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Presidential Security: The U.S. Secret Service

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  • Audio China Races to Find Ferry Accident Survivors

    Also, Boko Haram militants have again attacked the Nigerian city of Maiduguri. Twenty people reportedly died in the explosion. Nine NGO employees shot dead in Balkh province, Afghanistan. US Senate set for new votes on NSA spy program. | In the News More

  • Audio FIFA President Sepp Blatter Resigns

    Four days after his election to a fifth term as FIFA president, Sepp Blatter has resigned. The head of the soccer organization made the surprise announcement on Tuesday as charges of corruption against FIFA continued to grow. The new elections will take place sometime between December and March. More

  • Audio Growing Evidence of Russian Military Involvement in Ukraine

    UN investigators say there is growing evidence of Russian military involvement in the war in Ukraine. More than a year has passed since the start of fighting between the Ukrainian armed forces and pro-Russian rebels. This week, the UN mission in Ukraine release its 10th report on the war. More

  • Audio India Suffers Fifth Deadliest Heat Wave Ever Reported.

    Unusually high temperatures are being reported across India for a second week. Indian officials are blaming the hot weather for more than 2,000 deaths. The severe heat wave is the second deadliest in the country’s history. It also is the fifth deadliest ever reported. More

  • Audio US Promises $18 Million for Vietnam to Buy Patrol Boats

    The U.S. has promised $18 million to help Vietnam buy American-made coast guard patrol boats. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was in Vietnam Monday to increase military ties between the two countries. Over the weekend, China rejected U.S. criticism of its land reclamation in the South China Sea. More

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  • Audio For a Longer Life, Go Running

    While all exercise is good, it seems running might be one of the best forms of exercise for heart health. However, running is hard on the body. Read on to learn about a recent study that claims that runners live longer. Also, get some tips on how to run safely and learn some great exercise words! More

  • Audio Scientists Testing Space Propulsion by Light

    Can the sun provide power for a spaceship to travel to the edge of our solar system? The answer may come from a small satellite. The satellite is designed to test the effectiveness of what is called solar sail propulsion. More

  • Audio Could a Tattoo Cost You a Job?

    In the 1960s U.S., a tattoo was usually a sign of anti-social or illegal activity. Few people had them. Today, at least one in five Americans has a tattoo, including sports stars, students and young professionals. But some people say tattoos still have no place at work. Read on to learn words relate More

  • Vladimir Lenin sculpture

    Audio Words That Are Their Own Opposites

    Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, learn words seem to fight themselves -- they are their own opposites! Well, depending on the context. Context is important when learning a language; but with these words, context is everything. Learn more about these Janus words and why they are called Janus words. More

  • Audio Everyday Grammar: Relative Pronouns

    In this week’s episode of Everyday Grammar, we are going to discuss the relative pronouns who, that and which. A relative pronoun “relates” to the noun it is describing. Relative pronouns introduce a relative clause. Think of relative clauses as long adjectives -- words that modify a noun. More

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