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Weaker Chinese Economy Sends Shockwaves Worldwide

As markets show weakness, U.S. and Japanese officials have called for talks on China’s economy at the G-20 meeting in Turkey. The U.S. government is urging China to be more open in discussing its policy plans. More

Video More Kenyans Exploring Agricultural Businesses

Kenya is facing high unemployment rates. Recent college graduates face a difficult time in finding a job. Now, more and more Kenyan university graduates are planning to start pursuing agricultural business -- 'agribusiness'-- as way to have their own business and make money.

Audio Is China’s Economic Information Correct?

An American expert on China says the Chinese government is not influencing information about the country’s economic growth. He believes that the economy is changing quickly. And he says the ways of measuring new economic activity is unable to keep up with the changes.

Audio China's Slowing Economy Affects Markets Worldwide

China’s stock market has dropped by more than 40 percent since June. Signs of a slowing economy in China have had effects on other stock markets and raised questions of whether measure to increase growth are enough.

Audio Global Markets Fall as China Economic Fears Rise

The Shanghai Composite dropped 8.5 percent, marking the sharpest fall China has seen since 2007. Stock markets in the U.S., Asia and Europe responded to China's drop Monday. Observers warn changes in global markets are likely to continue.

Audio Asia's Growth Needs to Build on Better Infrastructure

Developing countries in Asia are building businesses and homes, but not enough trains, roads, and bridges. Some new bank programs are beginning to loan money for the purpose of building the needed facilities.

Audio Bailout Approved, Greece Repays EU Central Bank

Greece made a debt payment of $3.5 billion to the European Central Bank. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned calling for new elections on Sept. 20th. And the International Monetary Fund decides to delay including China’s currency, the yuan, as a special reserve currency form.

Audio Economic Growth in Asia Threatens Environment

Asia produces about 40 percent of global economic activity. Conservation group urges countries to work together to save endangered coral reefs, plants and animals in the area. But leaders say it will not be easy for businesses to put off short-term profits for long-term gains.

Audio Facebook Reaches Out to Africa

The social media company Facebook has opened its first African headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Facebook representatives recently gathered in the city to celebrate the opening of the new office. They hope it will bring new users to the site and grow opportunities for users and businesses.

Audio China’s Stock Market Hit with Turmoil in July

After a year of increases, stock prices in China had a correction, a sudden drop in price. The Chinese government has put in place a number of measures to support prices including lending money for stock purchases. But some question how much the stock market will affect the economy.

Audio Another Sharp Drop on China’s Stock Exchanges

China’s Shanghai Composite index dropped 8.5 percent on Monday: the largest single-day drop in eight years. The price drop comes after weeks of efforts by the government to support prices. One expert says these efforts will not work as some investors reduce their investment borrowings.

Audio Activists: Greece Not the Only Nation Facing Debt Crisis

The Jubilee Debt Campaign is warning of a “debt trap” for many developing nations. The group notes that net debt grew by 30 percent between 2011 and 2014. And it predicts debt levels will rise, putting many nations at risk. It calls for tighter controls of lending and cancelling some debts.

Audio US Businesses Explore Iranian Market

Business experts say large American companies will wait to see if Iran meets the terms of the new nuclear agreement. Iran has 80 million highly-educated consumers, and American businesses want to sell their goods and services in that market. But it may take a few years before they start to do so.

Video U.S. Farmers Welcome Diplomatic Relations with Cuba

Now that the U.S. and Cuba have re-established relations, American farmers are exploring ways to sell crops there. Many farmers say it makes sense to sell crops in a market that is so close to the United States, but they face competition in from South American countries, Ukraine and even India.

Audio Gold Prices Fall to Five-Year Low in Asia Trading

The selling reportedly began early Monday at the Singapore Gold Exchange. Gold sales also quickly exploded on the Shanghai market in China. The price of gold is now down about six percent when compared to the price a year ago.

Audio Puerto Rico: The Other Debt Crisis

The US territory’s government, cities and publicly-owned companies owe $72 billion. The governor of Puerto Rico says it cannot pay the debt. Puerto Rico is the third-largest issuer of state and local debt in the United States; only California and New York have more debt. | Economics Report

Video Silica Sand Mining Worries Communities

Producers of oil and gas in the United States need silica sand to help them remove those resources from the ground, in a process called “fracking.” But some people who live and work near places where that kind of sand is mined are worried that their health and businesses could be harmed.

Audio China Fights Stock Market Losses

The Chinese government has tried a number of measures to help support stock prices, which have fallen sharply. Recently, the U.S. treasury secretary said it was important that China continue with economic reforms to strengthen its economy.

Video New York Helping Small Distilleries

Eighty years after Prohibition, New York has eased its rules and even taken steps to support people who want to make whiskey. Some distillers have set up operations in New York City with tasting rooms to sell their products. And they are using crops from New York area farms.

Video Study: Chicago 'Immigration' Rate Dropping

Few legal immigrants have moved to the country’s third-largest city in the past ten years. A technology company says it is having difficulty recruiting skilled workers. Cold and windy Chicago isn’t growing as fast as other large American cities, in part because it is not as attractive to immigrants.

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  • Video What Does China Want?

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  • Audio Weaker Chinese Economy Sends Shockwaves Worldwide

    As markets show weakness, U.S. and Japanese officials have called for talks on China’s economy at the G-20 meeting in Turkey. The U.S. government is urging China to be more open in discussing its policy plans. More

  • Audio Pro-Kurdish Party Could Decide Turkish Election Results

    Turkey will hold its second parliamentary elections this year on November 1. Political observers believe that the pro-Kurdish party HDP could sway the elections. The party won enough votes in June elections to enter parliament for the first time. More

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