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California Dogs Riding The Waves

Last weekend, groups of surfers and their dogs took to the waves in the seventh “Surf City Surf Dog” competition. It took place at Huntington Dog Beach, a short drive from Los Angeles, California. More

Video ‘The Martian’ Mixes Science, Science Fiction

Hollywood's latest space operation gone wrong movie stars Matt Damon as an astronaut mistakenly left on Mars. The film is a hit with movie critics. But what do science critics think?

Audio Baseball Legend Yogi Berra Leaves Wonderful Expressions

Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra was known as much for how he created original phrases in English as for his record 10 World Series championships with the New York Yankees. He has died at age 90.

Audio Magical Invisibility Cloak Soon to Be Real

Imagine throwing a cloak over your head and becoming invisible to the outside world. That possibility, the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, could soon become a reality. After you read the article, join the conversation by answering, "If you fought evil, what would your magic tool be?"

Video Amazing Animals Make the World Records Book

Guinness World Records tell us who is the best, fastest, biggest, most or smallest in the world. Recently, the publishers announced the new record holders for 2016. Meet the amazing animals who entered the records books this year. They include a tortoise, a dog, and a steer with huge horns.

Video Documentary Shows US, Mexico Fighting Drug Cartels

Matthew Heineman is the director of the documentary called “Cartel Land.” It tells about the work of cartels -- businesses or criminals that take part in illegal activity to make money. The movie follows two communities in the U.S. and Mexico trying to stop drug cartels from harming their cities.

Audio Willis Conover, the Voice of Jazz, Is Now Online

Willis Conover's "Jazz Hour" broadcast on the Voice of America introduced millions of people in the Europe and the former Soviet Union to American jazz. Now, under the music program at University of North Texas the Willis Conover archive of jazz recordings are being made available online.

Video Rare Giant Panda Celebrates Her Birthday

Only about 2,000 pandas are left in the world. That makes each one special. But one giant panda is extra special. Bai Yun of the San Diego Zoo in California is one of the oldest known pandas to give birth. She celebrates her 24th birthday this week.

Video Sam Smith to Sing for New James Bond 'Spectre'

Grammy winner singer and songwriter Sam Smith confirms he will be singing the new James Bond theme song. It is the first James Bond theme song recorded by a British male solo artist since 1965.

Video Country Music Women Put Men in Their Place

American country music lyrics often describe women as they might appear in men’s dreams. This is especially true of songs by many male artists. But the songs by Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye are different.

Audio Tanglewood Music Center Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The world famous Boston Symphony Orchestra normally performs at Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. But its summer home is the Tanglewood Music Center in western Massachusetts. The Boston Symphony Orchestra also has a summer program at Tanglewood for young singers and musicians.

Audio Serena Williams Chasing History at US Open

The U.S. Open tennis tournament begins Monday in New York City. It is the last opportunity for 127 women to win a ‘Grand Slam’ title this year. And it is a chance for one player, Serena Williams, to win a place in history. A victory would give Williams a rare 'calendar-year Grand Slam.'

Audio Nairobi Music Store Sells Vinyl Records Again

Musicians once performed at the store, which used to sell record albums. Cassettes, CDs and MP3s caused lowered sales because they were easily-copied. But the renewed popularity of vinyl records may save the store, and some once-forgotten East African music is being heard again.

Video Movie Shows Rap Group 'Straight Outta Compton'

The music genre known as gangster, or gangsta, rap was born in the poor, dangerous neighborhood of Compton, in Los Angeles, California. The violence of street life there and tense relations between the community and police influenced the sound.

Video Actor Cruise Again Lives 'Dangerously' in Fifth 'Mission: Impossible' Film

Tom Cruise performs all his own stunts in 'Mission:Impossible - Rogue Nation." They include a wild motorcycle chase down a curvy mountain road in Morocco. In this fifth installment of the 'Mission: Impossible' series, Cruise's character is fighting a mysterious group of dissident agents.

Video Underground Station in Capital to Become Arts Center

An underground streetcar station in Washington, D.C's historic Dupont Circle district was closed 50 years ago. Now it is getting a new life. A plan calls for turning the spacious underground platforms into a space for art shows, talks, concerts and even a film set.

Audio Folk to Rock: When Dylan Went Electric

Fifty years ago, folk music legend Bob Dylan rocked out at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island on an electric guitar. He was widely booed. The audience may have been unhappy with Dylan’s performance that day, but it changed the direction of music and culture in the United States.

Video After Much Delay, Wildlife Park Opens in Jerusalem

Activists fought for the park for almost 20 years against the wishes of developers who wanted to build businesses and homes on the land. The activists wanted to show how wildlife can live in cities. “Just leave some space for nature…and let people in so they can enjoy all this beauty.” | As It Is

Video Movie Tells Story of Mental Health, Poverty

Director Maya Forbes tells about her family and its struggles with depression, poverty and sex discrimination in her new film, “Infinitely Polar Bear.” The film is not like other Hollywood movies that have a happy ending. Instead the movie shows an American family and how it reacted to events.

Video Special Olympics Bowler Ready for Summer Games

Eunice Kennedy Shriver established the Special Olympics in 1968. They are held every two years, alternating between winter and summer sports. Barbara Figueroa is a competitive bowler from southern California. She has been playing the sport for nine years and is excited about the international games.

Learn with The News

  • Photogallery Japanese Rock Band Goes English

    After 10 years of international success, a Japanese rock band records its first album in both its native language and English. They begin performing around the United States this fall. More

  • Audio FIFA Suspends Blatter

    The suspension comes less than two weeks after Swiss attorneys opened a criminal investigation against Blatter. He is charged with possible involvement in a $2 million payment in 2011 to Michel Platini, the head of the Union of European Football Association. More

  • Audio Belarus Writer Gets Nobel Literature Prize

    Svetlana Alexievich of Belarus has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Nobel Prize committee in Stockholm, Sweden, called her writings “a monument to suffering and courage in our time." More

  • Audio  US Official: Russian Missiles Aimed at Syria Crash in Iran

    Four Russian cruise missiles fired from a Russian ship crashed in Iran. The cruise missiles were intended to reach Syria. Russia launched its missiles in the Caspian Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that any of the missiles had fallen short of their targets. More

  • Audio UN Group Calls for Secure Financial Base to World Economy

    The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development deals with trade and development issues. It has called for measures to strengthen international finance including more support for the International Monetary Fund and development banks. More

Featured Stories

  • #aidrefugees

    Audio Top 5 Crowdfunding Projects Ever

    Crowdfunding sites can help start profitable businesses or help people in need. More

  • Video Fabric Fights Dust Mites in Your Bed

    Many people around the world suffer from dust-related allergies. People with allergies have trouble breathing or suffer from tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. Now, scientists in Poland say they have successfully tested cloth that the microscopic creatures cannot pass through. More

  • "Vape," according to the Oxford Dictionaries, is the verb that describes inhaling and exhaling the vapor from an electronic cigarette. It can also be a noun referring to the action or the device.

    Audio Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes May Reduce Addiction

    A new study suggests that selling only cigarettes with very low nicotine levels may actually help people stop smoking. Researchers studied more than 800 smokers. However, cigarette replacements, like e-cigarettes, have not reduced nicotine addiction or tobacco use. More

  • Video Know Your Enemy

    Do you have an enemy? Hopefully, you don’t. An enemy is someone who hates you and you hate them back. An enemy threatens you, attacks you or tries to harm you. In some languages, there are different words for a personal enemy versus an enemy of war, political enemy or enemy of the state. More

  • Audio Everyday Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives

    When we want to compare things we use comparative and superlative forms. Find out some of rules and exceptions of these important forms in Everyday Grammar for this week. More

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