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US, Russian Oil Partnership Continues Despite Sanctions

The logo of Russia's top crude producer Rosneft is seen on a price information board of a gasoline station in Moscow July 17, 2014.

Exxon and Rosneft's move of the oil drilling rig to the Artic had been planned for some time. But increasing tensions between the U.S. and Russia mean that it has attracted international observation. More

Audio Is Air Travel Safe?

Last week, Malaysia Airline flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine killing all 298 passengers and crew. On Wednesday, July 23, two Ukrainian military planes were shot down in the same airspace. And now an Air Algeria plane crashed in Mali.

Audio China Arrests Five Involved in Meat Scandal

Chinese police have arrested five employees of a Shanghai-based food supplier. This food supplier is accused of selling old, or expired, meat to several fast food chains in China. These fast food chains include two of the biggest -- McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Audio US Jury Orders Tobacco Firm to Pay Billions to Widow

A jury in the southeastern U.S. state of Florida has ordered the country's second largest cigarette maker to pay $23.6 billion to the widow of a smoker. The jury also ordered the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to pay $16.8 million in compensatory damages.

Audio China Looks to Open New Silk Roads

Chinese officials have been campaigning for the establishment of two new trade routes they call the Silk Roads. One of the routes would be a land-based road. The other would be for trade ships at sea.

Audio Russians, Chinese Buying Pricey New York Homes

Canadian, Chinese and Russian buyers are said to make up the majority of non-U.S. investors in Manhattan’s pricey neighborhoods. Some paid tens of millions of dollars or more for a condo they have never even visited.

Audio Obama Announces Effort to Protect Pacific Ocean

President Barack Obama has launched a new effort to protect parts of the Pacific Ocean from overfishing and environmental damage. He announced his plan in a video message to an international conference on the oceans.

Audio Will China, India Become World's Largest Economies?

China or India? A recent study has some experts predicting one of the two countries will become the world's largest economy this year. | As It Is

Audio Bill Gates: Philanthropy Needs New Ideas

American Bill Gates serves as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The private foundation is working to end deadly diseases and poverty. | As It Is

Audio Workers Escape Crowds on San Francisco Ferries

Commuting is often a major issue in America’s big cities. Many people live outside cities, and spend a lot of time just going to and from work. Now, some San Francisco area commuters are beating the traffic by taking ferry boats.

Audio City Dwellers Try Raising Chickens

Increased interest in organic and locally-produced food has some Americans living in cities interested in raising chickens. | As It Is

Audio Senegal, Sea Shepherd Campaign Against Illegal Fishing

Hundreds of thousands of tons of fish are poached every year along the coast of Senegal. Sea Shepherd is helping the country protect against illegal fishiing. | As It Is

Audio In South Africa, Small Shops Fight for Survival

Local spaza owners are struggling as immigrant-owned and foreign retail companies increase their share of the South African market | As It Is

Audio Fighting South Africa’s Jobless Crisis

Unemployment remains high in South Africa, so many young people are starting their own businesses. But not everyone who opens a business is successful. | As It Is

Audio 'Fracking' Changes North Dakota Landscape

Six years ago, astronauts in space saw only darkness when they looked at western North Dakota and eastern Montana. But the area can now be seen from the International Space Station because of thousands of intense fires. They are the oil fields fueling a “red hot” energy industry in the U.S.

Audio Europe and India Tango over Mango

In India mangoes are considered "Food for the Gods." And now that prices have dropped, gods and ordinary people can enjoy them! Read why. | As It Is

Audio Can You Erase Information on the Internet?

The European Court of Justice recently ruled in a case involving the Internet search engine Google. The court ruled that Google must sometimes, on request, remove links to reports containing personal information.

Audio Does a Fast-Growing Economy Mean Healthier Children?

India's GDP has been growing by more than five percent a year. But will this growth help ease child malnutrition? And, Somalia is working to rebuild its economy | As It Is

Audio Neglected Crops in Africa Could Help Ease Hunger

Researchers are finding new ways to ease hunger problems and improve nutrition in Africa. And, a new farm bill in the United States could help more needy people around the world. | As It Is

Audio Think Yourself Rich! Or Try Saving

A comic book that teaches you how to think your way rich. And some ideas about saving money, if that doesn't work. Or just learn some great idioms about making and saving money. | As It Is

Learn with The News

  • Rappers Vo Viet Phuong, 25, and Nguyen Trong Duc, 27, record the latest edition of Rap News Plus at Vietnam News Agency's television studio in central Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2014. (Marianne Brown)

    Audio Vietnam Uses Rap Music to Report News

    The Vietnamese media industry is changing as it faces growing competition from the Internet. One website has come up with a way to reach out to young people. It uses rap music to report the news. More

  • This photo provided by the US Centers for Disease Control shows an Ebola virus. U.S. health officials are watching the Ebola outbreak in Africa. They say there is little risk that the deadly germ will spread to the United States. (AP Photo/CDC)

    Audio Liberia Closes Most Borders to Contain Ebola

    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said her country is closing most of its borders. The government has also banned public gatherings and demonstrations in an effort to stop the spread of the Ebola virus. More

  • U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about new sanctions placed on Russia in Washington.

    Audio US, Europe Pressure Russia Over Ukraine

    President Barack Obama says the new actions are meant to increase pressure on those responsible for what he called Russia’s “illegal actions” in Ukraine. The measures are directed against Russia’s energy, arms and banking industries. More

  • Technician work at a uranium processing center in Isfahan, Iran.  The UN Atomic Energy Agency says Iran has converted its enriched uranium into a less dangerous form.

    Audio UN Agency: Iran Converts Enriched Uranium

    Uranium now in a less-dangerous form that is more difficult to use for nuclear weapons; US to release billions in Iranian property More

  • Ebola American Doctor

    Audio US Medical Workers in Liberia Infected with Ebola

    An aid group reported this week that Ebola has infected a second American medical worker in Liberia. The American-based group, Samaritan’s Purse, has medical experts working in the country. More

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