April 29, 2016 01:51 UTC


US Lawmaker: More Operations in South China Sea

The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee spoke this week. He says the freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea have not kept China from its building efforts in the disputed ocean territory. More

Audio Nepal Quake: Slowly Rebuilding One Year Later

One year after a large, deadly earthquake hit Nepal, the government announced plans to start reconstructing important sites. But the sites are not the only things that need rebuilding. Many people are still living in temporary shelters, and demonstrators are protesting the recovery’s slow speed.

Audio Study: Brazilians Support Snap Presidential Election

The public opinion study found that only 25 percent of Brazilians want Dilma Rousseff to continue as president. Eight percent said a Vice-President Michel Temer government could fix the crisis. Most Brazilians questioned said they want both to resign and a new election held immediately.

Audio US Urges Vietnam to Release Political Prisoners

US officials also called on the Vietnamese government to improve its treatment of civil society activists. The calls were made this week as President Barack Obama prepares for his first visit to Vietnam.

China Launches New Anti-Spying Campaign

China warns its citizens that the typical spy looks more like a normal person than the James Bond movie character. China's anti-spying effort comes at a time when two high-profile criminal cases are making headlines.

Audio Parents of Missing Mexican Students Criticize Government

The parents of 43 Mexican students missing since 2014 said the government lied to them. The parents believe the government did not carry out a thorough investigation into the disappearance of their children.

El Nino Could Cause Famine to Return in Somalia

The long-term weather changer known as El Nino has been one of the worst on record. It has created drought and food shortages in the Horn of Africa. Residents there could face famine, say NGOs.

Video Chernobyl, Risky Still, Thirty Years Later

Tuesday is the 30th anniversary of the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the former Soviet Union. The Soviet-built reactor suffered a meltdown and caught fire. The effects of the accident are still being felt today.

Audio Obama Sending More US Forces to Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama announced Monday 250 American soldiers are being sent to Syria to help train and plan fights against the Islamic State. The deployment takes place following more troops being sent to Iraq.

Video Economic Growth Could Increase Child Labor in Myanmar

As the country ends 50 years of economic isolation, observers fear some children will be forced to work before they can complete their schooling. Human rights groups and child protection activists want the country to put in place stronger laws and work harder to keep children in school.

‘Morality Police’ Formed in Iran

Iran’s police chief announced a new “morality police.” He said the 7,000 officers will make sure women follow conservative dress codes. It is also supposed to stop dangerous driving and noise pollution. The announcement drew criticism on social media and from Iran's president.

Disease Threatens World Banana Supplies

Millions of people depend on bananas. Many for its nutrition, others as a source of income. But officials are concerned about Panama disease, which threatens world banana supplies. Researchers are hard at work trying to stop the disease from spreading to Latin America.

Audio India Wants to Recover Crown Jewel from Britain

India and Britain are in a dispute over ownership of the Koh-i-Noor diamond. The diamond has been in the possession of the British for nearly 166 years. But the Indian government wants the jewel returned.

Audio North Korea Struggling but Determined on ICBMs

An American general warned U.S. lawmakers that North Korea’s progress toward a complete nuclear weapons program is slow. But the regime is determined to master its long-range missile program. U.S. Army General Vincent Brooks said it is only a matter of time before.

Audio Japan Investigates Mitsubishi for Fuel Test Cheating

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi is in trouble for manipulating the way it tests the fuel efficiency of its cars. On Wednesday, Mitsubishi president Tetsuro Aikawa admitted that his employees used higher tire pressure during fuel economy tests for small car models.

Audio Up to 500 Refugees Feared Dead After Boat Sinks

Refugees interviewed by the United Nations and various news agencies say a boat carrying up to 500 people may have sunk in the Mediterranean Sea. The United Nations’ refugee agency says the boat was bound for Europe from Libya. It carried people from Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria and Egypt.

Audio EU Proposed Visa-Free Travel for Ukrainians

The European Union is considering a proposal to offer visa-free travel to Ukrainians. If approved, the plan would permit Ukrainians to travel for up to 90 days throughout the European Union's 28 member states.

Audio US Recognizes 10 Global Youth Leaders

The United States government honored ten young people from around the world on Wednesday. These youth leaders looked at problems in their countries and decided to change something. What would you do to improve your area?

Audio Report: Media Freedom Shrank Worldwide

The Reporters Without Borders report blames the drops to a rise in the repressive nature of some governments, such as those in Tajikistan, Egypt and Turkey. It also says more dangerous security situations dangerous in Libya, Yemen and Burundi have affected media freedoms there.

Obama Meets with Saudi King Amid Disputes

President Barack Obama and Saudi King Salman met Wednesday. Their meeting comes at a time of difficult relations between the two nations. One area of discussion is how to fight the Islamic State. Another topic is how to include Saudi requests to reduce Iran's influence.

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