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After Years on Death Row, Freed Man Helps Others

Anthony Graves was cleared of murder charges after spending 19 years in prison for the crime. For more than half of those years, he was scheduled to be executed. Now, Graves spends his days as a free man trying to reform the US justice system. His prosecutor has been disbarred from law practice. More

Audio Poll: Americans Distrust Their Government

Pew Research Center public opinion survey finds only 1-in-5 Americans trust the government “always or most of the time.” Only 19 percent of Americans trust the government and Pew says trust levels are among the lowest in surveys of the past 50 years.

Video How US Gives Thanks: Food, Football, Parades

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday. Most will eat large meals, usually featuring turkey. Some will pray and give thanks. Some will volunteer. Many will relax with family members and friends. And many will watch football games and big parades.

Audio Health Officials Warn of Exploding Turkeys

Fried turkey at Thanksgiving started to become popular in the 1980s. This Cajun cooking rage spread into the north United States quickly. But officials warn cooks against putting a frozen or watery turkey into a pot of hot oil. Water and oil don't mix!

Audio US Special Forces to Deploy to Syria 'Soon'

American officials said the special forces troops would train, advise and help anti-IS Arab forces. They did not name a date when American forces would arrive in Syria. But they said fewer than 50 of them would enter northern Syria “very soon.”

Audio Americans Warned of Travel Dangers

The U.S. State Department has warned Americans about travel during this busiest travel time of the year. Countries like Belgium and France are on high alert as they look for suspects in the terror attacks on Paris this month.

Audio Restaurant 'Fires' Customer for Yelling at Autistic Worker

People cheered the owners of a restaurant in Alaska for defending an autistic employee. The worker had been insulted and yelled at by a customer for delivering the wrong food.

Video Video Threatens Washington, DC

The militant group Islamic State reportedly has released a video saying the terror group would bring violence to the U.S., specifically Washington, D.C. At the same time, the activist group Anonymous released a statement saying it would wage war on Islamic State.

Audio American Killed in Paris Attacks

American Nohemi Gonzalez was killed in Paris on Friday when terrorists stormed a concert and opened fire. She was a student at California State Long Beach. Family and friends held a memorial service for her Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015.

Audio Father Bush Critiques Son’s Presidency in New Book

For all eight years of his son’s presidency, former President George Herbert Walker Bush was supportive. But in a new book about his life in politics, President George Herbert Walker Bush mildly criticizes his son, George Walker Bush.

Audio Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan Become a Force in Politics

Tammy Duckworth is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a candidate for the Senate. Eleven years ago, she was an Army soldier flying Blackhawk helicopters in Iraq. Congress includes 25 lawmakers out of 535 who are veterans of America’s two most recent wars.

Audio US Town Elects Muslim City Council

A Detroit suburb has made history by electing a city council where a majority of members are Muslim. Hamtramck has a population of 22,423, and 41% are foreign-born, according to the United States Census Bureau. Estimates of Hamtramck’s Muslim population stands between 30% and 50%.

Audio Bigger Role for Asian-American Voters

Asian-Americans are playing a larger role in American elections. They say they are offended by Republicans who make comments against immigration and Asian-Americans. And that helps Democrats.

Audio Fewer Americans Believe in God

Fewer Americans believe in God, pray daily and regularly go to church than in 2007, a poll says. More than 35,000 Americans were polled about their religious beliefs over four months in 2014 by the Pew Research Center. The study, called the 2014 Religious Landscape, was released Tuesday.

Audio Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Project

President Barack Obama has rejected the Keystone XL oil pipeline project. The project involved building a 1,900-kilometer oil pipeline to transport Canadian crude oil to southeastern U.S. states.Obama made his decision after the U.S. State Department reviewed the proposed project.

Audio Dogs Welcome in New York Restaurants

A new law in New York lets people bring their dogs with them to restaurants. The adds New York to the growing list of US states and European countries with similar laws. But, some New Yorkers are unhappy about the decision.

Video Revisiting the Gun Debate in America

An average of one school shooting happens every week in America, says a recent report from Everytown for Gun Safety. School officials across the country do all they can to protect students. But for one elementary school in northern Virginia, the opening of a nearby gun store has led to protests.

Audio Guess Who Games More: Women or Men?

Separate studies show that women make up more than half of the world’s video game players. Females are more likely to grab a smart phone or a tablet for a casual game. Competitive online gaming is still a male-dominated sport. But that is changing.

Audio New York Proposes to Fine Airbnb Illegal Home-Sharing

The popular rental website and service Airbnb started-up when there was no regulation of Internet businesses. Now, New York City officials have increased fines on how Airbnb does business when homeowners rent space to guests without oversight.

Republicans Select Ryan as Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan at first said he didn’t want to run for speaker. But Republicans persuaded him. On Wednesday, GOP members voted to nominate him for the speaker’s job. It is likely he will be elected by the full House on Thursday.

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