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Former Agent Blames Politics for US Immigration Crisis

Immigration Obama

A former U.S. immigration officer says actions being taken by Border Patrol agents at the U.S.-Mexico border may be causing people to believe differently. The Obama administration says as many as 90,000 children might try to enter the United States illegally from Mexico this year. More

Audio Obama’s Weak Poll Ratings Worry Democrats

This is a congressional election year in the United States. Some Democratic Party candidates are concerned about President Obama’s unpopularity could hurt the Democrats’ chances to keep control of the Senate.

Audio Nuclear Missile Site Turns Tourist Site

The Cold War is long over. What do you do with a missile launch when a war is over? Turn it into a tourist site, of course.

Audio Los Angeles Considers Giving Fines for Illegal Watering

California is in its third year of drought, or lack of rain. Farmers in California’s Central Valley have suffered major reductions in the amount of water they can use. The cuts are threatening agriculture, one of the state’s major industries.

Audio Bergdahl Returns to Active Duty

American soldier Bowe Bergdahl has returned to active duty in the United States Army. The Taliban in Afghanistan kidnapped and held Sergeant Bergdahl for five years.

Audio Congress to Focus on US Border Crisis

Congress soon may vote on whether to approve funds requested by President Barack Obama to deal with a rise in immigrants from Central America. President Obama requested $3.7 billion in June to pay for increased border security and temporary housing centers.

Audio Aid Groups, Volunteers Help US with Immigrant Crisis

Tens of thousands of Central American children have entered the United States without family members. Government agencies struggling to deal with the crisis are getting support from charities and other groups. | As It Is

Audio The Gem State, the Land of Lincoln and the Crossroads of America...

America's 50 states have some of the most historically interesting nicknames. In this part two of nicknames of the states, you will learn about the Gem state, the Land of Lincoln and more in the Crossroads of America. | Words and Their Stories

Audio School Helps Dogs with Fear of Flying

Service dogs almost never leave the side of the people they care for. You see them on buses, trains and other public transportation. But loud, crowded, bumpy airplane flights require special preparation. Now, a dog school in Hollywood provides it | American Mosaic

Audio Clinton Still Leads all Likely Presidential Candidates

The latest survey numbers come from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. It found that Hillary Clinton has a big lead against others likely to seek the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party.

Audio US Navy Promotes First Woman to 4-Star Admiral

For the first time in its 236-year history, the U.S. Navy has a woman as its second-highest ranking officer.

Audio Celebrating America in Song

Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with family gatherings, parades, speeches and fireworks. They also celebrate with patriotic music | American Mosaic

Audio Civil Rights Activists Remember Struggle for Equal Rights

Americans are marking the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The act became law on July 2nd, 1964. The measure banned discrimination based on a person’s race. It also ended racial separation in schools, businesses, and in some public places, such as hotels and restaurants.

Audio U.S. Works to Protect Itself from Next Big Storm

Nearly two years have passed since Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeastern United States. Water levels rose almost four meters in some areas as the storm moved inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The U.S. government has promised $920 million for a program to help plan for the next major storm.

Audio Coast Guard Honors Partnership with VOA

Most Americans may have never heard about a Coast Guard ship called the USS Courier. But between 1952 and 1964, the ship floated near the Greek island of Rhodes. During that period, it broadcast thousands of hours of Voice of America programs to the Soviet Union and its allies.

Audio Mainstream Republicans Defeat Tea Party, For Now

Mainstream Republicans claim a victory in their political battle with activists from the conservative Tea Party movement | As It Is

Audio A Fight Over Immigration in the Republican Party

Traditional and conservative members of the Republican party differ on immigration policies | As It Is

Audio Republicans Blame Obama for Child Immigrants

This year, 52,000 children have entered the United States from Mexico without a family member or guardian. The children are mainly from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. U.S. border patrol agents detain most of the boys and girls. | In the News

Audio Obama Tested to Avoid US Military Action in Iraq

The Obama administration now faces questions on whether the troop deployment will lead to a full-fledged, or expanded, involvement in Iraq.

Audio Natural Disasters Require Special Building Design

Natural disasters happen everywhere in the world. Many cause property damage and loss of life. But researchers say the severity of their effects can be reduced if people take steps to prepare.

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  • A man stands in his backyard and looks at the wreckage of a TransAsia Airways turboprop plane that crashed on Taiwan's offshore island Penghu July 24, 2014.

    Audio Is Air Travel Safe?

    Last week, Malaysia Airline flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine killing all 298 passengers and crew. On Wednesday, July 23, two Ukrainian military planes were shot down in the same airspace. And now an Air Algeria plane crashed in Mali. More

  • Employees work at a production line prior to a seizure conducted by officers from the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, at the Husi Food factory in Shanghai, July 20, 2014.

    Audio China Arrests Five Involved in Meat Scandal

    Chinese police have arrested five employees of a Shanghai-based food supplier. This food supplier is accused of selling old, or expired, meat to several fast food chains in China. These fast food chains include two of the biggest -- McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. More

  • Algeria - Burkina Faso

    Audio Search Begins for Missing Air Algeria Plane

    Searchers are looking for an Air Algeria flight that disappeared during a trip from the capital of Burkina Faso to Algiers. The airplane is carrying at least 116 people including the crew. More

  • ** ADVANCE FOR MONDAY JAN. 13 -- FILE ** Hong Kong's general view is seen in this Nov. 12, 2002 file photo. Hong Kong's spectacular skyline contains some of the most expensive real estate in the world, although prices have fallen dramatically over the pas

    Audio Housing Costs Push Hong Kong Residents to the Rooftop

    Rising housing prices in Hong Kong are hurting low-income residents. Many people who live in the city are being forced into unsafe and illegal living situations. Some Hong Kong residents have built low-cost dwellings on the roofs --top levels -- of high buildings. More

  • Indonesian presidential candidate Joko "Jokowi" Widodo (L) gestures as delivers a speech, beside his running mate Jusuf Kalla, on a phinisi boat, a traditional Indonesian ship, at Sunda Kelapa port after he was declared the winner of the presidential elec

    Audio Former General Challenges Widodo's Victory in Indonesia

    Former Army General Prabowo Subianto will ask the country’s Constitutional Court to overturn the vote count. The announcement came a day after the country’s election commission named former Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo the winner of the July 9th vote for president. More

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