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In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

8:01 PM - 8:08 PM March 02, 2015

In the News - March 2, 2015

US, Russian Officials Discuss Ukraine

12:40 AM - 12:45 AM February 28, 2015

In the News

In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

11:44 PM - 11:50 PM February 27, 2015

UN Peacekeeping Report Advises Changes

11:01 PM - 11:06 PM February 27, 2015

Growing Support in America for Campaign Against IS

4:20 PM - 4:26 PM February 27, 2015

Putin: The ‘Lonely’ Leader Working to Rebuild Russian Power

12:17 AM - 12:20 AM February 27, 2015

In the News 02-26-15

3:40 PM - 3:44 PM February 26, 2015

Pakistan Tightens School Security after Peshawar Attack

10:33 PM - 10:35 PM February 25, 2015

In the News 02-25-15

10:46 PM - 10:50 PM February 24, 2015

In the News 02-24-15

10:08 PM - 10:13 PM February 23, 2015

In the News 02-23-15

12:40 AM - 12:45 AM February 21, 2015

In the News

In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

7:07 PM - 7:11 PM February 20, 2015

Long Legal Battle Expected Over President’s Immigration Order

Long Legal Battle Expected Over President’s Immigration Order

11:18 PM - 11:23 PM February 19, 2015

In the News 02-19-15

11:40 PM - 11:44 PM February 18, 2015

In the News 02-18-15

4:22 PM - 4:27 PM February 17, 2015

Ukraine, Rebels Continue Fight Over Town

Ukraine, Rebels Continue Fight Over Town

10:59 PM - 11:00 PM February 15, 2015

Islamic State Shows Beheading Video of Egyptian Hostages

12:40 AM - 12:45 AM February 14, 2015

In the News

In the News explains the week’s main news stories to help make sense of our world.

7:11 PM - 7:16 PM February 13, 2015

Will Talks in Belarus End Fighting in Ukraine?

6:44 PM - 6:48 PM February 13, 2015

Will Talks in Balarus End the Fighting in Ukraine

Will Talks in Balarus End the Fighting in Ukraine

10:25 PM - 10:28 PM February 12, 2015

In the News 02-12-15

    Audio Kerry Deplores Rights Violation in Eastern Ukraine

    Also, Kerry called for investigation in Nemtsov's death and defended Israel at the UN. Iraqi forces have launched an offensive against Islamic State fighters. And, North Korean has fired missiles into the sea in an apparent protest against joint U.S. and South Korean exercises.

    Video Putin: The ‘Lonely’ Leader Working to Rebuild Russian Power

    Experts say Russian President Vladimir Putin is a product of the collapse of the Soviet Union. They say he believes he is the only person who can lead the Russian nation and re-establish it as a world power. But some observers say he appears to be a lonely and unhappy man.

    Audio Growing Support in US for Campaign Against Islamic State

    The Pew Research Center has released a new public opinion survey. It shows a growing number of Americans support the military campaign against the group known as Islamic State. Americans also increasingly support the idea of sending U.S. ground troops to fight the group in Iraq and Syria.

    Audio Islamic State Kidnaps More than 200 Assyrian Christians

    Also, news reports say the Islamic State militant who appeared under face cover in several videos of hostage beheadings has been identified by his friends. And, the US Navy says it is now flying its most advanced surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea.

    Audio Three in US Charged with Supporting Islamic State

    All three suspects lived in Brooklyn, New York. One was arrested before trying to board a flight to Turkey on Wednesday. Also in the news, Chad's army reportedly killed 270 Boko Haram militants in fighting near the border; and Ukraine has reported reduced fighting in rebel-held areas in the east.

    Audio Islamic State Kidnaps 90 Assyrian Christians

    A British rights group says the kidnappings took place Monday. Also in the news, two suicide attacks at northern Nigerian bus stations kill at least 27 people; Rebels in eastern Ukraine say weapons pullback is under way; President Obama vetoes a bill from Congress on the Keystone XL pipeline.

    Audio Britain: Possible New Measures Against Russia Over Ukraine

    British Prime Minister David Cameron warns of more European Union and United States sanctions against Russia. In other news, the United States and Iran report programs in their talks on Iran’s nuclear program. France says it has stopped six citizens under a new anti-terrorism law.

    Video Long Legal Battle Expected Over President's Immigration Order

    On Monday, a U.S. federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked President Obama’s executive order on immigration. The order would protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from being sent back to their home country. Twenty-six states argued Mr. Obama overstepped his powers as president.

    Audio Obama: ‘Ugly Lie’ that West Is at War with Islam

    The U.S. president spoke again at an anti-terrorism meeting in Washington. Also in the news, leaders discuss the cease-fire agreement in eastern Ukraine; Britain rejects foreign military intervention in Libya; and Hollywood prepares the biggest night in the film industry - the Academy Awards.

    Audio President Obama Speaks at Anti-Extremism Meeting

    Officials from 60 countries are attending the three-day White House meeting on fighting Islamic extremism. Also in the news, pro-Russian rebels gain control of Ukrainian town; Officials raid the Swiss office of HSBC bank; and a beagle named Miss P wins big at New York's Westminster Dog Show.

    Audio Ukraine, Rebels Continue Fight Over Town

    Also, the president of Egypt wants the UN Security Council to call for military intervention in Libya; suicide bombers attacked a police station in Afghanistan; and China investigates a former Communist Party official.

    Audio Islamic State Shows Beheading Video of Egyptian Hostages

    A video released Sunday night appears to show the beheading of Coptic Christian hostages by militants in Libya. The video shows several hostages in orange jumpsuits being led along a beach. The men are then forced to their knees and their heads are cut off.

    Video Will Talks in Belarus End Fighting in Ukraine?

    A ceasefire is to take effect Saturday in eastern Ukraine. The ceasefire agreement came this week after all-night talks involving the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany. Yet the leaders admit many details are yet to be worked out. The agreement left many disputes unresolved.

    Audio Leaders Reach Cease-fire Deal for Eastern Ukraine

    Also in the news Thursday, a bomb attack kills at least seven people at a northeastern Nigerian market; U.S. Senate lawmakers propose legislation to cancel the trade ban against Cuba; And, South Korea sentences a former Korean Air Lines official to a year in prison for violating flight safety rules.

    Audio Obama Sends Congress War Request to Fight Islamic State

    The US president's request for the use of military force limits operations against the Islamic State to three years. In other news, the US, Britain and France are closing their embassies in Yemen, a gunman kills three Muslims in the US, and the UN restarts talks to end Libya's political crisis.

    Audio White House Confirms Death of US Hostage in Syria

    Also, reports from central Somalia say at least 12 people were killed in fighting Tuesday. The violence began when Islamist fighters attacked government bases; Also Tuesday, Egypt and Russia signed military, economic and nuclear deals. And, US and Russian leaders discussed the Ukraine situation.

    Audio Merkel, Obama Aim for Diplomatic Solution in Ukraine

    Also, China executed a billionaire on charges of murder and corruption. A bombing in and near Baghdad kills 16 people while violence at a soccer game in Cairo results in at least 25 deaths; and the music industry honors its best at the Grammy awards in Los Angeles.

    Audio Observers Expect More Violence from Islamic State

    The battle between the Islamic State group and the coalition fighting to defeat it intensified this week. The Islamic State released a video of what appeared to be a Jordanian fighter pilot. The video showed him trapped in a cage and being burned alive. The images shocked people around the world.

    Audio Kerry: US Won't 'Close Eyes' to Russian Aggression in Ukraine

    U.S. Secretary of State Kerry met with Ukraine's president and prime minister Thursday. Also in the news, Jordan launches new airstrikes on Islamic State targets; Cameroon says 91 killed in Boko Haram attacks; China and South Korea announce plans to open a military communications channel this year.

    Audio Jordan Executes Two Militants After IS Kills Pilot

    Jordan’s King Abdullah has promised a “relentless” war against the Islamic State militant group. Also in the news, at least 25 people were killed in an airplane crash near Taipei; Somalia says an al-Shabab leader was killed in a drone strike; and the WHO reports a rise in Ebola cases in West Africa.

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  • Audio Kerry Deplores Rights Violation in Eastern Ukraine

    Also, Kerry called for investigation in Nemtsov's death and defended Israel at the UN. Iraqi forces have launched an offensive against Islamic State fighters. And, North Korean has fired missiles into the sea in an apparent protest against joint U.S. and South Korean exercises. More

  • FILE - A man watches a TV news program showing a file picture of a missile launch conducted by North Korea, at Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea.

    Audio Can North Korea Build More Nuclear Weapons?

    A new report says North Korea could have as many as 100 nuclear weapons by 2020. That includes the 16 to 20 such weapons the report’s writer says the closed country already has. Not everyone agrees North Korea will be able to build that many more nuclear weapons in the next five years. More

  • Video Struggling in Europe, Muslims Look to US for Better Model

    Activists want to stop efforts by Islamist groups to find new members in Europe. But the activists say they are losing the battle for the continent’s young Muslims. Muslim communities in the United States have seen smaller numbers of young people being recruited than communities in Europe. More

  • Audio Experts Want Agriculture at Center of Climate Deal

    The Paris International Agricultural Show is the biggest farming event in France. The show has plenty of farm animals, growers and other people every year. This year some of those attending considered the effects of climate change on farm production. More

  • Charles H. Flowers High School

    Audio Financial Literacy Skills Last a Lifetime

    How to use math for planning a budget or managing money is not often in the curriculum. A school in the state of Maryland provides training in financial literacy. Skills include how to make a budget, how to balance a checkbook and how to deal with credit. More

Featured Stories

  • FILE - An embryologist works on a petri dish at a London fertility clinic.

    Audio 'Three-Person Babies' Debate Goes Beyond Science and Religion

    Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy uses the genetic material from three people to create babies. The stated purpose of the therapy is to help mothers avoid passing genetic mutations to their babies. Some say MRT will lead to 'designer babies.' Others say it is dangerous, immoral or just wrong. More

  • Steam and smoke is seen over the coal burning power plant in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009. Coal power plants are among the biggest producer of CO2, that is supposed to be responsible for climate change.

    Audio Capturing CO2 Is Costly and Difficult

    Most scientists agree that increasing amounts of carbon-dioxide gas in the atmosphere is partly to blame for climate change. Climate change can have a big effect on weather conditions around the world. Scientists are looking for the best and least costly methods for capturing the gas. More

  • Kerry and Declan Reichs (Courtesy Photo)

    Video Choosing to Be a Single Mother

    U.S. officials say birth rates for unmarried women over age 40 have been rising in recent years. In fact, the rate in 2012 was almost 30 percent higher than just five years earlier. There are single mothers by choice. They are generally older, successful, well-educated, and financially secure. More

  • Audio Young Writer’s Plays Explore Race, Identity in America

    Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' latest play 'An Octoroon,' is showing at a theater in New York City. It is based on a 19th Century work by Dion Boucicault. It tells about a white man who falls in love with a woman who is part black. At the time, mixed race marriage was banned in southern US states. More

  • Audio Understanding the Misunderstood Teenage Brain

    A common battle cry of teenagers to adults is, "You just don't understand me!" Well, they might be right. A brain scientist (neuroscientist) and mother to two teenagers says the teenage brain is quite different from the adult brain. She "debunks," or clears up three common myths about teenagers. More

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