April 19, 2014 04:46 UTC


Researchers Look for Non-Traditional Ways to Fight Weeds

Researchers are Finding Natural Ways to Deal with Unwanted Plants

Some weeds are strong enough to resist weed-killing products, also known as herbicides. | As It Is More

Audio Businessman Buys Famous Car Factory in Detroit

Old Packard automobile factory may become new offices, homes, and businesses | As It Is

Audio UN Celebrates Agriculture

What does quinoa and family farming have in common? They both have celebrated roles in the UN's attack on world hunger. | As It Is

Audio Farmers Use Windbreaks to Protect Crops

And, researchers are developing simple machines to make life easier for farmers in the developing world | As It Is

Audio Blight Tourism in Detroit Grows in Popularity

And, city planners look to repair and rebuild blighted areas in Detroit | As It Is

Audio African Union Works to Increase Trade

And the United Nations suggests a re-thinking of ways to help least developed countries | As It Is

Audio US, Japanese Stocks Rise in 2013

Also this week, the political crisis in Turkey is affecting the country’s stock market and the value of Turkish money | In the News

Audio California Helps Lead Economic Recovery

California's Economy Grows Faster Than Many Other States | As It Is

Audio African Economic Growth Slow to Lower Poverty Rate

And, inventors and craftspeople gather at Maker Faire | As It Is

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Audio Shared Offices Save Companies Money

South Africans Share Office Space And Exchange Ideas | As It Is

Audio Losing Weight Proves To Be Big Business

It is that time of year again! Warm weather has returned and it is time to lose weight | Science In The News

Audio We Visit an Auto Show in China

And we report on the growing number of Chinese traveling to South Africa | As It Is

Corruption in Asia Slows Economic Growth

Asian corruption removes billions of dollars from economic development, causing public anger in some places.

EU Agrees to $1.3 Trillion Budget

The budget for 2014 to 2020 includes cuts in total spending for the first time.

International Labor Organization Predicts Higher Unemployment

The International Labor Organization says nearly 200 million people are without jobs.

World Bank Makes Predictions for Global Economy

The World Bank released its Global Economic Prospects report this week.

World Economic Forum Rates Global Risks for 2013

Economic weakness and environmental crises were rated the top risks.

US Congress Avoids Fiscal Cliff, Postpones Budget Decision

Lawmakers agreed on raising taxes for high-earners, but delayed required budget cuts until March first | ECONOMICS REPORT

A Look Back at Economic News of 2012

Joblessness fell during the year and home prices strengthened, but many remain unsatisfied with growth rate | ECONOMICS REPORT