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Quiz - Capturing CO2 is Costly and Difficult

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Audio Dogs Can Recognize How You Feel

So you think you know your dog. But how well does your dog know you? She probably recognizes you when she sees you. But can a dog tell by simply looking at you whether you have a happy or an angry expression on your face? Researchers in Austria have taught pet dogs to know the difference.

Quiz - Understanding the Teen Brain

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Audio Nine Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers Online

An increase in cyber-attacks makes the Internet seem like a scary place these days. The hacking of Sony Pictures led the news for some time. Even the White House was a target of cyber-attack.How can individuals protect or make it more difficult for hackers to access their information?

Audio Will Synthetic Vaccine Stop Polio?

Polio used to be a disease that paralyzed or killed half a million people a year. Because of vaccination programs, only a few hundred people a year, mostly in Africa, get the disease. Researchers are developing a synthetic vaccine they hope will eliminate any future risk of infection disease.

Video Hawaii Scientists Study Threatened Shark Species

Sharks are important top-level hunters. They help keep a balance in ocean ecosystems. Now Hawaii scientists are getting a close look at the shark environment. They want to better understand the threats this important animal faces. Also, humans are more of a risk to sharks.

Video 'White Spaces' Gives Ghanaians Less Costly Internet

Broadband Internet service can be costly. Some countries do not have the high-speed Internet because of the costs involved. But Microsoft Corporation and other companies have found a way to bring low-cost, high-speed Internet service to Ghana using high and ultra-high frequency bands.

Audio Farmers Use Creative Methods to Grow Crops

Many areas of cropland in Bangladesh are becoming unfit for farming. The land is becoming salty, and it is a big problem. Farmers in the country are learning to grow vegetables in so-called “vertical gardens.” The soil in these gardens is better because heavy rains have removed much of the salt.

Quiz - 'White Spaces' Give Ghanaians Less Costly Internet

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Audio US Proposes Rules for Commercial Use of Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration says drone operators would have to be at least 17 years old and pass a written test. The aircraft would be kept away from airports. At the same time as the rules are released, President Obama releases a memorandum on use of drones by federal agencies.

Video Animal Weapons Offer Lessons for Human Arms Race

A new book compares the difference between human weapons and that of the animal world. It tells about some weapons that reduce the likelihood of battle and other weaponry that if uncontrolled, could end the arms race for everyone. The author hopes all nations will learn from nature.

Video Hawaii Prepares for Possible Tsunami

Computer program shows an earthquake in the Aleutian Islands could produce huge waves that reach Hawaii. The computer model shows that the waves could move far inland, far beyond areas thought to be safe. Hawaii officials are working with local governments to develop disaster plan.

Video A New Camera Records Invisible Motion

The world is in never-ending motion, even when objects seem to be perfectly still. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology use a special camera that shows these seemingly invisible movements. Many objects around us vibrate when hit by sound waves.

Quiz - A New Camera Records Invisible Motion

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Quiz - A Simple Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease: Exercise

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Video New technology Stops Illegal Fishing on the Seas

Experts estimate that one out of every five fish sold was caught illegally. They say the illegal fishing market is worth $23.5 billion a year. It threatens food security and hurts the environment. Officials are using new observational technology to fight illegal fishing.

Quiz - New Technology Stops Illegal Fishing on the Seas

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Video Researchers Remember Discovery of Lucy Skeleton

It has been more than 40 years since the discovery of the early human skeleton named Lucy. The old bones were found in Ethiopia. Lucy is one of the most famous finds of the 20th century. She helped researchers better understand the history of human beings.

Video Can Smartphones Send Tastes, Smells, Touch Someday?

Scientists have already produced sour, salty, sweet and bitter tastes that could be sent wirelessly. Professor Adrian David Cheok says he hopes devices like these will someday be added to houses. He says they may change the future of long-distance communication.

Quiz - Technology Increases Chances of Surviving Aneurysm

See how well you understand the story about aneurysms by taking a short quiz.

Learn with The News

  • FILE - In this undated file image posted on Monday, June 30, 2014, by the Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group, a Syrian opposition group, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, fighters from the al-Qaida-linked Islami

    Audio Growing Support in US for Campaign Against Islamic State

    The Pew Research Center has released a new public opinion survey. It shows a growing number of Americans support the military campaign against the group known as Islamic State. Americans also increasingly support the idea of sending U.S. ground troops to fight the group in Iraq and Syria. More

  • Video US West Coast Ports Working Again

    A labor dispute had slowed operations at more than 29 ports on the West Coast of the United States. Negotiators reached a deal that permitted work to restart. But, they are still working on details of the agreement. The work stoppage has slowed U.S. trade with Asian countries. More

  • lahore literary festival

    Video Pakistan Literary Festival Stands Up to Violence

    The Pakistani city of Lahore recently held a three-day literary festival. The event looked a lot like literary festivals in many other cities. But for some Pakistanis, its importance went beyond works of poetry and prose. For them, the show symbolized a fight against violent extremism. More

  • Kurdish fighters

    Audio Islamic State Kidnaps More than 200 Assyrian Christians

    Also, news reports say the Islamic State militant who appeared under face cover in several videos of hostage beheadings has been identified by his friends. And, the US Navy says it is now flying its most advanced surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea. More

  • Video Pakistan Tightens School Security after Peshawar Attack

    More than 150 people, mostly children, were killed in the attack at a school in Peshawar last year. Pakistan authority tightens security to protect the schools. One method is to train teachers at Peshawar’s Frontier College for Women in a week-long class on using weapons. More

Featured Stories

  • Audio Young Writer’s Plays Explore Race, Identity in America

    Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' latest play 'An Octoroon,' is showing at a theater in New York City. It is based on a 19th Century work by Dion Boucicault. It tells about a white man who falls in love with a woman who is part black. At the time, mixed race marriage was banned in southern US states. More

  • Audio Understanding the Misunderstood Teenage Brain

    A common battle cry of teenagers to adults is, "You just don't understand me!" Well, they might be right. A brain scientist (neuroscientist) and mother to two teenagers says the teenage brain is quite different from the adult brain. She "debunks," or clears up three common myths about teenagers. More

  • Audio Politics Share the Stage at the Oscars

    Racial equality was not the only political or disputed issue performers discussed last night. Some used their acceptances speeches to talk about immigration, women’s rights, illness, suicide and government surveillance. And the movie of an American sniper continues to fuel the debate. More

  • Video Technology Increases Chances of Surviving Aneurym

    Each year, half a million people die from brain aneurysms, -- when a blood vessel burst in the brain. For survivors, physical disabilities are often servere. They may include memory problems, loss of balance, trouble speaking and even blindness. But new technologies are increasing survival rates. More

  • Director Alejandro Inarritu accepts the Oscar for Best Director for his film "Birdman" at the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, Feb. 22, 2015.

    'Birdman' Takes Oscars for Best Picture, Director

    The movie won four Academy Awards in all. 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' also earned four Oscars. The Best Actress award went to Julianne Moore for 'Still Alice' and Eddie Redmayne was honored with the Best Actor Oscar for his work in 'The Theory of Everything.' 'Whiplash' took home three Oscars. More

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