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8:09 PM - 8:11 PM November 18, 2015

Bomb in Nigeria Kills More Than 30, Wounds 80 Others

8:03 PM - 8:04 PM November 17, 2015

Russia Says Explosive Device Brought Down Sinai Plane

5:09 PM - 5:14 PM November 13, 2015

Iraqi Kurd Chief Says Sinjar Taken from Islamic State

Iraqi Kurd President Says Town of Sinjar Taken From Islamic State Group

8:00 PM - 8:05 PM October 23, 2015

What's Trending in the U.S.?

5:17 PM - 5:22 PM October 21, 2015

Rights Group: Thousands of Rohingya May Have Died at Sea This Year

6:54 PM - 6:59 PM October 15, 2015

US Troops to Remain in Afghanistan, Deploy to Cameroon

4:29 PM - 4:34 PM October 01, 2015

US, Russia Clash on How to End Syrian Conflict

9:23 PM - 9:27 PM September 28, 2015

Kenyan Court Orders Teachers Back to School

2:12 PM - 2:18 PM September 25, 2015

Chinese President Meets with President Obama, US Business Leaders

2:49 PM - 2:54 PM September 21, 2015

UN Nuclear Inspector Reports Progress in Iran Investigation

10:04 PM - 10:06 PM September 17, 2015

In the News September 17, 2015

3:51 PM - 3:58 PM September 17, 2015

No End in Sight to the War in Syria

10:21 PM - 10:24 PM September 16, 2015

Hungarian Police Use Tear Gas and Water Cannon against Asylum-Seekers

11:06 PM - 11:11 PM September 15, 2015

Serbia Says it Cannot Care for More Migrants

10:09 PM - 10:13 PM September 15, 2015

Afghan Refugee Wins UN Award for Girls School

3:20 PM - 3:24 PM September 14, 2015

Taliban Free Hundreds of Prisoners in Afghanistan

2:04 PM - 2:08 PM September 14, 2015

Taliban Free Hundreds of Prisoners in Afghanistan

11:17 PM - 11:24 PM September 11, 2015

Pope Francis to Make Historic Trip to U.S.

8:46 PM - 8:50 PM September 11, 2015

911 anniversary

7:23 PM - 7:27 PM September 11, 2015

Many Issues Meet on Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Many Issues Meet on Europe’s Migrant Crisis

    Audio Bank Scandals Fuel Interest in Islamic Finance

    Islamic finance appears more ethical than traditional financing methods, say experts. Plus, large Muslim populations in ASEAN economies are fueling Islamic finance. But Islamic finance has its critics.

    Audio US Troops to Remain in Afghanistan, Deploy to Cameroon

    President Obama says he will slow the planned removal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan. He will also send troops to Cameroon to help in the fight against Boko Haram, and will continue the air campaign against the Islamic State. | In the News

    Audio US, Russia Clash on How to End Syrian Conflict

    The U.S. and Russia disagree about air strikes Russia is conducting over Syria.

    Audio Chinese President Meets with Obama, US Tech Leaders

    Mr. Xi arrived in the United States on Tuesday for a week-long visit. On Friday, the two presidents were expected to discuss a number of complex issues, including economic policies, human rights, attacks on computer systems and territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

    Audio UN Nuclear Inspector Reports Progress in Iran Investigation

    Poland Criticizes Refugee Plan; Leftist Syriza Party Wins Vote in Greece; Pope Francis to Travel to Eastern Cuba; US May Not Cast “No” Vote in UN on Cuba Trade; VW Stock Price Drops Sharply | In the News

    Audio No End in Sight to the War in Syria

    About 240,000 people have died in the conflict. Millions more have lost their homes. Russia and Iran continue to support the government of Bashar al-Assad. And thousands continue to flee to Europe. | In the News

    Audio Major Earthquake in Chile Leads to Tsunami Warnings

    Officials in Chile now say at least ten people were killed in a powerful earthquake Wednesday night. Burkina Faso military takes over government. Suicide bombing kills 21 in central Baghdad.

    Audio Hungarian Police Use Force Against Asylum-Seekers

    Also on Wednesday, the United States is considering military talks with Russia on the Syrian conflict; Yemen says its cabinet has returned to the country after spending months in exile in Saudi Arabia; And soldiers from Burkina’s presidential guard have detained the country’s acting prime minister.

    Audio Serbia Says it Cannot Care for More Migrants

    Also on Tuesday, Palestinians and Israeli police clash for a third day in Jerusalem; Thailand links the recent bombing in Bangkok to Uighur traffickers; The United States warns North Korea against “irresponsible provocations” and Generic Electric says it is moving 500 American jobs overseas.

    Audio Taliban Free Hundreds of Prisoners in Afghanistan

    In other news, Egyptian forces kill two Mexicans; Malaysia arrests three people in connection with Bangkok bombing; and, Okinawa governor to cancel permits for new US military base. | In the News

    Audio Many Issues Meet on Europe’s Migrant Crisis

    Hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees from conflict areas have entered Europe. The head of the European Commission is calling for European countries to be required to take in refugees. The U.S. recently announced it would take 10,000 Syrian refugees starting next month.

    Audio US Marks 14th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

    U.S. officials and other Americans observed events remembering September 11, 2001. Nearly 3,000 people were killed when terrorist al-Qaida supporters used four passenger airplanes to attack U.S. targets in New York and Washington D.C.

    Audio US Senate Democrats Vote to Protect Iran Nuclear Deal

    Also, United States says it plans to accept 10,000 Syrian Refugees in the coming year; 56 Syrian soldiers die in a rebel attack on a Syrian air base; Chinese Premier Li Keqiang confirms ‘difficulties’ facing China’s economy; and heavy rains in central and northern Japan caused major flooding.

    Audio US Promises to Accept More Refugees

    Also on Wednesday, al-Qaida-led rebels seize airport from Syrian forces; The Russian government confirms presence of Russia “military advisors” in Syria; Iran’s top leader rejects talks with the U.S. outside the recent nuclear deal with world powers.

    Audio EU Migrant Crisis Spills into Greece, Macedonia

    Also, Britain’s defense chief warns of more airstrikes on Syria if they stop likely terror attacks against British interests; Turkey’s military carries out more airstrikes against Kurdish militants, and North and South Korea have agreed to restart a program to reunite separated families.

    Video What Does China Want?

    This week, China held a huge military parade to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II. More than 12,000 soldiers took part in the event. It included the first public showing of a new missile that reportedly has the ability to destroy an aircraft carrier. | In The News

    Audio In Hungary, Migrants Seeking to Go West Clash with Police

    Also, China says it will reduce its military by more than 10 percent; South Korea, China and Japan agree to talks; Iran’s Supreme leader says parliament should decide on the nuclear deal with Western Powers, and the U.N. says 13 million children are out of school in the Middle East and N. Africa.

    Audio Migrant Crisis Brings Budapest to Breaking Point

    Also, a U.S. Senator announces her support for the international agreement with Iran; Pope Francis urges Roman Catholic clergymen to forgive women for having an abortion; And, North Korea denies apologizing for a landmine explosion in South Korea

    Audio China's Manufacturing Slowdown Worries Investors

    Also, Europe struggles to deal with a migrant wave; President Obama urges action on climate change; Thai officials arrest a bombing suspect; and protests in Lebanon increase.

    Audio Thai Officials: More Arrest Orders for Bombing Suspects

    Also, US Reportedly Preparing Restrictions on Chinese Individuals, Companies; European minister call for meeting on the “exceptional” migrant crisis in Europe; And Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai visits Washington.

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