August 23, 2014 19:47 UTC


China Targets Corrupt Officials

Bo Xi Lai

China is continuing an anti-corruption effort by targeting officials who have family members and property outside the country. People in China are asking how many officials have moved money out of the country, and how likely it is that they will be caught. More

Audio Red Cross Chief Says Ebola Can Be Defeated

But head of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies says we must take strong actions now to stop the spread of the deadly virus | WEB

Audio Ebola Kills More Than Humans

The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus has taken more than 1,000 human lives in West Africa. But it is also killed many endangered western lowland gorillas.

Audio With Sentencing of Khmer Rouge Leaders, Memories Return

The recent court decision and sentencing of two aging Khmer Rouge leaders holds deep personal meaning for survivors of the 1970s genocide in Cambodia. Two survivors of the Cambodian genocide period tell VOA their stories.

Audio Trophy Hunting Is Big Business in South Africa

Hunting big game in South Africa is big business. Some argue that this helps the animal populations. Others are not so sure. The issue is anything but black and white.

Audio Woman Works as Bridge to the Dead

Abigail McCarthy is in her early 40s with long, dark hair and intense blue-green eyes. She was about six years old when she believes she started seeing dead people.

Audio Researcher Says Test New Ebola Drugs Now

A man who discovered the Ebola virus says now is the time to test drugs that could help people infected with the dangerous disease. More than 1,000 people have died from Ebola infection in West Africa since February.

Audio S. Africa School Keeps Pregnant Teens in Class

South African researchers say about 30 percent of girls in the country become pregnant by the time they are 19 years old. Only one-third of these girls stay in school while they are pregnant or after their babies are born. | Education Report

Audio Cambodia Wants China's Help to Stop Sex Trafficking

Cambodia says it has asked China to restrict the number of visas it gives to unmarried Cambodian women. Cambodian officials believe that such restrictions will prevent make-believe, or sham, marriages between Cambodian women and Chinese men.

Audio WHO Says Experimental Drugs Ethical for Ebola Patients

The World Health Organization has said it is ethical to give ZMapp to Ebola patients to try to fight the disease in West Africa. The WHO said that use of ZMapp must be done with, in its words, "informed consent, freedom of choice, confidentiality, and respect for the person."

Audio US to Observe Situation in South China Sea

The United States says it will closely observe the situation in the South China Sea to ensure steps are being taken to reduce tensions in the area. The U.S. made the proposal at a meeting of the Association of South East Asian Nations -- or ASEAN.

Audio Pope to Visit S. Korea on First Asian Trip

The head of the Roman Catholic church will visit South Korea later this month. It will be the first visit of a pope to an Asian country in almost 20 years.

Audio Ivory Urn Raises Questions on Illegal Trade

An urn has been created from ivory to hold the remains of Thailand’s top religious leader. The production of the urn comes as the country faces international pressure to stop the illegal trade of ivory.

Audio Amnesty International: Videos Show Human Rights Abuses in Nigeria

Amnesty International accuses all sides in the conflict of human rights abuses. It places blame on Boko Haram militants, Nigerian security forces and civilian groups allied with the government.

Audio ASEAN to Discuss South China Sea, Other Issues

Foreign ministers of Southeast Asian countries are gathering in Myanmar this week for two meetings. The United States, China and other countries are sending representatives to the meetings.

Audio Turkey Fears the Spread of ISIL Militancy

Increasing religious tensions between two Muslim groups threaten to lead to social unrest.

Audio China's River Turns Red

After a river in China turns red, religious people see the End of Days. Environmentalists simply see a beginning of the end of clean water in China.

Audio War in Gaza Is Also on the Internet

The war in the Gaza Strip is being fought as much on the Internet as it is on the ground. | As It Is

Audio US, African Leaders Meet in Washington

President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials are holding a three- day conference in Washington with almost 50 African leaders. Obama, Kerry and delegates talk about democracy and individual rights, free markets and US-Africa relations.

Audio More Africans Move to China

Expanding ties between Africa and China have led to more Chinese going to Africa. And, a growing number of Africans are moving to China.

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