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10:10 PM - 10:12 PM July 07, 2015

In the News 7-7-15

9:45 PM - 9:52 PM July 07, 2015

President Obama Meets with Vietnam’s Communist Party Chief

President Obama Meets with Vietnam’s Communist Party Chief

2:38 PM - 2:44 PM July 06, 2015

In the News - July 6, 2015

7:17 PM - 7:20 PM July 02, 2015

In the News - July 2, 2015

6:04 PM - 6:09 PM July 02, 2015

US, Cuban Embassies to Reopen

9:40 PM - 9:42 PM July 01, 2015

In the News 7-1-15

10:21 PM - 10:24 PM June 30, 2015

In the News 06-30-15

3:48 PM - 3:54 PM June 29, 2015

In the News June 29

8:13 PM - 8:19 PM June 26, 2015

Iran Nuclear Talks May Push Beyond Time Limit

Iran Nuclear Talks May Push Beyond Time Limit

7:39 PM - 7:43 PM June 26, 2015

In the News - June 26, 2015

1:09 AM - 1:11 AM June 26, 2015

In the News 06-25-15

10:30 PM - 10:34 PM June 24, 2015

In the News - June 24, 2015

10:56 PM - 10:59 PM June 23, 2015

U.S. to Position Military Equipment in Seven European Countries

9:53 PM - 9:58 PM June 23, 2015

Group Works to Reduce Child Labor in Cambodia

Group Works to Reduce Child Labor in Cambodia

2:48 PM - 2:52 PM June 22, 2015

Taliban Gunmen Attack Afghan Parliament

Taliban Gunmen Attack Afghan Parliament

10:54 PM - 10:56 PM June 19, 2015

Victims’ Relatives to Mass Shooting Suspect: “We Have No Room for Hate.”

9:53 PM - 9:55 PM June 18, 2015

In the News 06-18-15

11:01 PM - 11:05 PM June 17, 2015

In the News 06-17-15

9:28 PM - 9:31 PM June 16, 2015

In the News 06-16-15

9:40 PM - 9:47 PM June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush Runs

    Audio Iran Nuclear Talks Continue Past Deadline

    World leaders announced Tuesday they would not meet the July 7 deadline for an Iran nuclear agreement. Greece announced it has made "improvements" in its financial plan in hopes of collecting more bailout money. South Carolina passed a bill to remove the Civil War-era Confederate flag.

    Audio Greek Finance Minister Resigns After ‘No’ Vote

    A spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there is no reason to open talks on a new aid program for Greece; two bombings kill more than 40 people in Central Nigeria; Pope Francis begins eight-day visit to South America; and, the United States wins the Women’s World Cup.

    Video US, Cuban Embassies to Reopen

    The move ends more than 50 years of tensions between the two countries. Many countries, groups support the decision by President Obama. But the US Congress could refuse to provide money to open an American embassy in Havana. | In The News

    Audio Tunisia Detains 12 in Connection with Hotel Attacks

    Also in the news today, an Afghan court is canceling death sentences given to four men for a mob killing of a woman; At least 36 dead in Philippines boat accident, and dozens remain missing; and the United States and Japan will face each other again in the Women’s World Cup final this Sunday.

    Audio U.S. and Cuba to Reopen Embassies

    Sec. of State John Kerry will travel to Havana to raise the U.S. flag over the first American embassy there in 50 years. Also in the news, Islamic State group claims attacks in Egypt’s Sinai; Liberian president calls new Ebola case “disturbing”; U.S. advances to Women's World Cup final.

    Audio Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Extended

    Also Tuesday, leaders of the US and Brazil promised to reduce carbon emissions and increase renewable energy use; China made a simiilar announcement; and another politician entered the US presidential race. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he will seek the Republican Party nomination.

    Audio Time Limit for Agreement Expected to Pass in Iran Nuclear Talks

    There will likely not be an agreement with Iran to limit its nuclear activities by June 30. Also, banks and money machines close in Greece; Asia Infrastructure Bank is officially established; US rocket going to International Space Station explodes; and second escaped NY prisoner is found, shot.

    Audio Iran Nuclear Talks May Push Beyond Time Limit

    The U.S. Secretary of State and Iranian Foreign Minister meet in Vienna to try to work out details of an agreement over Iran's nuclear program. But it is unclear if negotiators from six world power and Iran can make a deal before the June 30 time limit.

    Audio Dozens Killed in Terror Attack at Tunisian Hotel

    In Tunisia, 28 were killed at beach-side hotel; in France, terrorist attacked a U.S. gas company ; in Kobani, Islamic State killed at least 146 civilians; at a Shi'ite mosque in Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed 25; and Obama eulogized the victims of last week's shooting in South Carolina.

    Audio Supreme Court Health Care Ruling a Victory for Obama

    The U.S. Supreme Court decided Thursday to uphold President Obama’s healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act. Islamic State fighters launched two major attacks in northern Syria. Pakistan has denied Afghanistan’s claim that a Pakistani agent took part in an attack on the Afghan parliament.

    Audio Obama Announces Changes to Hostage Policy

    In other news, Obama reassures France after ‘unacceptable’ spying on French leaders. Overnight talks about Ukraine conflict ended late in Paris with little sign of progress. Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apologized in court Wednesday for his deadly attack on the 2013 Boston Marathon.

    Audio US to Position Military Equipment in Seven European Countries

    Also in the news, Kurdish-led forces in Syria have captured a town once held by the Islamic State group and the United Nations officially opened a new office in Seoul to document human rights abuses in North Korea. The UN is increasing pressure on North Korea's president to end human rights abuses.

    Audio Taliban Gunmen Attack Afghan Parliament

    Also on Monday, the European Union extends economic sanctions against Russia for another six months; the U.S. defense secretary says the sanctions are answering Russian “aggression” in Ukraine; and a church in Charleston, South Carolina, reopens after a mass shooting by a white gunman.

    Audio Victims’ Relatives: 'We Have No Room for Hate'

    In other news, Yemeni delegates complete a week of talks in Geneva without reaching a cease-fire deal; military officials in Pakistan say at least 20 militants were killed Friday in an airstrike in a northwestern border area; and in Thailand, two more foreigners are being tested for MERS.

    Audio Suspect Arrested in South Carolina Church Killings

    Police in the U.S. arrested a man in connection with a mass shooting in South Carolina. The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to give Obama fast-track power for trade deal with Pacific countries. South Korea reports more MERS deaths; Thailand confirms first MERS patient.

    Audio Swiss Investigation of FIFA Finds 53 Suspicious Financial Actions

    Also in the news, US defense chief Ash Carter spoke to American lawmakers Wednesday about the fight against Islamic State in Iraq; Hong Kong legislators began debate on a proposed electoral reform; Egypt's leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi ordered the pardons of 165 people on Wednesday ahead of Ramadan.

    Audio Putin: Russia Increasing Nuclear Supply

    Also, Kurdish forces in Syria say they have control of a border town believed important to the Islamic State group; Pakistan says its troops went into Afghanistan to rescue a wounded Afghan soldier; and, an Egyptian court confirmed the death sentence of the country's former president Mohamed Morsi.

    Audio Sudan’s President, Wanted by ICC, Leaves South Africa

    Also in the news today, US investigating whether airstrike in Libya killed militant leader, animals escape from zoo in Tbilisi after flooding, Kurdish militias close to a Syrian town controlled by IS and Hillary Clinton urges President Obama to talk to Democrats about trade plan.

    Video Islamic State Looking for New Members in Central Asia

    The militant group targets young men in countries with weak economies and undemocratic, abusive governments. US officials says hundreds of people in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan -- and more than 1,000 men from Kazakhstan -- have already joined IS.

    Audio Is It Enough to Send More US Troops to Iraq?

    The U.S. is sending 450 more troops to Iraq. They will train and advise Iraqi forces in their fight against the Islamic State militants. The Americans also will work with Sunni Muslim tribesmen. Several experts question whether that will be enough to defeat the militant group. | In the News

Learn with The News

  • Audio Iran Nuclear Talks Continue Past Deadline

    World leaders announced Tuesday they would not meet the July 7 deadline for an Iran nuclear agreement. Greece announced it has made "improvements" in its financial plan in hopes of collecting more bailout money. South Carolina passed a bill to remove the Civil War-era Confederate flag. More

  • Audio Obama Meets with Vietnam’s Communist Party Chief

    The President spoke with Nguyen Phu Trong about issues including trade and human rights 20 years after relations between the U.S. and Vietnam were normalized. Both men said they knew their countries had a difficult history, but stressed common interests. More

  • Audio Women's World Cup Sets Records, Except Money

    The Women’s World Cup final match between the U.S. and Japan set all kinds of records over the weekend. It was the most-watched soccer match ever, men’s or women’s, in United States history. Carli Lloyd scored the fast three goals in World Cup history. One record the game did not set? Money. More

  • Audio Tibetan, Chinese Football Teams Make History

    A group of Chinese and exiled Tibetans played at a women’s soccer event in Germany. It was the first recorded meeting between Chinese and Tibetan athletes since the 1959 Lhasa rebellion against Chinese rule. It was also the first-ever trip by a Tibetan women’s sports team to another country. More

  • Video Study: Chicago 'Immigration' Rate Dropping

    Few legal immigrants have moved to the country’s third-largest city in the past ten years. A technology company says it is having difficulty recruiting skilled workers. Cold and windy Chicago isn’t growing as fast as other large American cities, in part because it is not as attractive to immigrants. More

Featured Stories

  • Children in Germany hike the woods.

    Audio Growing Minds Need Greener Spaces

    It is not a secret that spending time outdoors is good for our health. But does being in and around nature help children learn? That is the question researchers around the world want to answer. Two recent studies seem to show a connection between more green spaces and better test scores. More

  • Audio Average Americans Gave Away Billions in 2014

    Last year, Americans again showed they are generous people. A majority of Americans, two-thirds, gave money to charity in 2014. And they gave away more money than ever before. They gave away an estimated total of $358 billion. It is a seven percent increase from 2013. More

  • Three F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (rear to front) AF-2, AF-3 and AF-4. A new system to prevent pilots from suffering loss of consciousness is being developed for the aircraft.

    Video New Device May Help Jet Pilots

    While flying high above Earth’s surface, jet fighter pilots may suffer loss of eyesight for brief periods. Some pilots may even lose consciousness. These experiences, commonly called blackouts, can lead to tragic results. An Israeli company may have developed a device that could save pilots’ lives. More

  • Audio The Changing Face of America

    The faces of Americans in the United States are changing rapidly. In a few decades, the minority population will become the majority, as the white population decreases in the U.S. Those are the findings of a new report by the Census Bureau. More

  • People-Lewis Black

    Video Summer 2015 Brings Movies for Toddlers to Teens

    A girl's emotions star in 'Inside Out,' an animation from Pixar. 'Minions' is the story of the little yellow creatures from the 'Despicable Me' series. Don't like cartoon movies? Try "Paper Towns' based on a John Green book or 'Ricki and the Flash' starring Meryl Streep and daughter Maggie Gummer. More

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