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Some Birds as Smart as Apes

Calling someone "bird brain" is a common insult for people who may not be so smart. But perhaps no longer. Researchers are finding that at least some birds are pretty smart -- as smart as apes. Looks like we'll have to find a different insult! Learn some adjectives in this story. More

Scientists: Monkeys Used Raft to Cross Ocean

Scientists announced that seven small teeth appeared in 21-million-year old rocks near the Panama Canal. The teeth belonged to a kind of monkey that should have only been in South America at that time. Scientists think the monkeys rode on rafts for at least 160 kilometers across the ocean.

Apps to Help Students Do Their Best Work

Apps can help students get better organized, study for tests and prepare research papers. In other words, they can help the user do his or her very best work. Whether or not you are a student, here are some apps worth considering.

Audio Polio Virus Used to Kill Brain Tumors

A team at Duke University is using a polio virus to infect tumor cells. It sets off an immune response that lasts for several months. The tumor goes away permanently. This may seem like a miracle cure. But Gromeier pointed out that the approach has limits.

Audio Researchers Repair Brain Injuries With New Cells

Researchers from Rice University are combining biology, nanotechnology and engineering to learn more about how the brain works. They are studying how to regrow brain cells that would repair injuries caused by strokes and accidents.

Audio World Leaders to Sign Climate Agreement on Earth Day

Leaders from 130 nations are gathering in New York to sign the historic climate deal. They will sign the Paris climate agreement at the United Nations on Friday, which is the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. That is the day where people around the world work to clean up the environment.

Audio Where to Find Your Hidden Messages on Facebook

Facebook identifies messages it thinks are unwanted and redirects them away from your inbox. If someone reaches out to you on Facebook, but he or she is not friends with you on Facebook, or friends with any of your friends, the service has to decide whether that message is spam.

Video Hawking, Zuckerberg to Search for Life in the Universe

Is there anybody out there? That is one of the oldest questions ever asked by people. Now a new group, supported by scientists and a few billionaires, is putting their minds and their money behind a project to answer that question.

Audio Microsoft Sues US Government

The large computer technology company says government agencies are abusing a law that lets them demand to read emails or online files without their owners knowing they are doing so. Microsoft says the agencies are violating the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Audio Scientist Fights for Coral Reefs, Makes Science Fun

The difficult language of science can turn off many people, especially children. A marine biologist is trying to change that. She is making her ocean research interesting to people of all ages.

Audio Find Your Best Place to Live

If you want to find the perfect place to live, you might spend weeks doing research on cities around the world. Or you could use the Teleport website. It is set up to help you discover the best place for you. The website’s developers once worked for Skype.

Audio Scientists Could be Closer to AIDS Cure

Scientists say they may have found a way to permanently take the virus that causes AIDS out of a person’s body. The AIDS epidemic has taken many millions of lives. HIV is the killer virus that causes the deadly AIDS disease.

Instagram Launches 60-Second Videos

Instagram announced its plan to have longer videos earlier this week. Currently, Instagram has a 15-second video time limit. The company said that the time people have spent watching videos on the application increased by more than 40 percent in six months.

Video New Drones Could Improve Weather Predictions

Scientists are working to develop unmanned planes that can gather information from different levels of the Earth’s atmosphere; the information will help weather experts increase the accuracy of their forecasts.

Audio Want to Choose Better Words?

Our words matter.Our words have always mattered, but they matter more now that the Internet gives us the power to make our words permanently public. Words might help or hurt someone. Our words may have more power than we believe them to have when we use them. Yet how many people truly think abou

Audio Justice Department Unlocks Shooter's iPhone

Federal officials now say they no longer need help from Apple to recover what might have been stored on the iPhone used by one of those responsible for the mass shooting last year in San Bernardino, California.

Audio Scientists Closer to Solving Plain of Jars Mystery

Scientists have uncovered a new group of human remains in the Plain of Jars in Laos. They go all the way back to the Iron Age, some 2,500 years ago. The scientists hope that the newest discoveries will bring some information about who created the jar and burial sites across the area.

Apple Announces the Return of a Smaller iPhone

Technology company Apple announced the return of a smaller iPhone, plus new versions of its iPad, and its iOS operating system for its mobile devices.

Four Young People Who Make the World Better

Four young technology business leaders are starting to make the world better. They created technology that helps deaf people communicate, tracks women’s health, helps teachers and students, and provides electricity.

Audio Twitter Turns 10

On Monday, Twitter turned 10. The 140-character messaging service launched in March 21, 2006. Since then, Twitter has become a global communication tool, with 320 million users.

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