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Macri Wins Argentina Presidential Election

Mauricio Macri emerged the victor in presidential elections. Macri won Argentina's historic runoff election against ruling party candidate Daniel Scioli, putting an end to Peronist Party rule. More

Audio Korea Celebrates Kimchi-Making Tradition

Kimchi is a traditional food made from a vegetable called cabbage. The process of making kimchi is an important part of Korean culture. The process is so important that the city of Seoul held a festival this month celebrating it.

Audio Death Toll Continues to Rise After Myanmar Jade Mine Landslide

At least 100 bodies have been recovered and 100 are still missing following a landslide near a jade mine in northern Myanmar Saturday. Rescue workers continued to pull bodies from the landslide on Monday. The area produces some of the highest quality of jade in the world.

Audio Power Out in Crimea After Lines Blown Up

Crimea officials declared a state of emergency after power lines were blown up, cutting off electricity to much of the Russian-controlled country. Efforts to restore power were delayed as protestors in the Ukraine temporarily blocked repair crews.

Audio Pope Francis Makes First Africa Visit

Pope Francis’ first visit to Africa will take place Nov. 25 to 30. He has drawn large crowds and praise for his progressive statements on global inequality and climate change. But his views on homosexuality may create controversy among some African Catholics.

Audio How Did Islamic State Get This Big?

Islamic State militants targeted Paris last week, killing 130 people and injuring many hundreds more. It is also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh. It began in 2003 after US forces invaded Iraq, and has been active in large parts of that country and in Syria since 2013.

Audio Women-Only Crew Pilots Ethiopian Air Flight

Ethiopian Airlines made history Wednesday night by sending an all-female crew on a flight from Addis Ababa to Bangkok, Thailand. The flight was the first in the 70-year history of the airline in which the whole crew was female.

Audio Gunmen Kill 22, Take Hostages at Hotel in Mali

Gunmen shouting "God is great" took over a luxury hotel and seized 170 hostages in the African country of Mali on Friday.The Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, the capital of Mali, is popular with international visitors. Officials say U.N. and Malian troops have surrounded the hotel. | In the News

Audio Third Body Found in French Apartment

Police discovered a third body amid the debris at an apartment that French police had raided Wednesday, officials said. And French officials said Friday that the death toll in the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks has jumped to 130.

Audio North Korea's 'No-Sail Zone' Raises Missile Concerns

South Korean media say North Korea could test-launch a missile during a period in which the North has declared a no sail zone in seas near the country’s eastern coast. The move comes as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to visit North Korea.

Video French Police: Organizer of Paris Attack Killed

French officials say the man suspected of organizing the deadly attacks in Paris last week was among those killed Wednesday. Police say Abdelhamid Abaaoud was shot many times during a raid on an apartment in Saint-Denis, a suburb north of Paris.

Audio Cambodian Opposition Leader Stuck Abroad

Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy will not return to his home country until a warrant for his arrest is revoked. He and the government of Hun Sen are negotiating his way back, sources said.

Video Two Killed in Paris Raid, Terror Leader's Fate Unknown

French officials say they have killed two suspects in the Paris terrorism attacks last week, but are unsure if they killed the mastermind. President Francois Hollande says his country is at war with the Islamic State group. He wants to build a large coalition to target the militants. | As It Is

Audio Paris Terrorist Attack Causes Fear Worldwide

Planes being rerouted, trains delayed to check suspicious packages and cancelled trips are just some of the effects of recent terrorist attacks.

Audio Russian Bloggers Uncover Government Secrets, Corruption

Organizations have emerged to expose stories of government corruption. One of the agencies is called Conflict Intelligence Team or (CIT). CIT is not alone. There are other Internet sleuths in Russia. An anti-corruption blog regularly writes about the lavish homes of government leaders.

Video Slurp Your Soup, Yes! Share Your Sticks, No! Japanese Dining Rules

Almost anywhere in the world, people can find a Japanese restaurant. Many walk by because they do not know the customs or the kinds of food. VOA Learning English went to a Japanese- style bar called Izakaya. We will show you what to do in a Japanese restaurant.

Audio US Debates Admitting Syrian Refugees

After the Paris terrorist attacks, U.S. lawmakers are debating admitting Syrian refugees to the country. Some U.S. state governors say Syrian refugees are not welcome. Other politicians say the refugees get background checks before entering the U.S.

Audio Russia Says Explosives Brought Down Plane in Egypt

Russia admits that last month’s airplane crash in Egypt was a terrorist attack. Explosives were found in the wreckage and luggage section of the airplane, said Russia’s Federal Security Service chief.

Audio China Opposes Debate on South China Sea

China says it will oppose attempts to make its island-building activities the main subject at the ASEAN leaders’ meeting in Malaysia. The planned five-day-long summit opens Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur. Some non-ASEAN member countries -- including China, Japan and U.S.-- are also there.

Audio Obama Offers Maritime Security Plan for Asia-Pacific

President Obama promised to give up to $259 million in new aid over the next two years. The Philippines will get $79 million, Vietnam $40 million and Indonesia $21 million. The U.S. will also give a Coast Guard cutter and a research ship to the Philippines.

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