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Sea Dispute Tests Philippines’ Ties with China

This week a huge trade show in China aims to publicize good relations between Southeast Asian countries and China. But the Philippine president is not attending, after a tense year in the South China Sea. More

Audio Is the Party over for Uzbekistan's 'Party Girl?'

Gulnara Karimova is the most famous party girl in Central Asia. She has organized fashion shows, designed jewelry, and bought some of the most famous nightclubs in the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

Audio India's Farmers Changing What and How They Grow

India has what are called "Climate Smart" villages. Scientists are working with farmers in these villages to grow more food and use less water. The farmers hope these new methods will help them survive changes in weather patterns.

Audio Women Use Twitter to Support Jihad

The Umm network and what some call the Islamic State use Twitter to urge both men and women to serve the jihad movement. They also use it to send Islamic State pictures, videos and messages.

Audio China Targets Chinese with Dual Citizenship

China's Ministry of Public Security published rules for reporting Chinese who have foreign citizenship but keep their Chinese identity cards and benefits. The new policy is directed at so called “naked” officials.

Audio Hong Kong's Democracy Movement Gets Attention in Taiwan

Taiwan's government called on China to respect Hong Kong's wishes to elect some of their leaders. The Taiwanese are watching what happens in Hong Kong to see if a “one country, two systems” relationship works.

Audio Scotland's Independence Vote Is Too Close to Call

The upcoming vote on independence could end the 300-year union of Scotland and Britain. However, two major banks say they will move their headquarters if the vote is "Yes."

Audio UNICEF: Violence Against Children Is Widespread

The UN agency says about 95,000 young people were murdered in 2012, and 120 million girls have experienced sexual violence. It also says the great majority of victims live in poor and middle-income countries.

Audio In Kenya, Cities and Towns Are Growing Quickly

Few places for people new to Nairobi or those seeking better living conditions; the government works to make builders construct better houses. | As It Is

Video Israel Accused of Sending African Asylum Seekers Home

An international human rights group has accused Israel’s government of forcing thousands of African asylum seekers to return home.

Audio Thailand Media Pressured Under Military Rule

The Thai military took control of the country's government in May. Since then, Thailand's military rulers have kept firm control of local news media.

Audio Kenya Women Return to Natural Hair

Beauty salons are filled with women who spend hours to have their hair done by trained experts. But some women in Kenya are returning to the hair 'mother nature' gave them.

Audio CIA: Islamic State Group Could Have 31,500 Fighters

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency says the group has between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters. The estimate comes after President Obama released his plan for defeating the group. | In The News

Audio Ebola Fears Affect Asian Rice Export

Shipping companies struggle to find crew members to work on ships sailing to West African ports. Some owners fear that if their ships enter ports in countries where Ebola is present, the next port may refuse to accept their ship.

Audio Libya Is Becoming a 'Terrorist Hub'

France has called on the international community to act in Libya amid growing fears that the country is becoming a major "terrorist hub".

Audio US, Vietnam Seek to Improve Ties

U.S. needs Vietnam to help it become more influential in Asia. Vietnam needs U.S. to help it become less dependent on China. U.S. ban on sale of lethal weapons to Vietnam -- in place since 1975 -- may be lifted soon, deepening relations between the two countries.

Audio Can 'Boot Camp' Cure Internet Addiction?

China feels that Internet addiction is the biggest threat to its teenagers. Some critics even call the Internet, ‘electronic heroin.’ China has over 20 million Internet addicts and created over 250 camps to treat these teenagers.

Audio Millions Born Unregistered in Asia Pacific

About 135 million young children in East Asia and the Pacific have not been registered with any government agency. That leaves them unable to claim national identities. Such identification is often a requirement for rights and government services.

Audio Ebola Vaccine Successful in Monkeys, Humans Next

Testing on human volunteers has now begun; results could be known by November. President Barack Obama says the United States military would help in the fight against Ebola. The disease has already caused the deaths of more than 2,000 people in West Africa.

Video Elephants Play Polo to Raise Money

If you happened to be visiting central Thailand recently, you could have attended a most unusual sporting event. You might have seen elephants playing polo matches – elephants instead of horses.

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  • Syria

    Audio US Congress Approves Plan to Train Syrian Rebels

    Also, Islamic State fighters with tanks have captured 16 Kurdish villages in Northern Iraq near the Turkish border. U.S. provides new security assistance to Ukraine. And George Clooney will be honored with a Cecil B. DeMille Award in the Golden Globes. | In the News More

  • Botanist Steve Perlman collects seeds from of the few remaining Platanthera holochila, a native orchid species which is on the Plant Extinction Prevention program’s target list. (Photo by ©Hank Oppenheimer)

    Audio Botanist Works to Save Hawaii's Rare Plants

    Hawaii is home to many native plants. They include 1,200 species, 90 percent of which are not found anywhere else in the world. But Hawaii also has become the endangered species capital of the United States. Nearly 40 percent of the plants on that endangered list grow in Hawaii. More

  • Audio Sea Dispute Tests Philippines’ Ties with China

    This week a huge trade show in China aims to publicize good relations between Southeast Asian countries and China. But the Philippine president is not attending, after a tense year in the South China Sea. More

  • Maryland, where a technology workshop for seniors is taught by teens and even younger instructors, who've grown up in the digital

    Video Teens Help Seniors Bridge Technology Gap

    A center in the American city of Columbia, Maryland offers free technology classes for adults ages 50 and older. The teachers are often teenagers and even younger children. More

  • Obama

    Audio Obama: No Ground War in Iraq

    The US leader spoke a day after top general said combat force deployment possible. President says airstrikes would be the base of US efforts. U.S. proposed talk with North Korean on three detained American. India and China signed trade agreements. Scotland to vote on independence. | In the News More

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