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China, Vietnam Take South China Sea Dispute to UN

A Vietnamese sinking boat (L) which was rammed and then sunk by Chinese vessels near disputed Paracels Islands, is seen near a Marine Guard ship (R) at Ly Son island of Vietnam's central Quang Ngai province May 29, 2014.
A Vietnamese sinking boat (L) which was rammed and then sunk by Chinese vessels near disputed Paracels Islands, is seen near a Marine Guard ship (R) at Ly Son island of Vietnam's central Quang Ngai province May 29, 2014.

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China, Vietnam Take South China Sea Dispute to UN
China, Vietnam Take South China Sea Dispute to UNi
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China and Vietnam are asking United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to help end their dispute in the South China Sea.
On Monday, China sent a letter to Mr. Ban. The letter accused Vietnam of, in its words, “illegally and forcefully” affecting Chinese oil drilling in parts of the sea claimed by both countries.
China’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Wang Min wrote that Vietnam was violating China’s territorial rights. And he said Vietnam’s actions threaten the safety of Chinese workers.
Vietnam later said it had also sent a letter to Mr. Ban. The letter demanded that China immediately move a Chinese oil-drilling platform and other ships. Vietnam said they violated its territorial claims.
Vietnam also called on China to, in its words, “create conditions” for talks on a plan “to stabilize the situation and control the maritime issues between the two countries.”
Both letters talked about international treaties -- including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. And both countries asked Mr. Ban to give their letters to U.N. members.
Last month, China deployed a state-run oil-drilling platform near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, within what Vietnam considers its economic zone. China also has territorial disputes in the area with the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.
The dispute about the oil-drilling platform has caused tensions between communist neighbors China and Vietnam.
Vietnam accused China of firing water cannons at, and ramming, Vietnamese fishing boats -- including one that sank last month. China said Vietnam was the aggressor and that its ships rammed Chinese vessels.
The dispute also led to large anti-China riots last month in Vietnam. Angry Vietnamese destroyed Chinese-owned factories, killing at least four people and wounding many. It forced the removal of thousands of Chinese workers.
Vietnam also asked the United States to help end its territorial disputes with China. The U.S. has declined to take sides in the dispute.
Jen Psaki is a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department.
“We encourage the sides to maintain dialogue with each other, but we’re not going to weigh in on speculation about their location and what it means.”
Michael Auslin studies relations between the United States and Asian nations at the American Enterprise Institute. Mr. Auslin disagreed with the decision by the United States to not get involved in the dispute.
“When the administration goes so far as to say that it’s not going to determine whether or not these waters are in the common definition of the exclusive economic zone of Vietnam, you’ve taken a very great step towards abdicating any input that you can have into this situation.”
Hillary Mann Leverett is a professor at American University in Washington and a former U.N. and State Department official. She said the decision by the U.S. to not get involved would hurt its efforts to become more involved militarily and diplomatically in Asia.
“That’s what China wants to show to Vietnam: ‘You are under the biggest stress that you’ve been under, and the one person, one country that could can come and help you out isn’t going to do it. You need to make amends with China.’ That’s I think very much part of the strategy and why we will continue to see more.”
I’m Christopher Cruise
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China and Vietnam

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06/17/2014 5:53 AM
How solution is the good way for this situation

by: William from: UK
06/15/2014 9:50 AM
China wants to take over the South China Sea. When I came to Vietnam last month, I saw many people showing their support for Vietnamese government. I think that Vietnam will have to struggle more to protect the sovereignty over the disputed sea.

by: Kangeroon from: CANADA
06/12/2014 12:23 AM
For sure US will not take sides in China-Vietnam dispute. US does not care who digs the oil and sells it to US as long as its gas price is low for its people. If two communists want to kill each other, that's great. Let them do it.
Without the support of US and Russia, Vietnam is doomed. We have already seen the trial of Vietnamese criminals during the riot. Vietnamese government has started to compensate the loss of Chinese companies. And China will continue its oil digging. What will Vietnamese government do? Nothing at all. You just wait and see.

by: Anthony from: France
06/11/2014 6:50 PM
Do they realy need help of USA for resolve the problem... ?

In Response

by: Duc from: Germany
06/11/2014 8:09 PM
Yes, of course

by: ludo31 from: Madagascar
06/11/2014 5:42 AM
the only countries that chinese respect are : India and russia .
china dispute territory against their neighbours because , they count to expand their supremacy in this area .

by: Lotus from: Vietnam
06/11/2014 2:54 AM
After many long time under the communist control, Vietnamese people seem to be so weak, in thinking and in action. The national budget instead of invest in state defence to strengthen Vietnam force ability, the leaders take that money in their bank accounts, such corruption!

Vietnamese people should take this chance to coup the communist leading and establish a democracy, make ties with America and other allies in the region. A alliance between countries those under China threat is necessary to avoid China's bullying.

In Response

by: Sơn Hoàng from: Vietnam
06/12/2014 2:32 AM
I think you are not Vietnamese because Vietnamese love their country, love peace after many war to protect freedom and Vietnamese respect communist control. We need peaceful!!!

In Response

by: Lotus from: Vietnam
06/13/2014 2:51 AM
Haha, fool argument. Love country doesn't mean to love communist party. Many other people can do better than the communist party does.

In a fair society, everyone has to show their respect to those who have dissident point/opinion, instead of deny their inputs.

In Response

by: raj from: vietnam
06/11/2014 5:22 PM
it seems like that you are in label of reactionary Viettan

In Response

by: ha vu from: Viet Nam
06/11/2014 4:38 PM
I am vietnammese and i love this country, in despite of our country is poor but we always to have confidence in the communist control. I think Lotus is a particular phenomenon of Viet nammese young generation.Your thinking not representative for Vietammese.

by: Kim from: Korea
06/11/2014 1:46 AM
China is big country but they behave very cruel and brutal with vietnamese, I have 8 years live in Vietnam, I understand there are many things the Chinese did to Vietnam as it did with Xinjiang and Tibet as economic, food poisoning .... This is video that boat in the image in the article is immersed Chinese vessels

In Response

by: Son Hoang from: VietNam
06/12/2014 2:38 AM
Thanks Kim, your opinion is the best voice accuse China!

by: Anonymous
06/11/2014 1:02 AM
What does you mean when you say `Taiwan`?

by: Liem Nguyen from: USA
06/10/2014 9:41 PM
Vietnam is on the danger of China's occupation.

After two months flexing their military muscles in the South China sea, and just after President Obama signed treaties with Japan and Philippines, China now ready move forward to have more aggressive military actions to accomplish their strategy, to control the whole the 9 dash maritime line of the south China sea.

At this moment, they know that US has stepped aside without any military reaction and the weakness of Vietnam and the Asean.

In addition, China joints Russia, which can counteract the US power. They are waiting for Russia more involved in Ukraine with tanks and canons.

We can predict that more Vietnamese coast guard ships and more fishing boats will be sunk by China. Sending a letter to UN, China prepares for their stronger action on the disputed sea.

I agree with Michael Auslin and Hilary Maning Leverette, their best opinions, but what Jen Psaki said is the US policy!.
Does it turn on the green light to China's invasion?

Sit down to make a compromise with China!
That means Vietnam must surrender unconditional .
That means Vietnam must accept all what China claims. That's the price of peace!

To fight back, Vietnam hardly defeat China even the Vietnamese have stronger determination, but the corrupt regime like sheeps that subdued to China for a long time.

Should we think more about Vietnam 's future?
The next step, China will support a puppet regime like Pol-pot of Cambodia in the past. China needs Vietnam land and harbors in order to supply and protect their fleets and their oil rigs.

Let's look! The puppet regime- pro China- already had in Vietnam Communist party- based on the fact that they waved 6-star flag of China (instead of five- star Chinese flag) when Xi jinping visited Hanoi, and on Vietnam TV broadcast, or printed in Vietnamese children's textbooks. In addition, China has hold a larger part in Vietnam economy.

Perhaps Taiwan will be the next China's occupation to save their face. (Both Vietnam and Taiwan are not on the Obama' s Asia Pacific pivot security.)

Some quotes (Brainy quotes)

War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
Bertrand Russell

There was never a good war, or a bad peace.
Benjamin Franklin

Wait and see! the fate of a country.

In Response

by: Chi Le from: USA
06/12/2014 6:22 AM
I believe Vietnam will not be like a then-Pol Pot regime of Khmer because nowadays is era of worldwide communicating technology. It isn't really easy to close all information throughout the world to commit genocide. I really want China to emerge its territorial expanding plot because China’s aggressive actions will help Vietnamese assert their own behavior against China. I also believe that Japan and the Philippines which are backed by the U.S. will support Vietnam.

In Response

by: Den from: USA
06/15/2014 4:46 AM
I do not believe china will invade vietnam . You are living in another era. At any rate, you are entitled to your viewpoint. I have seen many vietnamese comments, patriotic as they are, they cannot see things beyond their noses. I hope the vietnamese people can learn to look strategically over the long term, weigh the pros and cons and come to terms with its larger neighbor. there are many hidden dangers, but there are also many hidden opportunities. If one does not do , then the problem will persist to no one's advantage.

by: raj from: vietnam
06/10/2014 7:50 PM
with the dirty actions on Vietnam sea, we-vietnamese will stand up to china government, claiming to united nation is the best way to solve instead of using power as Chinese.Vietnam always stay calm and take the peace to the top but china always wants to put down.Obviously,China will be isolated around.

In Response

by: Phuong from: Hanoi
06/11/2014 2:10 PM
The Vietnamese Government does not take action in peace. Instead of fighting with China, they arrest protestors against China in jail. I don't understand what action of Vietnamese Government, clearly, they sell the mainland to Chinese Companies, thousand hectare of forests and parts of Tay Nguyen areas to China. In Vietnam, Chinese people come and settle down their villages in all provinces of Vietnam. Now, they hold an innocent thought of peaceful talk to Chine that will make China take HD981 out of Vietnam economic zone. So, Why Vietnamese Government's action is funny?

In Response

by: Dungdung from: Vietnam
06/13/2014 7:44 AM
I do not agree with you Phuong. It is true that China apear everywhere on the whole world. In Vietnam is the same but not much as you say. Some provinces like Ha Tinh, Dak nong have chinese workers. We are also proud that Viet Nam has no China town like many other countries.

In Response

by: Phuong from: Vietnam
06/14/2014 2:12 AM
Thank you for your comment Dungdung. You are wrong when you just compare like that. Truthfully, China towns, typical in the USA, exists but it allows all people can come, visit or make trading publicly there. In Vietnam, people cannot visit and see what Chinese workers are doing in our motherland. For example: if Chinese put some bombs under the grounds, we don't know. People want to visit and see what Chinese workers there that need official letters to be allowed to visit. It means Vietnamese people have no right to step on their feet on the our motherland.

In Response

by: Vi from: Vietnam
06/13/2014 2:35 AM
I don't agree with you less. Have you imagined how bad effects will be on all aspects of the country if war against China happens. How much money will be poured in to war instead of investing to build infrastructure? How many men will leave for lives leaving their wives without husbands, their children without fathers forever? It seems that you agreed with what the extreme rioters did by destroying many factories that caused dozens of thousands workers unemployment and the State has to spend hundreds of trillion from state's budget to solve the consequence of what you suppose patriotism actions.

In Response

by: Phuong from: Vietnam
06/14/2014 2:16 AM
How much money do Vietnamese communist leaders corrupt per year? Could you count?.... I don't want war because it brings hurt to all people. But if the Vietnamese government does not take strong action, we have to cut gradually pieces of our motherland sending to Chinese... and on one day, we don't have land to live...

In Response

by: Jon from: USA
06/11/2014 4:42 AM
I wouldn't go that far as to China occupations. I agree that communist Vietnam is corrupt. As the regime sucks up everything from the Vietnamese people, surely another party will be formed. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Heroes will arise during hostile periods. If the present Viet regime won't change, surely true patriots will arise. I wouldn't be paranoid about most Viets do about China taking over Vietnam. Vietnam is not weak, plus surely it is not Vietnam alone in the 9 dash line drawn by China. Vietnamese median age is young and strong in spirits and unity. China make a move, Viets will make a move. If communist Viets give up, new party will arise.

In Response

by: raj from: vietnam
06/11/2014 5:17 PM
to be honest, it is not like you said, the current communist is not corrupt,you know that when china government deploys the oil rig on Vietnam sea refers as exclussive economic zone,there are a lot of demonstrations both north and south of Viet Nam, and some of them are out of hand and lead to riots,our leaders immediately deal with them in peace.You know, viet nam is smaller than China and in the past , china invaded viet nam many times, but they had been defeat by vietnamese spirit.
we believe that we will win again if appealing to international court!
let support viet nam if you as well

In Response

by: Tu from: USA
06/11/2014 2:36 PM

It sounds like your great great grand father was Nguyen Anh Who carried the snakes home to kill his own chickens!

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