March 29, 2015 13:11 UTC

Audio New Treatment for AIDS Called a ‘Big Deal’

Read on to learn words like mutate, neutralize and antiretroviral as you learn how researchers have found a way to trick HIV, the virus causing AIDS, into killing itself. The difficulty level might be high as this article describes what happens when a genetically modified cell become an HIV. More

In the News

A Houthi Shiite fighter stands guard as people search for survivors under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen, Thursday, March 26, 2015

Audio Saudi-led Airstrikes in Yemen Aim to Stop Rebels

Yemen Foreign Minister Riyadh Yasin said the Houthi rebels should weaken after two days of air strikes from a coalition of Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia. The coalition of 10 countries, including five Gulf kingdoms, is trying to bring Yemen’s internationally recognized government back to power. More

Learning English Videos

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English in a Minute: Open Booki
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Does this phrase to do with reading? Probably not, so let's find out what it means.

Video English in a Minute: Open Book

Does this phrase to do with reading? Probably not, so let's find out what it means.

Video News Words: Objective

Objective can be used in several ways in a discussion. Hear how it is used in one of our news story and learn from our hosts how to use it in different ways. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Video China Increases Aid to South Pacific Area

A recent report says China is likely to become the third biggest donor to the South Pacific area after Australia and the United States.

Video Using Body Language Can Help Your Public Speaking Skills

Body language includes posture, eye contact and gestures, how you move your hands and arms. Using body language can help you communicate better and improve understanding.

Video TALK2US: Spring Break

Jonathan talks with callers about Spring Break, a period of time during a school year that many students in the US look forward to every Spring.

Video Program Gives Low-Cost Glasses to Rwandans

A group based in Britain, Vision for a Nation, provides low-cost glasses to people in Rwanda. Several kinds of glasses are available. The World Bank helps keep the prices low.

Video Britain Permits "Three-Person Babies"

The process called mitochondrial replacement therapy, or MRT, creates a human embryo using material from three people. Scientists say the treatment could help avoid genetic diseases, but it has also raised ethical and moral concerns.

Video TALK2US: Spontaneous Idioms

Marsha and Anna decide to "go with the flow" when they teach the idioms we use when we don't plan ahead.

Video Capturing CO2 Gas Is Not Easy

Most scientists agree that carbon-dioxide gas is partly to blame for climate change: rising global temperatures. But capturing the CO2 gas released by power stations is costly and difficult.

Video English in a Minute: Nip it in the Bud

"To nip" means to cut. A bud is a young flower. So, what could this idiom mean? Find out!

Video News Words: Assets

What are assets, and what does it mean if they are frozen? Our hosts will tell you how the word is used in news stories in this one-minute video.

Video TALK2US: Animal Idioms

Caty and Ashley teach you how to use "cat's pajamas," "bee's knees," and other English idioms that refer to animals.

Video US West Coast Ports Working Again

A labor dispute had slowed operations at more than 25 ports on the West Coast of the United States. Negotiators reached a deal that permitted work to restart. But, they are still working on details of the agreement.

Video Understanding the Teenage Brain Can Lead to Better Parenting, Teaching

A neuroscientist has studied teenage brains and what she found may clear up misunderstandings about them.


Nigeria Violence

Audio UN: African Nations Should Change 'Pursuit' Laws

Officials say terrorism suspects are escaping by fleeing across national borders. Police are often not permitted to follow them. The United Nations wants to keep terrorists from fleeing to safety by crossing into another country. | As It Is More

Business & Economics

Audio Will China's Continued Big Spending Lift its Economy?

Chinese officials have predicted lower economic growth again this year. They say that huge government spending programs are ending. Officials say they are seeking what they call “higher quality” but more modest growth. Officials recently announced a target growth rate of seven percent for 2015. More

Health & Lifestyle

An employee plays the game Flappy Bird at a smartphone store in Hanoi, Feb. 10, 2014.

Audio Too Much Gaming is a Pain in the Neck

Smartphones and other electronic devices, or gadgets, are becoming more affordable. Children in India are using them more and more. Doctors say children who spend long hours playing video games are increasingly showing signs of physical deformities, meaning their bodies are not growing properly. More


Video Angelina Jolie Has Second Surgery to Prevent Cancer

The 39-year-old actress published a piece in The New York Times about her decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to protect herself from cancer. She had a double mastectomy two years ago for the same reason. The latest surgery leaves the mother of six unable to have more children. More


Video Landmark to Close as Camp David Hosts Afghan Meeting

Since the 1950s, American presidents have been going to Camp David in the mountains of Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. They have traveled there to rest or hold meetings away from the noise of the city and the news media. But President Barack Obama rarely goes to the camp. More

Science & Technology

Video NASA to Study Astronaut on Yearlong Mission in Space

US astronaut Scott Kelly is scheduled to go to the International Space Station for a second time. Scientists hope the yearlong mission will provide important information about the physical and mental effects of living in space for a long period and pave the way for a future piloted flight to Mars. More


Audio  'Uglish' Gets Its Own Dictionary in Uganda

The official language in Uganda is English. But visitors to this African country soon recognize that the English spoken here is different from British or American English. Researcher Bernard Sabiiti published a small dictionary of Ugandan English also known as "Unglish.' More


Grand Review of the Armies,  May 23, 1865

Audio The Civil War Ends

Four years of bloody fighting had preserved the Union of states and freed four million slaves. But the cost of the war was great – in lives, in money and in infrastructure. Yet the country had to find a way to rebuild. More

The Day in Photos

 Flowers in memory of the victims are placed in the area where the Germanwings passenger plane crashed in the French Alps, in Le Vernet, France.

Flowers in memory of the victims are placed in the area where the Germanwings passenger plane crashed in the French Alps, in Le Vernet, France.

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