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This Is America

This Is America looks at a major issue in American life and society each week, and explores popular places across the United States.

9:08 PM - 9:13 PM August 14, 2015

America's "Capitals of the World"

5:51 PM - 6:00 PM July 31, 2015

What's in a Name?

11:29 PM - 11:38 PM July 17, 2015

Guide to 2016 Campaign: The Democrats

12:45 AM - 12:49 AM July 15, 2015

American Muslims Fight Stereotypes

3:48 PM - 3:58 PM July 14, 2015

Comedians Debate What Is Acceptable Humor

8:33 PM - 8:39 PM July 02, 2015

The Changing Face of America

11:28 PM - 11:40 PM June 26, 2015

More U.S. Dads Are Staying Home to Raise the Kids

10:40 PM - 10:45 PM June 19, 2015

Should We Be Able to Choose Our Sex, Racial Identity?

7:34 PM - 7:37 PM June 19, 2015

Indians, Pakistanis Learn About One Another

9:54 PM - 10:11 PM June 16, 2015

Guide to 2016 Campaign: The Republicans

3:30 PM - 3:38 PM June 01, 2015

Iraqi Refugees Building New Lives in America

7:29 PM - 7:43 PM May 29, 2015

Could a Tattoo Cost You a Job?

6:22 PM - 6:26 PM May 28, 2015

Films Explore Native Peoples, Culture Conflict

10:45 PM - 11:00 PM May 25, 2015

This Is America

This Is America looks at a major issue in American life and society each week, and explores popular places across the United States.

4:01 PM - 4:10 PM May 22, 2015

Guide to 2016 Campaign: Money and Super PAC

10:45 PM - 11:00 PM May 18, 2015

This Is America

This Is America looks at a major issue in American life and society each week, and explores popular places across the United States.

8:50 PM - 8:59 PM May 14, 2015

Chinese-American Nightclubs Changed Racial Stereotypes

8:28 PM - 8:33 PM May 13, 2015

Appalachian Trail audio

10:45 PM - 11:00 PM May 11, 2015

This Is America

This Is America looks at a major issue in American life and society each week, and explores popular places across the United States.

9:15 PM - 9:20 PM May 05, 2015

Homeless Shelter for LGBT Youth Opens in Washington

    Audio 'Arrogant' Donald Trump Leads Republican Pack

    Immigration continues to top the list of subjects being debated in the Republicans’ race for the White House. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is gaining attention, and popularity, by making comments about immigration. New numbers show Mr. Trump pulling far ahead of former front-runner Jeb Bush.

    Video Idaho's 'Garbologist' Turns Trash Into Treasure

    The proverb "one man's trash is another man's treasure" has special meaning for Jaz Malone. Jaz works at a dump, or waste disposal site. She rescues things from the trash and recycles, or finds a new use for them.

    Audio America's 'Capitals of the World'

    Both New York City and London like to be called the "financial capital of the world" and the "fashion capital of the world." But do you know what U.S. city is the "cowboy capital of the world?" Or the "watermelon capital of the world?" Learn about a few small-town "capitals of the world" in America.

    Audio What’s in a Name?

    The big news comes … you are going to have a baby! Now the work begins – the work of picking the perfect name for your bouncy baby boy or girl. In the US, some parents stick to traditional family names. Some are inspired by pop culture. And others pick qualities they hope their child to have.

    Audio Guide to 2016 Campaign: The Republicans

    Welcome to the VOA Learning English guide to the presidential candidates. We tell you who is who and what their campaigns are saying. We also provide links to their websites to learn more. This guide centers on the 16 candidates for the Republican nominations.

    Audio Guide to 2016 Campaign: The Democrats

    This is part of a series of reports from VOA Learning English to guide you through the U.S. presidential campaign in 2016. This report centers on the candidates for the Democratic nomination. We tell you who they are, what their campaigns are saying, and where to go for more information.

    Audio Comedians Debate What Is Acceptable Humor

    People inside and outside the world of comedy are debating what, if anything, is too controversial for comedic use. Comedians are making changes to respond to those who are sensitive to controversial issues. Some comedians say that audiences are not being reasonable.

    Video American Muslims Fight Stereotypes

    Muslims in the U.S. and around the world will celebrate the holiday of Eid-al-Fitr, the end of the holy month of Ramadan, on Friday. Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast and focus on God. For Muslims in the U.S., it is also a time to reflect and fight misconceptions and negative stereotypes of Islam.

    Video Muslim Family Reflects on Life in America

    Mozna Khraiwesh and her husband Muneer Abbas were born in Jordan. They now live in the United States with their three children.

    Video The Making of the Constitution

    The Making of the Constitution is part of the VOA Learning English series The Making of a Nation. The series teaches U.S. history by telling the stories of major events and characters from the country's founding to the present day.

    Video Photographs Show How US Has Changed

    A photography exhibit shows how much the United States changed from the early 1900s to the middle of the 20th century. The exhibit has more than 130 pictures in all. The show is called “American Moments.” It can be seen through the middle of September at The Phillips Collection in Washington.

    Audio The Changing Face of America

    The faces of Americans in the United States are changing rapidly. In a few decades, the minority population will become the majority, as the white population decreases in the U.S. Those are the findings of a new report by the Census Bureau.

    Audio More American Fathers Stay Home to Raise Kids

    More and more fathers in the United States are trading in the traditional role of breadwinner -- the person earning money -- for the role of stay-at-home dad. Meet two fathers who have been on this road for the past decade. You can also learn some great words such as "clique" and "masculinity."

    Audio More Calls for Removal of Confederate Flag

    The flag is one of the symbols of Southern, slave-holding states that left the U.S. in 1861 but failed to win a war for independence. Now, after a June 17 shooting in a South Carolina church, some state leaders want the flag removed. They say it has become a symbol of hatred and racism.

    Audio Should We Be Able to Choose Our Sex, Racial Identity?

    American Bruce Jenner recently completed a series of treatments to become a woman. Many people supported the former Olympic star’s decision to change sexes. But people reacted differently to a rights activist who said she was black. She was forced to resign after her parents said she is white.

    Video Iraqi Refugees Building New Lives in America

    These women are Iraqi refugees who resettled in the United States. They are safe from the violence of Iraq. But the war is not over for them. Many struggle with horrible memories of the past. Advocates say we need to provide more resources for helping refugees deal with the trauma.

    Audio Could a Tattoo Cost You a Job?

    In the 1960s U.S., a tattoo was usually a sign of anti-social or illegal activity. Few people had them. Today, at least one in five Americans has a tattoo, including sports stars, students and young professionals. But some people say tattoos still have no place at work. Read on to learn words relate

    Audio Guide to 2016 Campaign: Money and Super PAC

    Raising money is an important part of any election in America. Candidates for the 2016 race for the White House and Congress are busy lining up dollars to fund their elections. VOA Learning English helps explain how the campaign finance systems work in the U.S.

    Video The Man Who Collects Secrets

    In the past 10 years Frank Warren has collected a million secrets from people throughout the world. He has created an art project from the postcards and other objects he has been sent. And he places images of them on his website. Do you have a secret you want to tell him?

Learn with The News

  • Audio US Preparing Sanctions Against China

    The United States is preparing to act against Chinese who steal trade secrets using the Internet. The actions could freeze accounts and block the transfer of money. They would target thieves who use the Internet to steal U.S. trade secrets. More

  • Audio EU Officials to Hold Talks on Migrant Crisis

    The talks will involve home and justice ministers from EU member countries. Luxembourg, the EU’s current president, says the meeting will take place on September 14 in Brussels. The International Organization for Migration says more than 322,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea. More

  • Employees of Rivalry Games work on their computers at technology incubator MuckerLab, in Santa Monica, Calif.

    Video Los Angeles' Silicon Beach Becoming Like Silicon Valley

    America's high technology industry is centered in northern California. The area, known as Silicon Valley, is a short drive from San Francisco Bay. Silicon Valley is home to Google, Apple and other industry leaders. More

  • The north dome of the Quelccaya Ice Cap in Peru is seen in this handout photo from Ohio State University taken in 2003.

    Video Andean Glaciers Reveal Secrets of Climate Change

    Ice caps, very large sheets of ice, do not only exist at the earth’s poles. There are tropical ice caps in mountain ranges, too. The largest, the Quelccaya Ice Cap, is on top of the Andes Mountains in Peru. But the Quelccaya Ice Cap is melting quickly. More

  • Audio Thai Officials: More Arrest Orders for Bombing Suspects

    Also, US Reportedly Preparing Restrictions on Chinese Individuals, Companies; European minister call for meeting on the “exceptional” migrant crisis in Europe; And Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai visits Washington. More

Featured Stories

  • Audio Are You Too Smart for Your Own Good?

    If you think being smart is always a good thing, think again. Smart has many meanings. Read on to find out what they are and the surprising origin of the term Smart Aleck. More

  • Audio Everyday Grammar: Fun with Future Tenses

    English has several ways to talk about the future. It's one of the most flexible tenses in English. We visit some popular songs for examples of the future forms. Read and listen as the Everyday Grammar team shows you six ways to express an event in the future. You will not regret it! More

  • Video A Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce

    Carter Druse lived in Virginia, a southern state during the American Civil War. He had a tough decision to make - should he join the Confederate Army or the Union Army? Read this classic American Story to find out what decision he makes, and what it means to his father and fellow soldiers. More

  • Audio Betty Azar, 'Rock Star' of English Grammar

    It all started with a question from a student. The year was 1965. Betty Azar was teaching her first English as a Second Language class at the University of Iowa. A student from the Middle East asked Ms. Azar, “Why can’t I put a in front of water?’ As in ‘I drank a water.’” More

  • Audio Millions with Mental Illness Get Little or No Treatment

    The World Health Organization reports that hundreds of millions of people worldwide have a mental disorder. However, the WHO adds that most get little or no treatment. Learn the vocabulary needed to talk about this important study. More

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