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8:39 PM - 8:46 PM September 01, 2015

In the News September 1, 2015

3:14 PM - 3:20 PM August 31, 2015

Thai Officials Announce More Arrest Orders for Bombing Suspects

Thai Officials Announce More Arrest Orders for Bombing Suspects

9:00 PM - 9:05 PM August 28, 2015

Ten Years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Is a Different City

Ten Years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is a Different City

10:59 PM - 11:01 PM August 27, 2015

In the News August 27, 2015

10:40 PM - 10:42 PM August 25, 2015

In the News August 25, 2015

10:40 PM - 10:44 PM August 24, 2015

In the News August 24, 2015

1:51 PM - 1:55 PM August 24, 2015

No Progress in Talks Between North, South Korea

6:31 PM - 6:35 PM August 21, 2015

Kim Jong Un Declares ‘Quasi-State of War’ with S. Korea

Kim Jong Un Declares ‘Quasi-State of War’ with S. Korea

3:42 PM - 3:47 PM August 21, 2015

Should Birth in the US Automatically Give Citizenship?

8:33 PM - 8:36 PM August 20, 2015

In the News August 20, 2015

9:34 PM - 9:36 PM August 19, 2015

In the News August 19, 2015

10:15 PM - 10:17 PM August 18, 2015

In the News August 18, 2015

9:39 PM - 9:42 PM August 17, 2015

In the News August 17, 2015

3:56 PM - 3:59 PM August 17, 2015

At Least 27 Dead in Bangkok Bombing

8:46 PM - 8:50 PM August 14, 2015

China Investigates Explosion in Tianjin

China Investigates Explosion in Tianjin

10:50 PM - 10:54 PM August 13, 2015

In the News August 14, 2015

10:58 PM - 11:00 PM August 11, 2015

In the News August 11, 2015

9:05 PM - 9:10 PM August 10, 2015

U.S. Senator: Under No Pressure in Iran Nuclear Debate

2:20 PM - 2:26 PM August 10, 2015

Deadly Attack on Afghan Government Officials

3:33 PM - 3:37 PM August 07, 2015

Top Republican Presidential Candidates Debate

    Audio China's Manufacturing Slowdown Worries Investors

    Also, Europe struggles to deal with a migrant wave; President Obama urges action on climate change; Thai officials arrest a bombing suspect; and protests in Lebanon increase.

    Audio Thai Officials: More Arrest Orders for Bombing Suspects

    Also, US Reportedly Preparing Restrictions on Chinese Individuals, Companies; European minister call for meeting on the “exceptional” migrant crisis in Europe; And Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai visits Washington.

    Audio Ten Years after Katrina, New Orleans Is a Different City

    On the anniversary of storm, President Obama and other officials recognize efforts to remake a city famous for its culture and music.

    Audio 50 Migrants Found Dead in a Truck in Austria

    The discovery of up to 50 dead refugees in Austria came on the same day as a European migrant crisis meeting in Vienna. Also in the news, President Barack Obama visits New Orleans ahead of the city's 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; China's stock markets recover after 5 days of losses.

    Audio Gunman Kills Two Journalists During 'Live' Broadcast

    A gunman opened fire on an American television news crew during a ‘live’ television broadcast Wednesday morning. Two people died in the attack. They were identified as 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, 27-year-old Adam Ward.

    Audio China, US Stock Markets Drop for Second Day

    Also, France opens an investigation into a possible terrorist link to the armed attack that was stopped by three Americans and a Briton, and the Islamic State group posts pictures of, what it says, is the destruction of an ancient temple in Syria.

    Audio Koreas Agree to Ease Tensions

    Officials from North Korea and South Korea reached an agreement Tuesday after 30 hours of negotiations. Also in the news, the search continues for Bangkok bomber; France honors four men for stopping attack on train Friday; stock markets in Asia drop sharply; panda twins born in Washington, DC.

    Audio Should Birth in the US Automatically Give Citizenship?

    Some Republican presidential candidates want to change the 14th Amendment to the Constitution so that being born in the United States does not make a baby a US citizen. Other candidates support the Amendment but want to limit abuses. | In The News

    Audio Kim Jong Un Declares ‘Quasi-State of War’ with S. Korea

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un placed his military on high alert and declared a “quasi-state of war" in areas near the country’s border with South Korea Friday. The action took place after North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire near the border.

    Audio Thailand: No International Terror Link to Attack

    Thai officials say the Bangkok bombing was planned by at least 10 people, but there is likely not a connection to an international terrorist group. Also in the news, North, South Korea exchange fire; IS-linked group claims Cairo car bombing; Former President Carter ‘at ease’ battling cancer.

    Audio Thailand Releases Drawing of Bombing Suspect

    Officials are offering a $28,000 reward for information leading to the suspect. Investigators have not yet identified his motives or nationality. In Syria, Islamic State militants have beheaded the former director of antiquities. And German lawmakers approved a $95-billion bailout deal for Greece.

    Audio Thailand Promises to Find Bangkok Bombers

    The Thai government released video of the bombing suspect on Tuesday. Also in the news, Tianjin worries about rainfall and spread of chemicals after last week's massive blasts; and the UN tells Greece it must show “much more leadership” as more than 160,000 refugees and migrants arrive.

    Video Deadly Bombing Hits Bangkok

    The explosion took place in central Bangkok near an area that attracts tourists and people buying goods. Also in the news, searchers find wreckage believed to be crashed Indonesian plane; US, South Korea begin yearly military exercise; and large anti-government protests in Brazil.

    Video Two Riots, One Cause, a Half-Century Apart

    One year ago, riots began in Ferguson, Missouri when a white police officer killed an unarmed black youth. Fifty years ago, in a poor neighborhood of Los Angeles, black residents clashed with white police officers in six days of deadly riots.

    Audio China Investigates Tianjin Explosions

    Also, the US investigates reports that the Islamic State group used chemical weapons; Eurozone ministers consider another Financial rescue for Greece, and North Korea denies involvement in placing landmines in South Korea.

    Audio Islamic State Bombs Baghdad Market; 67 Dead

    Also, a new Gallup study reported low public ratings for President Barack Obama's action on the Iran nuclear deal; the leader of Al-Qaida leader promised loyalty to the new Taliban chief; the U.S. flag will fly Friday in Cuba; and former US President Jimmy Carter announced he has cancer.

    Audio China’s Money Drops in Value

    Experts are calling a sharp drop in the value of China’s money a devaluation. The yuan lost two percent of its value in one day. However, a weaker yuan means Chinese exports will be less costly for other countries, and Chinese exports dropped by eight percent in July compared to a year earlier.

    Audio MH17 Search Finds Possible Pieces of Russian Missile

    Also Tuesday, Turkey's military said warplanes had carried out airstrikes against Kurdish rebel targets in the southeast; Greece said it reached new loan terms with with international creditors; and Zimbabwe has ended some restrictions on big game hunting around Hwange National Park.

    Audio Deadly Attack on Afghan Government Officials

    Also, several people were killed in a series of attacks in Turkey; US police shot a man in Ferguson, Missouri on the year anniversary of the disputed shooting there; Iran is expected to announce a ruling on an American charged with spying; and, al-Qaida said it has killed a Bangladeshi blogger.

    Video Obama Announces Clean Power Program

    The plan would reduce pollution from coal-burning power centers. The president wants the United States to use more renewable energy from wind and the sun. His opponents say they will fight the new rules because they will cost jobs, force power plants to close and raise electricity costs.

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  • Audio UN: Temple Destruction Is a 'Crime Against Civilization'

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  • Audio China's Manufacturing Slowdown Worries Investors

    Also, Europe struggles to deal with a migrant wave; President Obama urges action on climate change; Thai officials arrest a bombing suspect; and protests in Lebanon increase. More

  • Audio US Preparing Sanctions Against China

    The United States is preparing to act against Chinese who steal trade secrets using the Internet. The actions could freeze accounts and block the transfer of money. They would target thieves who use the Internet to steal U.S. trade secrets. More

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