May 04, 2016 19:17 UTC


iPhone Sales Fall, Ending Apple's Record Growth

For the first time in 13 years, sales at Apple Inc. did not grow. Apple’s sales dropped by 13 percent in the quarter ending on Tuesday. The Chief Executive Officer of the company says the smartphone market is not growing anymore. More

Audio Japan’s Yen Gains in Value against US Dollar

The value of Japan’s money has been increasing on foreign exchange markets and that worries Japanese officials. Japan’s central bank has taken measures aimed at supporting economic growth. But that has caused the Japanese yen to sharply rise in value against foreign currencies.

Amazon Customer Banned for Too Many Returns

Amazon bans customers who return too many purchases. Some customers say they just returned products that they didn’t like. But the former head of Sears Canada says some customers are abusing the system and costing businesses too much money.

Video The World’s Best Whisky Is From … Taiwan?

When most people think of whisky, they think of Scotch, Irish or American whiskey. But a distiller in Taiwan is changing people’s minds about the world’s best whisky.

Audio China Not Ready to Ease Market Control

Problems with a system designed to limit sharp stock price drops leads to a change in the head of China’s stock regulator. Also, plans to ease the way stocks are offered to the public for the first time are delayed.

Audio Brazilians Demand President's Ouster

Brazilian police said 3 million people protested Sunday, asking for the removal of President Dilma Rousseff. The protesters asked lawmakers to impeach the unpopular president. Rousseff’s political party faces a corruption scandal while the country is in its worst recession in 25 years.

Audio EU Central Bank Moves to Help Economy

The European Central Bank moved to cut interest rates in controls and expanded a program to buy securities. The banks is increasing measures to pump more money into the Eurozone economy and to encourage banks to lend more.

Audio Chocolate-Covered French Fries Anyone?

A sweet sensation has invaded Japan courtesy of US fast food chain McDonald's. The restaurant known for the golden arches has a new menu item just for Japan: Chocolate-covered french fries.

Audio Americans Drove More in 2015

Americans drove more in 2015 than any year since the government started compiling data in 1970. There are number of reasons – lower gas prices, more people working and, for some, longer trips to their jobs. The downside: crowded roadways and more pollution.

Audio Report: Protecting Migrant Workers Helps Host Countries

A U.N. report by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific says countries in that area host 59 million migrants. But, the report urges Asia-Pacific countries to develop better policies to protect the rights of migrants. Such measure can increase economic gains to host countries.

Audio Chinese Economy Continues Decline

The economy of China is on a downward spiral as factory production fell again in January. The economy in China grew at an annual rate of nearly 7 percent in 2015. That was the slowest amount of growth in 25 years.

Audio Social Business Starters on the Rise

Social entrepreneurs create start-up companies that tackle important global challenges. They combine the mission of a non-profit organization with the business skills of the private sector. And they’re receiving more funding for their initiatives, both in the U.S. and globally.

Audio US Claws Back Market Gains, But 'Chop' Ahead

The New York Stock Exchange rebounded with gains Monday, but can a big turnaround take place for the long haul.

Audio Japan Market Sees Biggest Drop in 3 Years

The leading measure of Japanese stock prices dropped more than 5 percent Tuesday, its largest loss in five years. The losses are a sign of growing concerns about the world economy, low oil prices and the financing of some large European banks.

Audio Temporary Workers Taking Bigger Role in US Workforce

The “gig economy” has been used to describe the new world of work in the digital age. It refers to freelance, part-time or contract-based jobs that usually do not offer benefits. More employers are using these work arrangements to cut costs. There are supporters and critics of this approach.

Audio 40% of World’s Economy Signs TPP Trade Deal

Representatives of 12 nations signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Thursday in New Zealand. U.S. President Barack Obama says the trade deal will reduce taxes and support a free and open Internet over time.

Audio Wages for Women Lag Years Behind Men

Women are making progress, but they are still not making as much as men, according to a World Economic Forum report. Based on current trends, it will take women 126 years to win wage equality, the report’s authors say. The most equity occurs in Northern European nations.

Video Businesses Weak on Cyber-Crime Protection

Researchers say policies designed to protect companies from cyber-attacks are not strong enough, and many computers have outdated software.

Audio Businesses Want to Ban Bad Online Reviews

Some people who posted negative online reviews about hotels, dental care and wedding services were surprised to be told they either had to take down the comments, or pay a fine. Congress is considering legislation to stop companies from punishing people who report bad experiences.

Video The Future of Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009. You can use it to buy things online around the world. It is growing in popularity. But regulators warn that it is being used to finance operations by drug dealers, criminals and terrorists.

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