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US Evangelicals Debate Homosexuality in the Bible

An increasing number of mainline Christian groups are also accepting same-sex unions. But most evangelical Christians say the Bible condemns sexual relations among people of the same sex. Now, a well-known student of evangelicalism is saying that the traditional reading of the Bible is wrong. More

Video Thanksgiving, a Traditional American Holiday

Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November. The month of November comes in autumn, the main season for harvesting crops. Thanksgiving is an autumn harvest festival like those found in many cultures. It is viewed as the most traditional of all American holidays.

Audio New Violence Hits Ferguson, Missouri

An American grand jury ruling has resulted in new violence in the city of Ferguson, Missouri. The jurors decided not to charge a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed African American teenager last August. The decision was announced Monday -- more than three months after the shooting.

Video Republicans Promise to Fight Obama on Immigration

Republican Party lawmakers are promising to fight President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration. The order protects millions of people who have been living in the United States illegally. The president’s announcement immediately angered Republicans in the U.S. Congress.

Video Obama Orders Changes to US Immigration Policy

Mr. Obama’s decision will affect the lives of five million people who have entered the United States without permission. He says the country’s immigration system has not been working for many years and needs immediate reform. | In the News

Video Text of President Obama's Speech on Immigration

Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on Immigration - Cross Hall at 8:01 P.M. EST. THE PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans, tonight, I’d like to talk with you about immigration. For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous...

Video Obama to Announce Executive Order on Immigration

President Obama soon is expected to announce his decision on what to do with millions of undocumented immigrants. These migrants left their home countries and entered the United States illegally. The president is expected to approve an executive order that would save them from being sent home.

Video Church Helps Ferguson Deal With Race Relations

Many white residents in Ferguson say they chose to live in the city because of its cultural diversity. So, they were shocked when a white police officer killed an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown in August of this year. Now, some churches in the central U.S. community are trying to help.

Audio US Medical Supplies Donated Overseas

Unused medical supplies are often thrown away -- but not all of them. An aid group has been collecting such supplies for 25 years, and sending them to hospitals and clinics in developing countries. The program is called SHARE, or “Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment.”

Audio Hackers Attack US State Department Computers

The U.S. State Department has closed its public email system and websites after a suspected attack by computer criminals called “hackers.” It had never been shut down before. The attack was the fourth such incident on U.S. government agencies since last month, including the White House.

Video Should You Have the Right to Die?

The recent case of a 29 year old woman with brain cancer has again raised questions about the right to die. Americans are divided on whether doctors should be able to give deathly sick patients drugs to end their lives. Only four U.S states permit doctor, or physician, assisted suicide.

Video Film Project Helps Former American Soldiers

A film project is helping American soldiers returning from war deal with mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the violence of war. The project, called "I Was There," gets soldiers to share their experiences with friends, family members and other military veterans.

Video Film Explores Battle War Veterans Face in Civilian Society

The movie “The Last Patrol" examines how hard it can be for war veterans to leave military life and return to civilian life. It follows former soldiers as they deal with missing combat and the closeness they felt toward fellow soldiers. “I feel that this society invented loneliness.” | As It Is

Audio Record Percentage of Americans Have Never Married

In the 1960s, about 90% of American adults were married. But researchers are finding that Americans’ marriage and dating customs have changed, especially for people under age 35. A new online dating application launching this week tries to make it easier for young, highly educated people to meet.

Audio Swimmers Trading Pools for Open Water

More and more swimmers are getting out of warm, calm swimming pools and into lakes, rivers and oceans, even in cold weather. The rising popularity of open water swimming has resulted in races and an unusual new business. VOA spoke with these "wild swimmers" about why they choose open water.

Video Election Results Could Force Changes in US Foreign Policy

The Republican Party will soon control both houses of the United States Congress for the first time since President Obama took office. Experts say this will mean Mr. Obama may not have as much power to deal with Iranian nuclear agreements and negotiations with Israel and the Palestinians.

Audio Marijuana Becomes Legal in DC and Oregon

Americans voted on ballot questions Tuesday in addition to choosing one third of the Senate and more than half of the state governors. Several places, including Washington, D.C., voted to legalize marijuana. Some states voted to increase the legal minimum hourly payment for workers. | As It Is

Video More US Hispanic Women Convert to Islam

Latinos are one of the fastest growing groups in the Muslim religion. The Pew Research Center says about six percent of American Muslims are Latino. And women make up a little more than half of the new converts -- the people who have changed their religion to Islam.

Audio US 'Green Card Lottery' Ending November 3

State Department’s Diversity Visa program closes November 3rd. Millions of people have entered the program, hoping to win a visa. But only 50,000 are chosen. 5,000 more are available under the Nicaraguan and Central America Relief Act. The green card lottery closes on Monday. | As It Is

Video US Political Parties Hope to Gain Latinos' Vote

United States citizens of Latin American ancestry could influence the U.S. elections on November 4th. Americans will vote for members of the House of Representatives, a third of the Senate, and state and local positions around the country. In California, Latinos are an important vote for Democrats.

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  • Video US Evangelicals Debate Homosexuality in the Bible

    An increasing number of mainline Christian groups are also accepting same-sex unions. But most evangelical Christians say the Bible condemns sexual relations among people of the same sex. Now, a well-known student of evangelicalism is saying that the traditional reading of the Bible is wrong. More

  • An oil derrick is seen at a fracking site for extracting oil outside of Williston, North Dakota March 11, 2013.  North Dakota's booming oil business has quickly ran up against a serious shortage of housing for the thousands of workers who have poured into

    Audio Falling Oil Prices Affect Nations Differently

    Oil prices have dropped 30 percent since June. Increased American oil production is one reason for the drop in world oil prices. Nigeria has announced measures the government would take to increase income. But, in India the lower oil prices have helped ease inflation. More

  • Audio North Korea Warns of Punishment for US, Allies

    North Korea said it would punish countries that supported a UN resolution condemning North Korea's human rights record. The recent U.N. committee vote called on the Security Council to send North Korea to the International Criminal Court for suspected violations, including torture and murder. More

  • A Libyan military soldier fires his weapon during clashes with Islamic extremist militias in Benghazi, Libya, Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014. Government troops entered central Benghazi Wednesday after nearly 10 days of fighting Islamic extremist militias, a mili

    Audio Unrest, Abuse Prevent Solution in Libya

    Amnesty International is condemning all sides in Libya for human rights abuses and violations of international law. The rights group is calling on militia commanders to end the abuses. But that call is unlikely to have much of an effect on the commanders, who have never been punished. More

  • New members of the Afghan National Army attend their graduation ceremony at the Afghan Military Academy in Kabul, Afghanistan, Nov. 23, 2014.

    Audio US Says Military Operations in Afghanistan Remain the Same

    Also in the news, India-Pakistan tensions remain at a major South Asia conference in Kathmandu, Nepal; Hong Kong police arrest student leaders and clear streets around Mong Kok; The Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) of Colombia frees two soldiers to restart peace talks with the government. More

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  • Hunger Games: Mockingjay

    Video 'Hunger Games' Expected to Top Holiday Ticket Sales

    'Mockingjay - Part 1' is the third in the four part movie series. It earned about $123 million in its opening weekend. Not bad, but millions less than tickets sales in the release weekend of the first two 'Hunger Games' films. What explains the drop in audience interest? More

  • Battle of Cold Harbor

    Audio Strong Defense at Cold Harbor Gives Lee His Last Major Victory

    After Northern forces defeated Southern troops at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Vicksburg, Mississippi, General Ulysses Grant decided to hit the Confederates with the full force of the Union armies. The fight did not go as he expected. But General Grant was resolved to defeat the Confederates. More

  • Alzheimer brain

    Audio East Meets West to Treat Alzheimer's Patients

    But researchers in California say a new way of treating Alzheimer’s disease is showing promise for reversing some of that memory loss. The new treatment combines western medicine with eastern philosophy – ideas rooted in Asian religions. More

  • Mr. Van Rijsselberghe worked on the project with scientists from the Free University of Amsterdam.

    Video Dutch Experiment Grows Vegetables in Sea Water

    Due to rising sea level, farmers are increasingly unable to use fields close to the sea. A farmer in the Netherlands is growing small, but healthy and tasty crops in a mixture of fresh and salt water. Farmers in Pakistan may soon be growing Dutch potatoes in areas affected by rising sea waters. More

  • Jonathan Evans Performs with Bonerama

    Video With Bonerama, Three Trombones Lead the Big Parade

    The New Orleans-based group brings together funk, rock, blues and jazz, creating a gumbo for the ears. Bonerama has horns like many bands. But, unlike most groups, the trombone players lead this band. Reporter Jonathan Evans performed with the band and wrote about it for American Mosaic. More

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