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Obama Won't Meet with Netanyahu During Visit to Congress

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The US Congress has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak at a joint meeting of the House and Senate in March. House Speaker John Boehner said he did not contact the Obama administration about the visit. President Obama will not meet with Mr. Netanyahu. More

Video Should Schools in US Recognize Muslim Holidays?

Some religious minorities in America are demanding that schools close on their religious holidays. They ask, if Christian and Jewish holy days are recognized, shouldn’t those of other faiths also be observed? The issue is being debated in Maryland, near Washington, DC.

Audio Has Obama Set the Message for the 2016 Campaign?

“I have no more campaigns to run … I know because I won both of them.” Mr. Obama cannot run for president again – U.S. presidents may serve only two terms. But some observers say his most recent State of the Union message on the middle class sounded like a campaign speech.

Audio Obama Briefly Notes Foreign Policy in State of the Union

Most of the speech centered on domestic issues, ones that affect just U.S. citizens and families. But President Obama also spoke briefly about some foreign policy issues. Among the topics are the fight against the Islamic State, relations with Cuba, Iran nuclear negotiations and Asia Pacific

Video Obama Sets a 'Middle-Class Economics' Agenda

In his sixth State of the Union address, the president challenged Congress to take “bold action” and “to make sure everyone gets a fair shot” as part of what he called the middle class economics. Republicans called his proposal the same, old top-down approach that hasn’t worked.

Video President Barack Obama - The State of the Union, Jan. 20, 2015

The White House is making the full text of the speech available to citizens around the country online. On Medium, you can follow along with the speech as you watch in real time, view charts and infographics on key areas, tweet favorite lines, and leave notes.

Audio Obama to Discuss Economy, Foreign Policy in State of the Union

President Barack Obama is preparing to speak to the American people on Tuesday. The leader has traveled around the United States discussing issues he is likely to include in the annual State of the Union. The address is held before both houses of Congress and televised live for the nation.

Audio Americans Serve Others to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King’s life was about service in the name of peace, justice and equality. He led efforts to end the racial separation laws. He organized huge marches and protests. He urged people to disobey unjust laws through non-violent resistance. The holiday in his honor became the National Day of Service.

Audio Army May Change Weight Rules for Cyber Warriors

The U.S. Army needs cyber warriors to defend against attacks on the nation’s computer systems. But it is having a hard time finding young Americans who meet all of the requirements for the job. So the Army is studying whether it should have different height and weight standards for soldiers.

Video Illegal Immigrants Can Now Get a Driver’s License

People in the western state of California who are in the United States illegally can now request a driver’s license. More than a million people are expected to seek the special license. California is not the first American state with such a law, but it has the largest number of illegal immigrants.

Audio Fewer Than One in Three Young Americans Can Join Military

The U.S. Army continues to need soldiers. But most young people do not meet military requirements; they are overweight, have a criminal record, or failed to graduate from high school. Retired senior officers are especially worried about the effect of obesity on national security. | As It Is

Video US Increases Security After Paris Attacks

American officials have increased security at government buildings and airports following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says the decision was not a reaction to a threat. But officials are worried about people who have fought in foreign wars.

Video President Faces Difficulties Closing Guantanamo Prison

The Obama administration ended 2015 with the release of more detainees from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. On December 30, the Department of Defense announced that three Yemenis and two Tunisians were flown to Kazakhstan for resettlement.| As It Is

Video Center Helps Refugees with American Life

Every year, hundreds of refugees are resettled in Philadelphia, also known as the “City of Brotherly Love.” Many expect to see the glamorous America they see in the media—a land of big cars, big houses, and easy money. Southeast by Southeast is a community center for the refugees.

Video US Faces More Foreign Policy Challenges in 2015

Barack Obama faces many challenges, from the Islamic State, Russia, Iran to North Korea, as he enters his final two years as president. Experts say the new, Republican-controlled U.S. Congress could make it more difficult for President Obama’s foreign policy team to be successful.

Video US Defends Cuba Policy After Dissident Arrests

The Cuban activist group “Ladies in White” is demanding the release of political prisoners and improved human rights. Berta Solar is head of the group. She says she and others do not believe President Obama’s decision will bring freedom. They also say easing restriction is a mistake.

Audio In Boston Bombing Trial, a Search for Justice and Closure

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is accused of terrorism and other crimes in connection with the deadly bombing in 2013. But who is he? How did friends and others see him before the bombing? And what is known about the second suspect, his brother Tamerlan, who died in a police shoot-out?

Audio Congress, President Return to Washington

In the final two years of his presidency, President Barack Obama will have to deal with a Congress controlled by his Republican political opponents. Republicans must show that they can work with the president on issues that are important to all Americans and to Republican voters.

Video Obama, Congress Expected to Clash over Foreign Policy

Some of President Obama’s strongest critics, Sen. Bob Corker and John McCain, will lead key Senate committees next year. Disputes could begin as soon as Congress returns to Washington in January over how to deal with the Islamic State, Ukraine and the Middle East. | As It Is

Audio Prisoners Work to Protect the Planet

In some U.S. prisons, inmates are not just “doing time,” as they often describe their prison sentences. Some prisoners are working to protect the environment. A conservation project in a prison U.S. has produced rare and endangered plants, and animals and insects for release in the wild.

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  • Burning vehicles are seen near the village of Ghajar on Israel's border with Lebanon, Jan. 28, 2015.

    Audio Israeli Soldiers Killed in Exchange of Gunfire with Hezbollah

    Two Israeli soldiers and a UN peacekeeping soldier were killed Wednesday along the border between Israel and Lebanon. Jordan to trade jailed suspected terrorist for hostage with IS. Afghan cabinet nominees rejected. New Greek government holds first meeting. Democratic ideals are under threat More

  • Audio Lebanese Women Make Peace One Meal at a Time

    War in Lebanon continues. Women from the opposing sides are coming together to cook – thanks to a non-profit called Ruwwad al Tanmeya-Lebanon. Experienced chefs helped the women complete training. Now they are selling their food to organizations such as the Red Cross. More

  • Audio Rights Group Accuses Ethiopia of Suppressing Media

    Human Rights Watch says Ethiopian officials are taking steps against independent media and journalists who have different opinions than the government. The report shows how the Ethiopian government has restricted independent reporting and 22 journalists have been charged with crimes. More

  • NASA

    Video NASA Keeping Watch on the Earth’s Health

    The past year has been the busiest 12-month period for the American space agency in more than 10 years. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, launched three missions in 2014. It began a fourth project earlier this month. A fifth launch is set for this January 29. More

  • Libyan security forces and emergency services surround Tripoli's central Corinthia Hotel (R) in the Libyan capital,  Jan. 27, 2015.

    Audio Libya Hotel Attack Kills Five Foreigners

    At least 5 foreigners and 3 guards were killed Tuesday in a hotel attack in Tripoli; President Obama pays respects to Saudi King; Islamic State militants threaten two hostages’ lives; Indonesia’s military halts its search for a passenger plane; and the US northeast is hit with a big snowstorm. More

Featured Stories

  • NYC subway art

    Video New York's 'Underground Museum' Pleases Passerby

    For the past thirty years, artists have been asked to create works of art for New York’s huge subway and train system. The works often relate to city life or to the neighborhood of a station. Some people call it New York’s “underground art museum," with over 250 pieces of original artwork. More

  • agridrone

    Video French Farmers Are Using Drones to Examine Their Crops

    It used to be mostly the military that used small, unpiloted aircraft, called “drones.” The little planes were very costly. But as they have dropped in price more people have begun to use them. Rescue workers and farmers are among the new users. The drones save money and time. More

  • Video Is There a Better Way to Track Passenger Planes?

    New technology could help to more closely follow passenger airplanes, and find them when they crash; international group to meet next month to discuss changes. Airline industry leaders and regulators want to improve airplane safety. They want better, more dependable tracking devices. More

  • Obama

    Audio Has Obama Set the Message for the 2016 Campaign?

    “I have no more campaigns to run … I know because I won both of them.” Mr. Obama cannot run for president again – U.S. presidents may serve only two terms. But some observers say his most recent State of the Union message on the middle class sounded like a campaign speech. More

  • American Sniper

    Video With Oscar Nomination, 'American Sniper' Stirs Debate

    The movie is based on a book by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. He is considered the deadliest marksman in the history of the United States military. The film explores how war can affect a soldier's mental and emotional health and stirs a debate on social media over its message. More

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