American Mosaic

Audio Songs of Spring Describe Her Many Moods

Songs about Spring express both joy and sadness. Come along as we sample the many moods of Spring, from Broadway, Hollywood, pop, country, even a cowboy tune | This Is America

Audio Life of Bruce Lee Takes the Stage in 'Kung Fu'

Playwright David Henry Hwang explores Asian American identity and prejudice in 'Kung Fu.' The play centers on Bruce Lee's young adulthood as a dance teacher in Seattle, Washington. Then, we play music from Bruce Springsteen's latest album, 'High Hopes.' | American Mosaic

Audio Craft Brewery Meets Changing Tastes

People have enjoyed beer for thousands of years. The United States is home to major beer makers as well as some popular small brewing companies. Also today, new music from Dierks Bentley | American Mosaic

Audio Ellen DeGeneres Makes History at the Oscars and In China

DeGeneres’ selfie at the Academy Awards breaks Twitter record. The Oscars' show host also fed some hungry stars at the ceremony. And she brought in a large television audience | American Mosaic

Learn with The News

  • A man stands in his backyard and looks at the wreckage of a TransAsia Airways turboprop plane that crashed on Taiwan's offshore island Penghu July 24, 2014.

    Audio Is Air Travel Safe?

    Last week, Malaysia Airline flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine killing all 298 passengers and crew. On Wednesday, July 23, two Ukrainian military planes were shot down in the same airspace. And now an Air Algeria plane crashed in Mali. More

  • Employees work at a production line prior to a seizure conducted by officers from the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, at the Husi Food factory in Shanghai, July 20, 2014.

    Audio China Arrests Five Involved in Meat Scandal

    Chinese police have arrested five employees of a Shanghai-based food supplier. This food supplier is accused of selling old, or expired, meat to several fast food chains in China. These fast food chains include two of the biggest -- McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. More

  • Algeria - Burkina Faso

    Audio Search Begins for Missing Air Algeria Plane

    Searchers are looking for an Air Algeria flight that disappeared during a trip from the capital of Burkina Faso to Algiers. The airplane is carrying at least 116 people including the crew. More

  • ** ADVANCE FOR MONDAY JAN. 13 -- FILE ** Hong Kong's general view is seen in this Nov. 12, 2002 file photo. Hong Kong's spectacular skyline contains some of the most expensive real estate in the world, although prices have fallen dramatically over the pas

    Audio Housing Costs Push Hong Kong Residents to the Rooftop

    Rising housing prices in Hong Kong are hurting low-income residents. Many people who live in the city are being forced into unsafe and illegal living situations. Some Hong Kong residents have built low-cost dwellings on the roofs --top levels -- of high buildings. More

  • Indonesian presidential candidate Joko "Jokowi" Widodo (L) gestures as delivers a speech, beside his running mate Jusuf Kalla, on a phinisi boat, a traditional Indonesian ship, at Sunda Kelapa port after he was declared the winner of the presidential elec

    Audio Former General Challenges Widodo's Victory in Indonesia

    Former Army General Prabowo Subianto will ask the country’s Constitutional Court to overturn the vote count. The announcement came a day after the country’s election commission named former Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo the winner of the July 9th vote for president. More

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