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Kenyans Turn to Agriculture for Business

Kenyans Turn to Agriculture for Business

Each year many students graduate from Kenyan universities. Many are also unable to find jobs due to the already existing high rate of unemployment among youth in the country. Some of these young men and women are resorting to agribusiness in large numbers as a way of tackling unemployment. More

Video Amateur Beekeepers Encourage Spread of Apiaries

Honeybees are disappearing, and no one knows exactly why. Entomologists and scientists around the world are scrambling to find the answer to colony collapse disorder.

Video Kenya's Deaf Cabbies Use Uber App to Compete

The taxi-like online company Uber has begun a first-of-its-kind African pilot project having deaf drivers in Nairobi use its app. Lenny Ruvaga reports from the Kenyan capital about the collaboration that's helping to level the playing field for the hearing-impaired drivers.

Video Community-Supported Agriculture Big Hit in the Big City

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a program in which consumers pay a farmer ahead of time for automatic delivery of fresh, nutritious vegetables and fruit during the growing season. One farmer who has now expanded his CSA program to New York City lawyers.

Video 'Catch Shares' Aim for Sustainable Fishing

A growing number of communities worldwide that depend on the ocean for their livelihoods are adopting programs called “catch shares" that aim to make fishing more sustainable, but critics say they put many fishermen out of business.

Video Scientists Test Different Ways for Saving Rhinos

The African rhino is a seriously endangered species. One kind, the northern white rhinoceros — is on the brink of extinction. After the recent death of a female, only four northern white rhinos remain alive. Now scientists are using two distinct strategies to save them.

Video Genome Initiative Urgently Moves to Freeze DNA Before Species Go Extinct

Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction. The last such event was caused by an asteroid 66 million years ago. Scientists are in a race against time to classify the estimated 11 million species still alive today.

Video Special Olympics Bowler Ready for Summer Games

7,000 athletes from 177 nations will be coming to Los Angeles for Special Olympics World Games, a competition for people with intellectual disabilities. Mike O'Sullivan reports from San Diego that competitor Barbara Figueroa is getting ready for the challenge, which starts July 25th.

Video California Developing Warning System for Water Quality at Beaches

Some California beaches remain polluted, including some tourist hot spots. Scientists at an environmental organization called "Heal the Bay," along with Stanford University and UCLA are now developing a much faster way to determine water quality at beaches by using computers.

Video Floodwaters Threaten Iconic American Home

The Farnsworth House in the Midwest State of Illinois is one of the most iconic homes in America. Thousands of tourists visit the site every year. This famed house is now threatening the existence of this National Historic Landmark.

Video Study: Fish Use Whole Bodies When They Eat

About half of all vertebrates – those animals with a back bone – are fish with bony rays or spines. These 30,000 ray-finned fish species have evolved a similar feeding motion. Researchers at Brown University have x-ray video that shows how fish use their bodies when they eat.

Video In Syrian Crisis, Social Media Offer Small Comforts

The Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan is where many Syrian refugees live. Inside the camp, families are using the social media mobile phone applications to send messages to friends and families.

Video Oysters Make Comeback in New York's Great South Bay

The Blue Point oyster which originates in Long Island’s Great South Bay, about 60 kilometers (40 miles) from New York City, is making a comeback after almost disappearing from the world marketplace.

Video Making Homeless People Homeowners

Doris Buffett, the sister of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has donated one million dollars through a non-profit organization to house homeless people with mental illness.

Video US Senate Ends Government Collection of Phone Records

President Barack Obama has signs a bill to reform and restart the collection of American's telephone records. The U.S. Senate on Tuesday approved legislation, already passed by the House of Representatives, ending the government's collection of telephone data intended to prevent terrorist attacks.

Video Purple Door Coffeeshop: Changing Lives One Cup at a Time

For a quarter of his life, Kevin Persons lived on the street. Today, he is working behind the counter of an espresso bar, serving coffee and working to transition off the streets and into a home.

Video Cambodia’s Circus School: Vaulting Young Performers to a Better Life

Joining the circus is a staple for young dreamers around the world – and in Cambodia too, where the skills some youngsters learn can turn their lives around. VOA met one graduate of a school where a fortunate few underprivileged children are taught an unusually broad curriculum.

Video Report: Proper Forest Management a Key to Feeding Planet

The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. By that time, the demand for food will double. According to a new report, the world's forests, if managed properly, could provide some help in reducing hunger and improving nutrition.

Video Volunteers Pull Together to Aid Baltimore Riot Victims

Calm has returned to Baltimore, Maryland, after authorities lifted an overnight curfew imposed almost a week ago to stem the rioting that followed the funeral of Freddie Gray - the 25-year-old black man who died of spinal injuries suffered while in police custody. Six police officers, three of them African-American, have been charged in connection with his death. Baltimore is now trying to get back to normal, in part with the help of volunteers who responded to calls to help those in the city'

Video 'Resounding Earth' - Forging Music From Metal

Sometimes you can feel the clear sound of a bell from your head to your feet. Take that idea and think big and you may have an idea of what Augusta Read Thomas is trying to do with "Resounding Earth." June Soh has more.

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