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NASA Paints Pluto Wild With Color

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto and sent pictures back to Earth. NASA’s New Horizon scientists manipulated the image of Pluto. Scientists used color to show the many different and diverse areas on Pluto. More

Video Scotch Whisky Seen as Alternative to Climate Changing Fuels

Waste products from a popular alcoholic drink could be used in the future to make biofuel. Researchers say the new fuel, based on whisky, could reduce demand for oil. They say using less oil could cut pollution that studies have linked to climate change.

Video Mealworms Can Eat Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution is a growing problem on our planet. Scientists from the U.S. and China have discovered that mealworms can digest plastic. One mealworm can digest a pill-sized amount of plastic a day.

Audio Experts: El Niño Could Be the Strongest on Record

Weather experts say this year could be one of the strongest El Niño events in recorded history. Experts say El Niño could mean severe weather conditions in many parts of the world.

Video Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?

America’s space agency, NASA is putting the word out: They are looking for smart people who want to become astronauts. The recruiting began with a video message. NASA wants people with certain experience, find out what is involved.

Audio Uganda Prepares for Worst El Nino Conditions in 20 Years

Africa is preparing for the weather event known as El Nino. In Uganda, the government is preparing for flooding, landslides and an increase in cholera cases. Individuals living in poor areas are said to be at high risk.

Video Water on Mars: What Does It Mean?

Recent data about our planet neighbor Mars helps NASA plan for getting humans there by the 2030s. The discovery of liquid water on the planet could change the way we see our solar system. But there is still much more than needs to be known before people can safely go to Mars.

Audio Will Ethiopia's Teff Be the Next Super Grain?

High in protein and calcium, the seed, or grain is called teff. Ethiopians have been growing teff for thousands of years and it may become the new “super grain” of choice growing in popularity in North America.

Audio Can Humans Learn to Regrow Teeth Like Fish?

Study suggests that human beings could someday regrow teeth, just like some fish do. Most humans are born with only two sets of teeth. Fish, in comparison, replace lost teeth throughout their adult lives.

Audio Is Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs?

When you put on sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn at the beach, the world’s coral reefs suffer. A new study shows that a substance in all sunscreens used in all the major countries affects the coral in major countries at an alarming rate.

Audio WHO: Cut Climate Pollutants, Save Lives

The World Health Organization says millions of premature deaths can be prevented each year by reducing short-lived climate pollutants. A WHO reports recommends cutting these pollutants—black carbon, ozone and methane.

Audio Hurricane Patricia Called 'Strongest in History'

Hurricane Patricia is expected to make landfall in Mexico on Friday with winds over 320 kilometers per hour. The National Weather Service says the powerful storm could be “potentially catastrophic” for southwestern Mexico.

Video Teen CEO Says Everyone Should Code

What does the average 15-year-old do with her free time? Most teenagers are hanging out with friends, talking on their smart phones or playing games on their computer. But Swetha Prabakaran is different. She enjoys spending her time making the use of technology easier for all.

Video Paintable Solar Cells May Replace Silicon-Based Devices

Solar panels are manufactured in factories. Some of the devices are made with cadmium chloride, a substance shown to be harmful to human health. But an American researcher says manufacturers soon may be able to create solar panels with safe, non-toxic solutions.

Video Water Robots Explore the Celtic Sea

Scientists in England are using water robots to explore animal and plant life in the Celtic Sea. The Celtic Sea is a body of water off the southern coast of Ireland. The area is known for its exceptional sea life.

Video Whales Spring to Life on Ocean Floor

Not many animals give so much life when it dies as whales do. Whales live on average between 50 to 70 years. When they die, they sink to the ocean floor. There they supply food and shelter (room and board) to creatures for decades more. Necessary words to understand this article are carcass, decay a

Video Fabric Fights Dust Mites in Your Bed

Many people around the world suffer from dust-related allergies. People with allergies have trouble breathing or suffer from tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. Now, scientists in Poland say they have successfully tested cloth that the microscopic creatures cannot pass through.

Video Driver Lets Go of Wheel in New Truck

The first self-driving semi-trailer truck began its first trip on a major European highway last week. The German automobile company Daimler made the vehicle, which is named Actros. It is perhaps the first mass-produced truck whose driver will only be required to watch the vehicle’s movements.

Video Beach Mat Charges Mobile Phone

Some people do not like being separated from their telephone, even while enjoying a restful holiday at the beach. So, a university student from Lebanon developed a most unusual beach mat. The device both provides power to cell phones and keeps drinks cool.

Audio Great Barrier Reef Choking on Pollutants

The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. It is the largest living organism on Earth. However, the reef is being damaged by climate change and pollutants from farms that flow into the reef.

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