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In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

12:40 AM - 12:45 AM April 18, 2015

In the News

In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

4:20 PM - 4:25 PM April 17, 2015

Officials Plan Expanded Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

Officials Plan Expanded Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

9:46 PM - 9:48 PM April 16, 2015

In the News 04-16-15

10:48 PM - 10:52 PM April 15, 2015

In the News 04-15-15

9:14 PM - 9:17 PM April 14, 2015

In the News 04-14-15

9:52 PM - 9:56 PM April 13, 2015

In the News 04-13-15

8:29 PM - 8:36 PM April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Joins Presidential Race

12:40 AM - 12:45 AM April 11, 2015

In the News

In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

12:39 PM - 12:43 PM April 10, 2015

Kenyans Are Concerned about Security, Corruption

9:43 PM - 9:47 PM April 09, 2015

In the News 04-09-15

9:21 PM - 9:24 PM April 08, 2015

In the News 04-08-15

10:01 PM - 10:05 PM April 07, 2015

In The News 04-07-15

In The News 04-07-15

4:58 PM - 5:03 PM April 06, 2015

In the News 04-06-15

12:40 AM - 12:45 AM April 04, 2015

In the News

In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

5:47 PM - 5:53 PM April 03, 2015

US President Praises Nuclear Deal with Iran, Others Concerned

9:56 PM - 9:59 PM April 02, 2015

In the News 04-02-15

10:50 PM - 10:54 PM April 01, 2015

Joint Arab Military

9:56 PM - 10:00 PM April 01, 2015

In the News 04-01-15

7:19 PM - 7:29 PM April 01, 2015

Psychology, Stress Influence Pilots' Mental Health

Psychology, Stress Influence Pilots' Mental Health

9:42 PM - 9:46 PM March 31, 2015

In the News 03-31-15

    Audio World Bank Head Sees Other Development Banks as Allies

    Slowing economic growth around the world is endangering the World Bank’s goal of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030. Mr. Kim said the goal remains within reach. But he thinks extreme poverty will disappear only if world leaders and financial and development agencies do their part.

    Audio Officials Plan Expanded Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

    Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared in March of last year. The Malaysian jet was carrying 239 people on flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Air traffic controllers in both countries say they did not receive any message that the plane may have been in trouble. | In The News

    Audio Ukrainian Reporter Shot Dead in Kyiv

    Two gunmen shot and killed Oles Buzina, a leading Ukrainian reporter. Mr. Buzina was known for his pro-Russia positions. Also in the news, Vladimir Putin says Russian economy could improve in two years; Al-Qaida captures a major airport in Yemen; a US CEO cuts own pay to increase employee pay

    Audio Iran Dismisses US Congressional Part in Nuclear Deal

    Also, the EU takes legal action against Google; Pakistan and Afghanistan say they have made good progress in trade and transit talks; a US court sentences an American football star to life in prison for murder; and police in Washington, DC, arrest a man who lands a helicopter at the US Capitol.

    Audio Obama, Iraqi PM Discuss Foreign Fighters, Aid

    Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi met at the White House Tuesday for talks with U.S. President Barack Obama. Also in the news, President Obama removes Cuba from terrorism list; Al-Shabab attacks a Somali government building; and Nigerians mark one year since Chibok school girls were taken.

    Audio Marco Rubio Announces Presidential Campaign

    Florida Senator Marco Rubio said that he feels “uniquely qualified” to represent the Republican Party in the 2016 presidential election. Also in the news, Iran suspends pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia; Russia lifts ban, may supply Iran with missiles; Nobel-winning writer Günter Grass dies at 87

    Video Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Campaign for President

    “I’m running for president." Hillary Clinton kicks off her anticipated campaign for the presidency with a video posted on YouTube. With her second run for the White House, the former first lady and Secretary of State is hoping to become the first female president of the United States.

    Audio Kenyans Are Concerned about Security, Corruption

    This week, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta marked two years in office. The anniversary was observed as Kenyans mourned the victims of a terror attack in the town of Garissa. Gunmen killed more than 140 people at Garissa University College. Medical workers have still not identified all the bodies.

    Audio Iran Ties Nuclear Deal to Ending Sanctions

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke about the possible nuclear deal on Iranian television Thursday. Also in the news, the witness who took a video of a white police officer shooting and killing and unarmed black man is identified; and Greece pays back $495 million to the International Monetary Fund.

    Audio Tsarnaev Guilty on All Counts in Boston Bombing

    The 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces possible death sentences for many of the thirty guilty findings. Also in the news, the Kurdish security forces say the Islamic State has freed 216 members of Iraq's Yazidi community, held captive for 8 months; an Afghan soldier kills one American in Jalalabad

    Audio U.S. Senator Paul Announces Presidential Campaign

    Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has become the second major candidate to seek the Republican Party presidential nomination. Also in the news, Turkish President Erdogan in Iran despite regional tensions; Kenya mourns Garissa University students ; and DC buildings, including White House, lose power.

    Video Kenya Answers al-Shabab Attack with Airstrikes

    Also, President Obama praises nuclear agreement with Iran in an interview with the New York Times. Pakistan say Saudi Arabia wants help in rebel fight. Malaysia arrests 17 on terror charges. Italian navy and coast guard ships rescued about 1,500 migrants from ships over the weekend..

    Video US Praises Nuclear Deal with Iran, Others Concerned

    Mr. Obama calls the agreement “a good deal that meets our core objectives.” But Israel’s prime minister calls it a threat to Israel’s existence. Many details remain to be worked out in the agreement, which is designed to limit Iran’s ability to create fuel for a nuclear bomb. | In The News

    Audio Iran Nuclear Talks Reach ‘Framework’ Deal

    Also in the news, an al-Shabab attack kills 147 people at a university in Kenya. Four al-Shabab gunmen are among the dead; investigators find second information recorder from Germanwings plane; and a Russian ship sinks, killing at least 56 people. Another 13 people are missing.

    Audio Buhari: Nigeria Has ‘Embraced Democracy’

    Muhammadu Buhari spoke Wednesday in Abuja, just hours after being declared him the winner of Saturday’s election. Also in the news, a government official says Iraqi forces are close to retaking Tikrit; CEOs of Germanwings and Lufthansa visit crash; World’s oldest person dies at age 117.

    Audio Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Admits Defeat

    Also, Iranian and U.S. negotiators agree to take more time to try to reach an agreement on Iran's nuclear program; new U.S. Treasury sanctions target Syrian official and companies; and the government of Myanmar and representatives from 16 major ethnic rebel groups sign a draft cease-fire accord.

    Audio Difference Remains in Iran's Nuclear Talks

    How to dispose of Iran’s nuclear materials remains a barrier. Also, Arab-coalition airstrikes continue in Yemen; France's Socialist Party faces election losses; Nigerians vote for president; the U.S. and South Korea hold joint military exercises; and blogger killed in Bangladesh.

    Audio Saudi-led Airstrikes in Yemen Aim to Stop Rebels

    Yemen Foreign Minister Riyadh Yasin said the Houthi rebels should weaken after two days of air strikes from a coalition of Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia. The coalition of 10 countries, including five Gulf kingdoms, is trying to bring Yemen’s internationally recognized government back to power.

    Audio Prosecutor: Germanwings Co-Pilot Hid Illness

    France says it appears a Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz purposely caused the deadly crash in the French Alps Tuesday. He was alone in the cockpit when he flew the plane into the ground. Also in the news, Saudi-led airstrikes continue in Yemen; Uganda warns of possible al-Shabab attacks.

    Audio French Official: Co-Pilot 'Deliberately' Crashed Plane

    French officials say they have gathered usable sound recording from the black box of the airplane that crashed in France Tuesday. Also in the news, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani addresses the U.S. Congress; Houthi militia in Yemen capture airport in Aden; Italy arrests three men for ISIS recruiting

Learn with The News

  • Audio Indonesia Expected to Become Asia’s Next Trillion Dollar Economy

    IHS Global Insight says Indonesia will have a larger gross domestic product than Russia by 2021. And it says Indonesia’s growing middle class will make the country the largest consumer market among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. More

  • Audio US-Japan Relationship: Strong and Getting Stronger

    Prime Minister Abe to visit US this month. US officials see Japan as an important partner in East Asia and the Western Pacific, and welcome Japan’s more active involvement in world affairs. US congressman calls Japan "our most trusted ally in the Pacific region." More

  • World Bank President Jim Yong Kim is seen speaking at a news conference.

    Audio World Bank Head Sees Other Development Banks as Allies

    Slowing economic growth around the world is endangering the World Bank’s goal of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030. Mr. Kim said the goal remains within reach. But he thinks extreme poverty will disappear only if world leaders and financial and development agencies do their part. More

  • Children playing on the shores of Guanabara Bay

    Audio Brazil Working to Clean Dirty Olympic Bay

    Around the world, people are excited for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The host city for the events is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The city is known as Cidade Maravilhosa – the Marvelous City – because of its beautiful landscapes. But one body of water in Rio, Guanabara Bay, is not so marvelous. More

  • Video New Movie Shows an Unseen Underwater World

    Jean-Michael Cousteau and his team used an IMAX camera to produce a 40-minute documentary about the world’s oceans. The film shows how the smallest life in the sea is important to the survival of all life on the planet. There are also thousands, maybe millions of species not yet identified. More

Featured Stories

  • Audio Tuberculosis Found in 18th Century Bodies

    TB mostly affects poor people and those infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But the opposite was true 2 ½ centuries ago, when the disease infected wealthy Europeans. Researchers say new findings could change how TB is treated today. More

  • Audio Early American Railroads Shape Modern Language

    This week, we look at some train and railroad expressions commonly used in American English. This is only part one. There are many idioms and expressions relating to trains. So ... all aboard! Make sure you have your ticket because this train is leaving the station! More

  • Everyday Grammar - Gerunds and Infinitives

    Audio Everyday Grammar: Gerunds and Infinitives

    English learners have difficulty with gerunds and infinitives. A gerund is the –ing form of a verb that functions the same as a noun. For example, “Running is fun.” In this sentence, “running” is the gerund. It acts just like a noun. More

  • Autism book

    Video Mother, Son, Co-Write Children’s Book on Autism

    ‘If You Were Me’ tells the story of 18-year-old Burnie Rollinson’s story. He was diagnosed with Asperger's at age three. He has few friends but he enjoys a full and productive life. He and his mother, Anita Rollinson, created their book together. She wrote the words and Burnie drew the pictures. More

  • Video Benito Cereno by Herman Melville, Part Two

    Last week, we told how African slaves on a Spanish ship rebelled in seventeen ninety-nine. They killed most of the Spanish sailors. Only the captain, Benito Cereno and a few others survived. The story continues - what happened on Captain Cereno's ship? Read the second of three part More

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