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Digital Solution Helps Shield Online Activists

The National Democratic Institute, a non-profit group, says a “live” operating system calls “Tails” is helping pro-democracy activists and others hide their online communications and activities from hostile governments. “Tails” is an acronym for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. More

Video Simulation Helps Control, Manage Traffic

Controlling traffic is a complex and high cost problem in many developed countries. It becomes more difficult and costly with the ever-increasing number of cars on the roads. But scientists and students at CATT at the University of Maryland are working to solve that problem.

Video Solar Activity Can Affect Communication, Power on Earth

Scientists who study the sun watch for sunspots -- violent storms that can affect communications, navigation systems and even electric power stations on Earth. Sunspots are a product of huge electromagnetic storms on the sun. Scientists can observe them eight minutes after they happen.

Video Changing Arctic Conditions Threaten Polar Bears

Researchers, following the animals on the Arctic, discovered sea ice is melting faster than predicted, making it harder for polar bears to survive. They are calling on nations to reduce greenhouse gases. If that does not happen, polar bears could one day disappear from our planet.

Audio Dinosaur Death Leads to Rise of Fish

Tens of millions of years ago, an asteroid hit what is now the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The event led to a global mass extinction that has been linked to the end of the dinosaurs. New examination of fossils from sediment shows what that great disaster led to: a modern age of fish.

Audio Why Do Mosquitoes Choose to Bite You?

Mosquitoes need blood to survive and their favorite target is humans. They are completely driven by smell. How do they find their victims and why do they prefer some people more than others? New research now shows how mosquitoes choose who to bite.

Audio Experts: Let Produce Dry Out to Avoid Bacteria

American researchers say farmers should wait one day after a rain storm or watering their fields to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. They say gathering the crops at least 24 hours after rainfall increases food safety. They say it also may be enough to protect people from food borne illnesses.

Audio More Than 5 Million Cyber Attacks in Kenya

Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communication says the country had 31 million mobile device subscribers in 2013, while 13 million others used the Internet. Cyber-attacks is estimated to cost the world economy more than $500 a year.

Video Bladeless Wind Generator Safe for Birds

Wind turbines are tall structures with large blades used to produce electricity. They are useful sources of low-cost, renewable energy. But they can also be deadly to birds and bats that fly near the wind turbines. But a new type of wind generator may offer an answer to that problem.

Video Warning System Keeps Swimmers Out of Polluted Water

The dry conditions in California are good for people who like to swim in the Pacific Ocean. Researchers are using computer models to predict the quality of ocean water. It now takes 18 to 24 hours for a lab to test the water; public health experts say that amount of time can and should be reduced.

Video Fish Use Whole Bodies When They Eat

Fish are animals that live in the water. They are also vertebrates – animals that have a backbone and a spine. Have you ever wonder how vertebrates eat food? Now researchers at Brown University have x-ray video that shown the action and why vertebrates use its whole body to eat.

Video Defending Spacecraft and Astronauts Against Dust

Our Milky Way solar system began as small pieces of star-created gas and dust. Scientists are studying this dust with a student-designed instrument on the American space agency’s New Horizons spacecraft. The agency is busy collecting information from the spacecraft this week in the first-ever flyby.

Video US Spacecraft Flies by Pluto After Nine-Year Trip

It took nine years for the New Horizons spacecraft to travel to the edge of our solar system. The spacecraft flew nearly five billion kilometers to get there. Scientists will be studying the information is sending back to Earth for years to learn more about Pluto.

Video Australia Develops New Technology to Fight Graffiti

Cities worldwide spend a lot of money fighting graffiti. Officials in Australia have begun using a new technology that can recognize the most commonly used graffiti materials: paint and marker pens. They hope it will help police stop people from defacing walls on the passenger areas of trains.

Audio Are Baboons Democratic?

Baboon groups generally follow a single leader, a male. But a new study found that individual baboons decide where to go by looking around to see where others are going. The researcher say dominant individuals only direct what the group does some of the time. At other times, the majority rules.

Audio Israel Helps California Deal with Water Shortages

Israel knows how to deal with drought. The small Middle Eastern country has experienced dry weather conditions and water shortages for many years. The American state of California is in the fourth year of a drought. So a Jewish group proposed a conference to show Californians what Israelis can offer

Video Personal Flying Vehicles Close to Reality

Many people have long dreamed of being able to fly around as simply as riding a bicycle. Yet the safety and strength of a flying bike was always a big problem. Over the past 10 years, developments in technology have moved the dream of personal flying vehicles closer to reality.

Audio Report: Faster Speeds, Less Space on Internet

A new report says Internet speeds around the world are getting much faster. But it warns that the sharp increase in the number of devices connected to the World Wide Web could cause problems. Solutions to this problem do exist. However, Internet service providers have not begun to use them.

Video Solar-Powered Plane Lands in Hawaii after Crossing the Pacific

A plane that uses only solar power landed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii on Friday after being flown across the Pacific Ocean. The flight was the most dangerous part of the plane’s planned 35,000-kilometer trip around the world. The trip is being made without using any fuel.

Video New Device May Help Jet Pilots

While flying high above Earth’s surface, jet fighter pilots may suffer loss of eyesight for brief periods. Some pilots may even lose consciousness. These experiences, commonly called blackouts, can lead to tragic results. An Israeli company may have developed a device that could save pilots’ lives.

Learn with The News

  • Audio ASEAN Ministers Expected to Discuss South China Sea

    Early versions of working documents received by VOA and Reuters news agency suggest ministers are working toward a “Declaration of Conduct.” In time, such a document would lead to a “Code of Conduct” outlining measures to avoid conflict in the South China Sea. More

  • Video Yazidis of Sinjar Observe Tragic Anniversary

    Islamic State militants attacked Iraq's Yazidi community one year ago. Thousands were killed or forced to flee their homes. Many others starved or died of thirst as they hid on Sinjar Mountain. Those who were rescued are haunted by the memories of the slaughter and loss of their homelands. More

  • Audio Islamic State’s Media Violence May Hurt the Group

    The group calling itself the Islamic State uses videos to publicize its activities. Some of its horrible acts have turned into big news stories. Some observers blame television stations and newspapers for publicizing the violence. Others say the bloody videos are starting to ruin the group’s image. More

  • Audio Digital Solution Helps Shield Online Activists

    The National Democratic Institute, a non-profit group, says a “live” operating system calls “Tails” is helping pro-democracy activists and others hide their online communications and activities from hostile governments. “Tails” is an acronym for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. More

  • Audio Kerry Hears Concerns About Iran Nuclear Agreement

    Also, economic concerns in Greece, China weigh on share prices; Emergency declared in four areas of Myanmar; President Obama releases rules to cut carbon; and, Malaysian official says plane part from same kind of aircraft as MH370. | In the News More

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  • Video Feathertop by Nathaniel Hawthorne

    This classic American story features a scarecrow that comes to life. Find out what adventures he has as he looks for love and admiration. His only problem is that he has to keep puffing on the pipe the witch gave him. If he stops - something terrible may happen! More

  • Audio Study Shows How Poverty Could Limit Learning

    Studies have shown that children from poor families have more difficulty in school than other boys and girls. Children with higher socioeconomic roots seem better prepared and perform better on school tests. Now, American researchers may have found a biological reason for that difference. More

  • Audio Study: Smoking May Increase Risk of Schizophrenia

    Researchers reviewed 61 studies from around the world; they discovered cigarette smoking is three times more common among those with schizophrenia who were receiving medical care for the illness for the first time compared to people who did not have the mental disorder. More

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