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10:21 PM - 10:24 PM June 30, 2015

In the News 06-30-15

3:48 PM - 3:54 PM June 29, 2015

In the News June 29

8:13 PM - 8:19 PM June 26, 2015

Iran Nuclear Talks May Push Beyond Time Limit

Iran Nuclear Talks May Push Beyond Time Limit

7:39 PM - 7:43 PM June 26, 2015

In the News - June 26, 2015

1:09 AM - 1:11 AM June 26, 2015

In the News 06-25-15

10:30 PM - 10:34 PM June 24, 2015

In the News - June 24, 2015

10:56 PM - 10:59 PM June 23, 2015

U.S. to Position Military Equipment in Seven European Countries

9:53 PM - 9:58 PM June 23, 2015

Group Works to Reduce Child Labor in Cambodia

Group Works to Reduce Child Labor in Cambodia

2:48 PM - 2:52 PM June 22, 2015

Taliban Gunmen Attack Afghan Parliament

Taliban Gunmen Attack Afghan Parliament

10:54 PM - 10:56 PM June 19, 2015

Victims’ Relatives to Mass Shooting Suspect: “We Have No Room for Hate.”

9:53 PM - 9:55 PM June 18, 2015

In the News 06-18-15

11:01 PM - 11:05 PM June 17, 2015

In the News 06-17-15

9:28 PM - 9:31 PM June 16, 2015

In the News 06-16-15

9:40 PM - 9:47 PM June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush Runs

3:02 PM - 3:07 PM June 15, 2015

Sudan’s President, Wanted by ICC, Leaves South Africa

10:10 PM - 10:13 PM June 11, 2015

In the News 6-11-15

6:47 PM - 6:53 PM June 11, 2015

US Sending More Troops to Iraq

9:02 PM - 9:04 PM June 10, 2015

In the News 06-10-15

10:15 PM - 10:19 PM June 09, 2015

In the News 06-09-15 Update

3:02 PM - 3:07 PM June 08, 2015

In the News - June 8, 2015

    Audio Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Extended

    Also Tuesday, leaders of the US and Brazil promised to reduce carbon emissions and increase renewable energy use; China made a simiilar announcement; and another politician entered the US presidential race. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he will seek the Republican Party nomination.

    Audio Time Limit for Agreement Expected to Pass in Iran Nuclear Talks

    There will likely not be an agreement with Iran to limit its nuclear activities by June 30. Also, banks and money machines close in Greece; Asia Infrastructure Bank is officially established; US rocket going to International Space Station explodes; and second escaped NY prisoner is found, shot.

    Audio Iran Nuclear Talks May Push Beyond Time Limit

    The U.S. Secretary of State and Iranian Foreign Minister meet in Vienna to try to work out details of an agreement over Iran's nuclear program. But it is unclear if negotiators from six world power and Iran can make a deal before the June 30 time limit.

    Audio Dozens Killed in Terror Attack at Tunisian Hotel

    In Tunisia, 28 were killed at beach-side hotel; in France, terrorist attacked a U.S. gas company ; in Kobani, Islamic State killed at least 146 civilians; at a Shi'ite mosque in Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed 25; and Obama eulogized the victims of last week's shooting in South Carolina.

    Audio Supreme Court Health Care Ruling a Victory for Obama

    The U.S. Supreme Court decided Thursday to uphold President Obama’s healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act. Islamic State fighters launched two major attacks in northern Syria. Pakistan has denied Afghanistan’s claim that a Pakistani agent took part in an attack on the Afghan parliament.

    Audio Obama Announces Changes to Hostage Policy

    In other news, Obama reassures France after ‘unacceptable’ spying on French leaders. Overnight talks about Ukraine conflict ended late in Paris with little sign of progress. Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apologized in court Wednesday for his deadly attack on the 2013 Boston Marathon.

    Audio US to Position Military Equipment in Seven European Countries

    Also in the news, Kurdish-led forces in Syria have captured a town once held by the Islamic State group and the United Nations officially opened a new office in Seoul to document human rights abuses in North Korea. The UN is increasing pressure on North Korea's president to end human rights abuses.

    Audio Taliban Gunmen Attack Afghan Parliament

    Also on Monday, the European Union extends economic sanctions against Russia for another six months; the U.S. defense secretary says the sanctions are answering Russian “aggression” in Ukraine; and a church in Charleston, South Carolina, reopens after a mass shooting by a white gunman.

    Audio Victims’ Relatives: 'We Have No Room for Hate'

    In other news, Yemeni delegates complete a week of talks in Geneva without reaching a cease-fire deal; military officials in Pakistan say at least 20 militants were killed Friday in an airstrike in a northwestern border area; and in Thailand, two more foreigners are being tested for MERS.

    Audio Suspect Arrested in South Carolina Church Killings

    Police in the U.S. arrested a man in connection with a mass shooting in South Carolina. The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to give Obama fast-track power for trade deal with Pacific countries. South Korea reports more MERS deaths; Thailand confirms first MERS patient.

    Audio Swiss Investigation of FIFA Finds 53 Suspicious Financial Actions

    Also in the news, US defense chief Ash Carter spoke to American lawmakers Wednesday about the fight against Islamic State in Iraq; Hong Kong legislators began debate on a proposed electoral reform; Egypt's leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi ordered the pardons of 165 people on Wednesday ahead of Ramadan.

    Audio Putin: Russia Increasing Nuclear Supply

    Also, Kurdish forces in Syria say they have control of a border town believed important to the Islamic State group; Pakistan says its troops went into Afghanistan to rescue a wounded Afghan soldier; and, an Egyptian court confirmed the death sentence of the country's former president Mohamed Morsi.

    Audio Sudan’s President, Wanted by ICC, Leaves South Africa

    Also in the news today, US investigating whether airstrike in Libya killed militant leader, animals escape from zoo in Tbilisi after flooding, Kurdish militias close to a Syrian town controlled by IS and Hillary Clinton urges President Obama to talk to Democrats about trade plan.

    Video Islamic State Looking for New Members in Central Asia

    The militant group targets young men in countries with weak economies and undemocratic, abusive governments. US officials says hundreds of people in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan -- and more than 1,000 men from Kazakhstan -- have already joined IS.

    Audio Is It Enough to Send More US Troops to Iraq?

    The U.S. is sending 450 more troops to Iraq. They will train and advise Iraqi forces in their fight against the Islamic State militants. The Americans also will work with Sunni Muslim tribesmen. Several experts question whether that will be enough to defeat the militant group. | In the News

    Audio Chinese Former Official Sentenced to Life Term

    Former security chief Zhou Yongkang was sentenced after a secret trial in which he was found guilty of corruption, and other wrongdoing, says Xinhua news agency. Also, the US military is considering creating more bases in Iraq. And, a space crew has returned to Earth after six months on the ISS.

    Audio More US Forces Heading to Iraq

    The Obama administration said the troops will train Iraqi soldiers and will not take part in fighting. In other news, a suicide attacker wounded four people in a bomb explosion near the ancient Karnak temple in southern Egypt. And, FIFA says it will suspend the 2026 World Cup host bidding process.

    Audio White House Press Briefing Room Cleared - Briefly

    The Secret Service removed people after receiving information about a bomb threat. In other news, President Obama called for quicker training of Iraqi forces in order to defeat IS militants; and the major international bank, HSBC, plans to dismiss as many as 50,000 employees and focus more on Asia.

    Audio G7 Leaders to Continue Sanctions on Russia

    Also, ruling party in Turkey loses parliamentary majority; Yemen’s president says peace talks will not include Houthi rebels; sixth person dies of MERS in South Korea; and police search for two escaped murderers in New York state. | In the News

    Audio Will South China Sea Dispute Cause a World War?

    American experts and investors are closely watching political, military and economic developments in the South China Sea. Some observers are worried that China’s territorial claims and activities in the area could lead to a war. But other people disagree. | In the News

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  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry - flanked by National Security Council Senior Director for Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Gulf States Robert Malley, U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, and Eu

    Audio Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Extended

    Also Tuesday, leaders of the US and Brazil promised to reduce carbon emissions and increase renewable energy use; China made a simiilar announcement; and another politician entered the US presidential race. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he will seek the Republican Party nomination. More

  • Audio Greece Offers a Proposal as Time Limit Runs Out

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has offered a proposal to avoid default on the country’s debt payment to the International Monetary Fund. On July 5th, Greeks will vote in a referendum on whether to accept new reforms or not. European leaders say it is a vote on whether to remain in Europe. More

  • Audio Is There a ‘Skills Gap’ in US Job Market?

    Eight-point-seven million American unemployed and 6.7 million doing part-time work. But, many jobs remain vacant. Employers say many of those jobs are vacant because they cannot find people with the right skills to do the work. Some experts look at why that is the case and what to do about it. More

  • Audio China to Prepare Private Ships for Military Use

    China is forcing private shipbuilders to build civilian vessels that can be used by the military during times of conflict. Experts say the new “dual-purpose” ships will strengthen China’s efforts to claim territory in disputed areas of the East and South China Seas. More

  • Video Motorcycle Lovers: We Are Not Criminals

    But police say some motorcycle gang members are violent lawbreakers. Some gangs say they have been operating for many years and have never been charged with crimes. “It is no different than a ladies tennis club,” they say. | As It Is More

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  • Audio Sweet Potatoes as Medicine

    Researchers have helped to reduce a major health problem with a simple food – the orange sweet potato. A program created to help farmers grow the crop has unexpected and healthy results. Some reports say this is the first time an agricultural program has had a major effect on health. More

  • Video Robots Ready to Work in Restaurants

    For many years, machines have been doing work that people once did, including some difficult jobs. Search and rescue operations employ high technology robots. But there is another area that may soon take jobs traditionally held by human beings: the restaurant industry. More

  • Audio More American Fathers Stay Home to Raise Kids

    More and more fathers in the United States are trading in the traditional role of breadwinner -- the person earning money -- for the role of stay-at-home dad. Meet two fathers who have been on this road for the past decade. You can also learn some great words such as "clique" and "masculinity." More

  • Audio Don't Be Caught With Your Pants Down

    Are you too big for your boots? Do you often fly by the seat of your pants? Learn what these clothing expressions mean and so many others. You may be excited to get started but keep your shirt on! Be patient. All you have to do is click on this episode of Words and Their Stories. More

  • Video Everyday Grammar: Words Come and Go in English

    Part of the reason that English has grown as a world language is that it adjusts easily to change. Why do some words and phrases stay the same while others change? VOA guest editor David Sullivan shares his ideas on the changes he has seen in today's English. More

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