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Library STEAMs Ahead With Creative Program

Library STEAMs Ahead With Creative Program

For years, American students have been encouraged to study STEM, short for science, technology, engineering and math. STEAM adds arts to the mix. A public library in suburban Washington offers STEAMtivity, a program that encourages youngsters' creativity and critical thinking skills. More

Video Thriller 'Eye in The Sky' Examines Cost of Drone Warfare

"Eye in the Sky," a riveting thriller by award winning filmmaker Gavin Hood, follows a joint American-British military drone operation about to strike a terrorist cell in Nairobi, Kenya.

Video Chocolate Lovers Get a Sweet History Lesson

Observed in many countries around the world, Valentine’s Day is sometimes celebrated with chocolate festivals. But at a festival near Washington, the visitors experience a bit more than a sugar rush. They go on a sweet journey through history.

Video Helping the Blind 'See' Great Art

There are 285 million blind and visually impaired people in the world who are unable to enjoy visual art at a museum. One New York photographer is trying to fix this situation by making tangible copies of the world’s masterpieces.

Video Saudi Arabian Women's Sports Chip Away at Stereotypes

Saudi Arabian female athletes say that sports are on the front line of busting traditions that quash women’s voices, both locally and internationally.

Video Kenyan Town Vies to Become East African Cycling Hub

The sport of cycling has steadily built a following in East Africa in recent years. Now the town of Machakos, about 56 kilometers southeast of Nairobi, is trying to become Kenya’s, and perhaps East Africa’s, cycling hub.

Video Retreat Helps Fathers Improve Parenting

Raising children has traditionally been a mother's role, but modern sociology says that a father's role in children’s development is also crucial. Children abandoned and neglected by their fathers do not thrive as well as the children in families where both parents are involved.

Video Scientists: Global Fresh Water Access Could Pose Huge Challenge

Scientists say the world is experiencing a shortage of fresh water, and it will only get worse because of the growing population and climate change. Photos that show how water scarcity is impacting people around the world can be seen at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.

Video US Scientists Probe How Heat Damages Human Hair

Many women and some men are very particular about their hair. One of the ways for keeping it in shape involves applying heat, but just how much of it and for how long has been mostly left to experience. A scientist from Purdue University, Indiana, is trying to find a scientific answer.

Video Ukranian Artist Portrays Putin in an Unusual Way

A Ukrainian artist portrays Russian President Vladimir Putin in a unique medium. And its creator says it’s not only a work of art - it’s a political statement.

Video Long Drought Affecting California’s Sequoias

California is suffering under a historic four-year drought and scientists say even the state's famed sequoia trees are feeling the pain. The National Park Service has started detailed research to see how it can help the oldest living things on earth survive.

Video Supermoon Eclipse Will Be Last Until 2033

Get set for a spectacular celestial event: An eclipse of a supermoon will occur next week, and there won't be another one for 18 years. VOA’s Rosanne Skirble reports.

Video A Nonprofit Develops Reliable Bees That Can Survive Winters

Master Beekeeper Billy Davis has been keeping bees since the 1960s. In 2013, he founded the Sustainable Honeybee Program. The non-profit is developing stronger bees and teaching beekeepers how to strengthen their own colonies.

Video Scientists Predict Wet Winter in Drought-Stricken US West

Much of the western United States is experiencing extreme drought conditions, leading to wildfires and water shortages, but scientists are predicting some weather changes that will affect not only the American West but also parts of Asia, Australia and Africa.

Video Kenyans Turn to Agriculture for Business

Each year many students graduate from Kenyan universities. Many are also unable to find jobs due to the already existing high rate of unemployment among youth in the country. Some of these young men and women are resorting to agribusiness in large numbers as a way of tackling unemployment.

Video Amateur Beekeepers Encourage Spread of Apiaries

Honeybees are disappearing, and no one knows exactly why. Entomologists and scientists around the world are scrambling to find the answer to colony collapse disorder.

Video Free Book Program for Children Encourages Reading

Children are used to using vending machines to buy snacks and drinks. Now they are able to go to a vending machine to get books for free. The Book Vending Machine program is the newest addition to “Soar with Reading,” a literacy initiative started five years ago by JetBlue Airlines.

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