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US Police: Biker Gangs Threaten Public Safety

Nine people were killed in Waco, Texas, last Sunday during a gunfight between competing motorcycle gangs. Now, officials are worried that other gang members could travel to the city and incite more violence. Waco police say they seized more than 100 guns and arrested about 170 people. More

Video 19-Year-Old Is Youngest Mayor in Maryland History

Brandon Paulin, 19, is the top official of a town in the U.S. state of Maryland. He is the youngest mayor in the state’s history. The person who held the job before him was almost 60. Voters say they like Mr. Paulin’s big goals for his small town.

Video The Man Who Collects Secrets

In the past 10 years Frank Warren has collected a million secrets from people throughout the world. He has created an art project from the postcards and other objects he has been sent. And he places images of them on his website. Do you have a secret you want to tell him?

Video Discover America's Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of the longest and most famous footpaths in the world. We went to the historic town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, the halfway point of the 3,400-kilometer-long Appalachian Trail. Also known as the AT, this famous trail passes through 14 states in the eastern U.S.

Audio Blues Music Great B.B. King Dead at 89

The masterful guitarist was called the "King of Blues." He influenced the work of many other musicians during his 70 years in the business. B.B. King was entered in three music halls of fame, had won 15 Grammy awards and countless other honors. The 1969 song 'The Thrill is Gone' is his most famous.

Video Homeless Shelter for LGBT Youth Opens in Washington

Casa Ruby will have 18 beds for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. Founder Ruby Corado says her goal is to offer LGBT homeless youth the same help that is given to many people in D.C. One resident says Casa Ruby is a house where people can be themselves and be loved.

Audio Latest Terror Threat Is on Social Media

A top Obama administration official says the fight against terrorism has entered what he calls a new phase. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke to ABC News on Sunday. He said groups like the self-declared Islamic State are successfully using social media to interest new members.

Audio More Republicans Join 2016 Presidential Race

This week one woman and two men announced they would campaign for the Republican party's nomination for president. Only one of them has held political office. They join three United States senators who have already announced their candidacies. | In the News

Audio US Officials Investigate Shooting in Texas

A debate has started between supporters and opponents of the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The group held what some call a free speech event, but many Muslims would call deeply offensive. Police continue to investigate what led to the shooting.

Video Volunteers Aid Victims of Riots in Baltimore

There were riots in parts of the city after a funeral was held for an African-American man who died after being arrested. The city is working to get back to normal after a week of violence. Volunteers are helping people in the neighborhoods that were affected by the unrest.

Video Body Cameras Seen as Good and Bad for US Police Officers

The Houston Police Department has experimented with body cameras for the past two years. The department deploys about 100 of the cameras on its officers each day. There are many questions about the cost of such camera systems and the limits on what the technology can do. And who controls the images?

Audio The 25 Most Popular Cities to Visit in America

Big cities and small historic towns top the list of most popular places to visit in America, according to the travel site TripAdvisor. Millions of users voted New York City, Chicago, and Charleston, South Carolina as the top three cities to visit in the U.S. Here's a look at all 25 cities!

Video Baltimore Police Officers Charged in Death of Black Man

The chief prosecutor in the eastern U.S. city of Baltimore, Maryland has announced charges against six police officers in the case of the death of a 25-year-old black man. Freddie Gray died in the hospital April 19th, a week after he was arrested. Mr. Gray’s death was ruled a homicide.

Audio US Supreme Court Hears Gay Marriage Debate

The US Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on whether gays and lesbians have the constitutional right to marry. Depending on how the court votes, it could lead to legalization of same-sex marriage across the US. Or the court could leave things the way they are now for the states to decide.

Photogallery National Guard Establishes Order in Baltimore after Riots

The rioting started after the funeral of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old black man died of injuries he received while being detained by police more than two weeks ago. Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has declared a night-time curfew for the city.

Audio Cat Cafes Offer Cats and Coffee

Most people go to a café to get their cup of coffee. At Cat Town Café in Oakland, California, they can also observe and play with cats. Cat Town Café is the first cat café in the U.S. It is a mix of a coffee shop and an adoption center for cats. Cat cafés are now spreading to other U.S. cities.

Video 40th Anniversary for Mississippi River Steamboat

In the 1800s, many steamboats sailed up and down the mighty Mississippi River, which divided the eastern states from the West. Today only a few of these steam-powered paddleboats still operate on the Mississippi. We travel on one of them and learn the history of the boats and the river. | As It Is

Audio Rolling Stone's Mistaken Story of a Rape 'Was Avoidable'

In December of last year, a well-known American magazine retracted a major story. The story reported on a sexual attack at the University of Virginia. A student told the reporter a group of students raped her at a fraternity party in 2012. The magazine later said it was not true.

Video Women Seek to Join US Army Rangers

Army expects nearly 20 women will begin the difficult training on Monday; it says they will have to meet the same standards as men to graduate from course. Opinion study of male troops finds many do not think women should be Rangers. The Army says those who graduate will be Rangers.

Audio Guide to the US Presidential Campaign, Part One

Every four years Americans go to the polls in November to pick a president. Americans will elect the next president in November of 2016. Although the election is still more than a year away, candidates have been announcing they are running. The candidates will compete in caucuses and primaries.

Learn with The News

  • Fiery Cross Reef, Spratly Islands

    Audio China Warns US Spy Plane in South China Sea

    China's navy is reported to have issued eight warning messages to a U.S. military spy plane over several man-made islands. Boats with Rohingya migrants accepted in Indonesian waters. U.S. and Cuba continue talks toward diplomatic ties. More

  • Audio Google Self-Driving Car Heading to Public Streets

    This summer, the latest version of Google's self-driving car will make its first appearance on public roads. The two-seat vehicle does not need a gas pedal or steering wheel. The prototype can drive, brake and recognize road dangers without human involvement. More

  • Audio In the US Senate, Heated Debate Over Catfish

    Lawmakers in the U.S. Senate are debating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But, the catfish, a popular farmed fish in some southern states, has caused a large share of the argument. Republican Senator John McCain criticized a measure calling for increased U.S. government inspections of Asian catfish. More

  • Video Limited Mental Health Services Being Offered in Cambodia

    Because few students study psychiatry in the country, experts do not expect that will change anytime soon. Only six students are in the three-year-long psychiatry course, and the government spends just $1 million a year on mental health care services. | As It Is More

  • South Korea Koreas UN Chief

    Audio North Korea Cancels Ban Ki-moon Visit

    The North Korean government has canceled a planned United Nations visit to the Kaesong Industrial Complex. The cancellation came just a day before UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was to visit the industrial center, where 53,000 North Koreans work. More

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  • Discover Debate

    Audio Successful Debate for New Learners and Large Classes

    Many students of English engage in debate as part of their training. In Part Two of our Successful Debate series, we learn the kinds of debate topics that work well for English learners. An expert shares tips for organizing a debate in a large class and for answering arguments. More

  • Nina Marranca looks at her phone, June 25, 2013.

    Audio Deaf-Blind Woman First to Use Braille Phone

    New technology allows deaf and blind people to use the telephone. The tests are underway in Australia and the U.S. It could help end isolation that people who cannot see or hear say they feel. Learn about this exciting new technology as well as words like "Braille" and "parallel testing." More

  • Video Resounding Earth: Creating Music from Metal

    "The title “Resounding Earth” on the one hand, we are talking about resounding earth. The earth is full of metals that all of mankind has turned into instruments. We are going to play them from all around the world together on one stage." More

  • Audio Common French Words in American English

    English is loaded with French words. Even if they mean something bad they sound so good. So read on to learn how to say them properly. Pictured here, French Actress Michele Morgan poses in a bathing suit at the 1st Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France in 1946. More

  • Audio Everyday Grammar: Problems with Pronouns and Gender

    The English language is changing to meet the needs of online communities and a quickly changing society. Do we need new pronouns to talk about a person whose gender is unknown? It’s common now to hear that “Everyone has their own opinion” on this issue. More

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