April 19, 2014 06:53 UTC


Hopes Decrease in Search for Survivors of South Korean Ferry

Rescue boats sail around the overturned South Korean passenger ship "Sewol" which sank in the sea off Jindo.

Almost 270 people, mostly high school students, are still missing after the South Korean ferry disaster. But hopes of finding more survivors are decreasing. | In the News More

Audio Russia Increases Energy Costs for Ukraine

Energy costs rise in Ukraine. Also, U.N. says world must deal with climate change now | As It Is.

Audio Kenya Moves Forward with Nuclear Power Plans

Kenya wants nuclear power by 2025. Also, food shortage severe in Mali | As It Is

Audio Boko Haram Suspected in Nigeria Terror Attack

Attack in Nigeria Kills More Than 70. Also, Christians observe Holy Week | As It Is

Audio African Countries Want to Add Nuclear Power Centers

But activists are worried about the environmental and security risks of nuclear energy | As It Is

Audio Political Unrest Threatens Thailand's Economy

Political unrest in Thailand has some foreign investors concerned. And Australians worry about the impact on its country's economy as a Japanese car maker pulls out. | As It Is

Audio China and US Seek Closer Military Ties, But Differences Remain

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s visit to China this week was an example of efforts by the two sides to expand military ties. But the trip also demonstrated some of their sharp differences. | In The News

Audio Amnesty International Issues New Guide on Fair Trials

New book puts pressure on judges. Also, Ebola virus causes more deaths | As It Is

Audio Experts Liken Ukraine Crisis to Soviet's Afghanistan Invasion

How are Russia's acts in Ukraine and the Soviet's actions in Afghanistan similar? Also, Mozambique hopes to soon be free of landmines | As It Is

Audio Two Powerful Earthquakes Strike Chile

The United States Geological Survey says a 7.8 magnitude earthquake was reported late Wednesday in an area near Chile’s northern coast. On Tuesday, a strong 8.2 earthquake hit the area. The quake was felt as far away as Bolivia and Peru. | In The News

Audio Holocaust Museum Officials Learn from Rwanda Massacre

Officials from a Holocaust memorial in the United States visits Rwanda to look for connections between two of the worst mass killings in the 20th century. Also, young Afghans may influence elections | As It Is

Audio US Hopes to Improve Relations with India

Ambassador's resignation could improve India ties. Also, NASA scientists test new aircraft designs | As It Is

Audio What Led to Russian Occupation of Crimea?

Russia completes its occupation of Crimea, and American observers debate his actions. Also, U.N. says Earth is getting warmer | As It Is

Audio Economies Rest on Elections in India and Burma

India's economy has been slow-growing for the past couple of years. But there are signs that could be changing. Burma's social reforms, however, seem to be slowing. Experts discuss how national elections in 2015 in India and Burma may affect economic growth in both countries. | As It Is

Audio Search for Malaysian Airplane Ends Third Week

The airplane, its 239 passengers and crew members disappeared on a flight from Malaysia to China. On Friday, Australian officials said new evidence has led them to move the search area about 1,100 kilometers to the northeast in the Indian Ocean. | In The News

Audio Many Turks Fear 'Deep State'

Many Turks fear prison releases. Also, young people hope for change in India elections | As It Is

Audio Famous Woman Judge Presides over Pistorius Trial

A woman, known for her position on domestic violence, is in charge of the Oscar Pistorius trial. The track star is accused of killing his girlfriend. Also, the life of a reporter in South Africa. | As It Is

Audio Women in Afghanistan Gain More Rights

The number of women working in Kandahar has risen during the past year despite security risk. Nigeria government is working to raise the literacy rate among adults in northern Nigeria. | As It Is

Audio Will Sanctions Against Russia Work?

The United States and European nations are considering new ways to punish Russia for supporting the recent referendum in Crimea. Crimean voters chose last weekend to leave Ukraine and join Russia | In The News

Audio UN Celebrates Agriculture

What does quinoa and family farming have in common? They both have celebrated roles in the UN's attack on world hunger. | As It Is