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Cambodian Immigrants in US Struggle With Mental Health

About 100,000 refugees from Cambodia settled in the United States, starting in the 1970s and ending in the 1990s. Many of them have struggled with poverty and mental health problems. They also felt separated from the rest of society. More

Audio Will Republicans Unite Behind Trump?

Businessman Donald Trump has become the de facto Republican Party presidential nominee after all other opponents withdrew from the competition. After Trump’s Indiana victory, the Republican party chair called for party unity to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Trump Is 'Presumptive' Republican Nominee as Cruz Exits

Donald Trump becomes the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee following the suspension of Ted Cruz’s campaign. On Twitter, the chairman of the Republican Party confirmed Trump as the presumptive nominee and called for unity to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Audio US Tech Industry Blamed for High Cost of Housing

The San Francisco Bay Area has the highest housing costs of any place in the United States. One reason is the short distance between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, California’s high technology center. Another reason is high demand for hotel and office space.

Audio Democrats, Republicans Disagree on Supreme Court Nomination

President Obama wants the Senate to debate and vote on his nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February. But Republicans say the Senate should wait to decide until after the presidential election.

Audio Arts Fuel Tech Creativity in Children

A public library program is showing American children how to think creatively by adding art exercises to mathematics and science. STEAMtivity combines STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts, and math – with creativity. They involve different technologies, but they focus on the same result.

What Bathroom Should Transgender People Use?

There’s a new divisive issue in the United States: access to bathrooms. The issue is over a law in North Carolina that requires people to use the bathroom for the sex listed on birth certificates. Opponents say it is discriminatory. Supporters say it protects women and children.

Video Baby Eagles in Washington, DC Get Their Names

A webcam is showing live video of two baby eagles from Washington, D.C. Millions of people watched them break open their shells. Now the eaglets have names – Freedom and Liberty.

iPhone Sales Fall, Ending Apple's Record Growth

For the first time in 13 years, sales at Apple Inc. did not grow. Apple’s sales dropped by 13 percent in the quarter ending on Tuesday. The Chief Executive Officer of the company says the smartphone market is not growing anymore.

Audio Clinton, Trump Win Big, Look Toward November

Republican Donald Trump won all five state primary elections on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party won four. The two candidates are likely to compete against each other in the general election for U.S. president in November.

Video Silicon Valley Start-Ups Fueled by Immigrants

Besides established companies, there are many small companies trying to get started. These businesses are known as start-ups. Some of the people behind the start-ups are immigrants from countries like Sri Lanka, Taiwan and China.

Audio US Candidates Plan to Stop Trump from Winning Nomination

Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich say it would be “a disaster” for the Republican Party if the businessman becomes its presidential nominee. On Sunday, Cruz and Kasich announced their plan to stop Trump from winning enough delegates to win the nomination.

Audio Cleveland Settles Tamir Rice Case for $6 million

The relatives of Tamir Rice will receive a $6 million settlement from Cleveland, Ohio. Rice was only 12-years-old when he was killed by police officers in November 2014. Rice had a toy gun. The police thought it was real.

Audio High Demand from Investors for Special US Visas

Some lawmakers say the program is being abused; they say it should be cancelled because some of the people it lets into the United States may be criminals or spies, and many of the projects it supports are in rich parts of the country, not developing areas.

Video Diversity Documented on Streets of Northern Virginia

Arlington, Virginia, is home to more than 130 ethnic groups. One small community there is called “the world in a zip code” because there are so many ethnic groups, languages and customs in just one postal code.

Audio Migrants Crossing US-Mexico Border Drop to Lowest Level

The number of Mexicans stopped trying to cross the border to the United States is down to the lowest levels in nearly 50 years. But immigration remains a big issue. It is being debated by U.S. presidential candidates. And the Supreme Court Monday took up an important immigration case.

Audio Harriet Tubman to Appear on $20 Bill

The last time a woman appeared on U.S. paper money was in the 1890s. But this week, the U.S. Treasury announced that a woman will soon appear on the $20 bill. African-American abolitionist Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson, America's seventh president.

Audio Trump, Clinton Win in New York, Move Closer to Nominations

Businessman Donald Trump and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won big victories Tuesday in New York State’s primary election. Clinton now has nearly 80 percent of the nominating delegates she needs to become the Democratic Party’s candidate for president. Trump says the race for the Re

Audio Will US Let Some Undocumented Immigrants Stay?

About 10 million undocumented immigrants live in the U.S. This week, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether to allow some undocumented immigrants to stay for a limited period and apply to work legally.

Audio Asian Americans Are the Best-Educated Group in US

Asian-Americans are the best-educated racial group in the United States. Immigration policy explains, in part, why Asian-Americans are more likely to have college degrees than other ethnic groups in the U.S. However, many Asian-Americans still face challenges.

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