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Greek Vote, China Weigh on East Asia Stock Prices

Share prices mostly fell on Asian stock markets Monday. Greece’s rejection of European terms for its financial rescue loan and China’s stock market troubles are affecting stock prices across the region. Financial experts say smaller investors are fleeing the stock market and investing in real estate More

Audio Uber Making a Big Push to Win Over Chinese Consumers

The car-sharing smartphone application Uber reported in June it is receiving one million requests for rides every day in China. The American-based company is taking steps to win over Chinese consumers, and compete with local businesses. Uber plans to expand to 50 more Chinese cities this year.

Audio Is There a ‘Skills Gap’ in US Job Market?

8.7 million Americans are unemployed and 6.7 million are doing part-time work. But, many jobs remain vacant. Employers say many of those jobs are vacant because they cannot find people with the right skills to do the work. Some experts look at why that is the case and what to do about it.

Audio International Lender Urges Gains for Poor, Middle Class

A new IMF study says income inequality is hurting the potential for growth around the world. It says the best way to deal with the inequality -- or lack of fairness -- is by helping poor people and the middle class. The study disputed the main idea of what has been called "trickle down" economics.

Audio Egypt: Expanded Suez Canal to Open in August

Egyptian officials are making plans to open a newly-expanded Suez Canal on August 6th. Officials say the “new” canal will be more than double the waterway’s earnings over the next 10 years. But some experts say the project alone will not be able to turn around Egypt’s economy.

Audio China Expands Number of Fishing Vessels

China already has 2,000 boats, more than any other country. The boats travel the world and search the oceans for fish. But Chinese boats are often criticized for overfishing, and they have had conflicts with boats from other nations in disputed waters, such as in the South China Sea.

Audio The ‘Living Wage’ Debate Has Many Sides

In the U.S., some consider an increase in the minimum wage important for the working poor and the economy. In some other parts of the world, workers are seeking a minimum ‘living wage.' Employers say that high labor costs will affect their company’s profit and its value to shareholders.

Audio China Increases Investment in Australia

Chinese investment in Australia has moved to the real estate market and infrastructure. It is yet another sign that Australia’s once strong mining industry is weakening, as Chinese businesses look for new places to invest. Private Chinese businesses are also investing more than state enterprises.

Video Heat-Resistant Glassware Celebrates 100th Anniversary

One hundred years ago, a new kind of cookware entered the American market. It was called Pyrex. Today the Pyrex name is well known in the United States. The heat-resistant glass products are still being manufactured. And early Pyrex products are now considered collector’s items.

Video Lawmakers Debate How to Deal with Free Trade’s Results

A measure called Trade Adjustment Assistance is meant to help workers displaced by global competition. Opponents say it is wasteful. Congress will have to deal with this and other issues as it debates trade deals with the Asia-Pacific area and Europe.

Audio Vietnam Slow To Start Up Renewable Energy

Vietnam might have the right setting for renewable energy. However, government price controls and regulations make it difficult to develop “clean energy” there. People working in the power market have suggested other ways to support renewables, including reducing taxes for energy related training.

Audio In the US Senate, Heated Debate Over Catfish

Lawmakers in the U.S. Senate are debating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But, the catfish, a popular farmed fish in some southern states, has caused a large share of the argument. Republican Senator John McCain criticized a measure calling for increased U.S. government inspections of Asian catfish.

Audio Bugs Are the New Food

Caterpillars in Tanzania, grasshoppers in Mexico, water bugs in Thailand -- the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization says insects are a normal part of the diet of "at least two billion people" around world. Now, Americans are developing an interest in food made from crickets.

Audio Michael Jordan Fights for His Name in China’s Highest Court

Chinese basketball fans know Michael Jordan as “Qiaodan.” The basketball star is taking a company using that name and his number "23" to court over their right to profit from them. Other companies like New Balance and Apple have fought over name brands in the Chinese market.

Audio Google Opens First Asian Campus in Seoul

The center for young business people and startup companies will help Google enter the Asian market. The company wants to provide a supportive environment for developers and engineers. S. Korea is one of the few countries in the world where Google is not the top Internet search engine.

Audio Free Trade Deal Fails in US Senate Test Vote

A proposed 12-nation Pacific Rim trade deal has failed in its first major test in the United States Congress. The Senate voted Tuesday against consideration of Trade Promotion Authority. TPA would protect trade agreements with other countries against U.S. congressional interference.

Audio Johannesburg Gets a Taste for Japan's Kobe Beef

Demand is rising in Johannesburg for Kobe beef. Top cooks and professional meat cutters say it is the best beef in the world. It is definitely the most costly. As its wealth increases in Johannesburg,so does the tastes of its residents. The beef comes from Wagyu cattle in Japan’s Kobe region.

Audio Congress Debates US Export-Import Bank

A policy dispute is taking shape in Washington over a government agency that helps exporters. On one side is the American business community. On the other side are conservative Republican Party lawmakers. Unless Congress acts, the Export-Import Bank could stop adding new clients.

Video Young Business Owner Creates Recipe for Success

Like many people, Bree Britt once dreamed of starting her own business. But unlike many people, the 16-year-old American did not wait until she grew up to become an entrepreneur. With a sense of purpose, a plan of action and the help of her mother, she opened Bree’s Sweet Treats.

Audio US Senate Committee Approves Trade Promotion Authority Bill

United States officials are working toward separate trade agreements with the European Union and Japan. At the same time, Congress committee approved Trade Promotion Authority. The measure sets congressional goals and guidance for trade negotiations.

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  • Audio Greek Vote, China Weigh on East Asia Stock Prices

    Share prices mostly fell on Asian stock markets Monday. Greece’s rejection of European terms for its financial rescue loan and China’s stock market troubles are affecting stock prices across the region. Financial experts say smaller investors are fleeing the stock market and investing in real estate More

  • Audio China May Be Facing Economic Slowdown

    China’s economy is growing slowly after years of strong gains. Some China watchers in the United States say the Chinese economy is slowing to a halt. They use the word stagnating. They say stagnation is a real threat unless new reforms can bring big changes to the Chinese economic system. More

  • Audio Report: Faster Speeds, Less Space on Internet

    A new report says Internet speeds around the world are getting much faster. But it warns that the sharp increase in the number of devices connected to the World Wide Web could cause problems. Solutions to this problem do exist. However, Internet service providers have not begun to use them. More

  • Audio Extremely Dry Weather Raises HIV Risk

    A new study shows a lack of rainfall may be the main reason for financial bad news in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. The study finds protecting people from financial hardship may reduce their likelihood of risky behaviors that spread HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus. More

  • Solar Plane

    Video Solar-Powered Plane Lands in Hawaii after Crossing the Pacific

    A plane that uses only solar power landed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii on Friday after being flown across the Pacific Ocean. The flight was the most dangerous part of the plane’s planned 35,000-kilometer trip around the world. The trip is being made without using any fuel. More

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    Video New Device May Help Jet Pilots

    While flying high above Earth’s surface, jet fighter pilots may suffer loss of eyesight for brief periods. Some pilots may even lose consciousness. These experiences, commonly called blackouts, can lead to tragic results. An Israeli company may have developed a device that could save pilots’ lives. More

  • Audio The Changing Face of America

    The faces of Americans in the United States are changing rapidly. In a few decades, the minority population will become the majority, as the white population decreases in the U.S. Those are the findings of a new report by the Census Bureau. More

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    Video Summer 2015 Brings Movies for Toddlers to Teens

    A girl's emotions star in 'Inside Out,' an animation from Pixar. 'Minions' is the story of the little yellow creatures from the 'Despicable Me' series. Don't like cartoon movies? Try "Paper Towns' based on a John Green book or 'Ricki and the Flash' starring Meryl Streep and daughter Maggie Gummer. More

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    Audio Everyday Grammar: Beating Problems with Adverbs

    Some common mistakes in English happen when speakers confuse adjectives and adverbs. And some adverbs look the same but have opposite meanings. Do not fear, the Everyday Grammar expert is here to sort it all out for you. Learn why -ly usually (but not always) tells you a word is an adverb. More

  • Audio Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About the 4th of July

    Sure, you know Americans celebrate their Independence Day on the fourth day of July. But do you know they have the wrong date? Or where they get all those fireworks? Hint: not from the UK. More

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