February 13, 2016 12:50 UTC


Pope Francis Meets with Leader of Russian Orthodox Church

Cuba Pope Patriarch

Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church have met for the first time in history. They sat down together in Havana, Cuba. Pope Francis was influential in Cuba’s decision to re-establish ties with the U.S. Now, he is seeking to repair a much longer break in relations. More

Audio Work Soothes Pain of Acid Attacks in India

About 350 women were victims of acid attacks in India in 2014. The women’s faces are scarred from the attacks and they go into hiding. But a café in Agra is helping them re-enter society.

Body of Mystic Monk On Display for Holy Year

The body of one of the most popular Roman Catholic saints, the mystic monk Padre Pio, will go on display at the Vatican in Rome. Pope Francis wanted the monk’s body to be shown at St. Peter’s Basilica during the Catholic Church’s Holy Year.

Audio UN: More Female Genital Mutilation Than Thought

Millions more girls and women are victims of female genital mutilation than previously thought, said the United Nations (UN). At least 200 million more girls and women currently living have had ritual cutting, or female circumcision.

North Korea Ordered Military Takeover of Kaesong

North Korea expelled South Koreans and froze assets in response to the suspension of operations at the Kaesong industrial complex. Also, the U.S. Senate has passed a bill aimed at punishing North Korea for its rocket launch Sunday and nuclear test in January.

Russia Offers Ceasefire Proposal for Syria

Russia is proposing talks about a ceasefire in Syria, but European diplomats have expressed concerns about the offer. The Europeans see the proposal as a way to delay agreement on how to end the Syrian civil war.

Audio Did a Meteorite Kill a Man in India?

Indian officials suspect that a meteorite may have killed a man in southern India. But their claim has yet to persuade American scientists. This story has necessary vocabulary to talk about meteors, meteoroids or meteorites. And it explains which is which.

Audio ASEAN-US Summit May Not See Major Results

President Barack Obama will host the leaders of the 10 ASEAN members at an estate near Palm Springs, California next week. The conference is a recognition of the growing economic importance of the ASEAN nations. But observers doubt that any key results would come from the meeting.

Audio Cameron: Time for WikiLeaks Leader to Face Rape Charges

A United Nations group says the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks should be free to leave an embassy in London. He went to the Ecuadorean embassy to avoid being expelled to Sweden, where he faces rape charges. He denies the charges.

Audio Syrian Government Forces Move Northward

The movement of Syrian government forces toward Turkey’s border has made moderate Syrian rebels appear less organized. The Turkish government is worried about Kurdish groups establishing a semi-autonomous stronghold in Northern Syria.

Video Saudi Arabian Women's Sports Break Stereotypes

Saudi Arabian female athletes say that sports are on the front line of breaking traditions that silence women's voices. In the city of Jeddah, a group of basketball players is urging women and girls to get out of their homes and become active in public life.

Audio Islamic State Smuggling Timber in Afghanistan

Afghan tribal leaders said that the “government has done nothing” to stop the Islamic State terror group from smuggling timber to Pakistan. Residents of eastern Afghan provinces said the terror group has brought tree-cutting machines to the Nangahar province.

Audio Zimbabwe Asks for Funding to Avoid Food Shortages

More than 2.5 million people in Zimbabwe are hungry and the government is asking for help. The country is currently battling a drought that has affected much of southern Africa. The government blames the drought on El Niño, an extreme weather pattern.

Audio Japan Market Sees Biggest Drop in 3 Years

The leading measure of Japanese stock prices dropped more than 5 percent Tuesday, its largest loss in five years. The losses are a sign of growing concerns about the world economy, low oil prices and the financing of some large European banks.

Audio Helicopter Pilot Dies Fighting Poachers

A British helicopter pilot was shot down by poachers. Roger Gower was chasing people poaching elephants in Tanzania, when they opened fire on him with AK-47s. Last weekend U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell visited South Africa to see for herself what poachers are doing there.

Video Times Are Changing in Havana, Cuba

The Obama administration has made it easier for Americans to visit Cuba. On the streets of Havana, American flags, cell phones, and private restaurants point to a new era of openness. But will more American visitors affect Cuba’s unique culture?

Audio Citing Betrayal, Some Syrian Rebels Withdraw From Front

After a week-long attack from Russian warplanes, some Syrian rebels are withdrawing from the fight in northern Syria. The rebels are fighting against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Some anti-Assad forces have taken shelter, but others are quitting.

Audio Earthquake Survivors Found in Building in Taiwan

Two people have been rescued from a collapsed 17-story apartment building in Tainan, Taiwan where a powerful earthquake struck Saturday. Officials say a woman was found under the body of her husband Monday morning. The body of their two-year-old son was found near them.

Audio Rocket Launch May Strengthen Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s rocket launch on Sunday and the international criticism of its nuclear test last month may have strengthened its leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea’s state media regularly report that Kim’s actions defend the country against hostile American and South Korean forces.

Audio UN Condemns N. Korea Missile Launch

The United Nations Security Council strongly condemned North Korean’s launch of a long-range rocket at an emergency meeting on Sunday. Meanwhile, South Korea and the U.S. announced a plan to begin talks on deploying a missile-defense system.

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