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  • Audio Can You Name Four of the Healthiest, Tastiest Spices?

    Spices and herbs bring flavor to our meals. Every country uses spices to make cooking distinct. Centuries ago, some spices were quite valuable. They were used to trade throughout the world. These days, most spices are priced so most people can afford them, and they are easy to find in stores.

Let's Learn English

Video Lesson 12: Meet My Family

This is the twelfth lesson of "Let's Learn English" - a new course for English learners. Certified American English teachers designed the course for beginners. The course continues for 52 weeks. This week, Anna is homesick. Marsha tries to help her feel better. More

Learning English Videos

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The Science Report: Search for Life in the Universei
Is there anybody out there? That is among humanity’s oldest questions. Now, scientists and a few billionaires are putting their minds and money together to support a project to answer that question.

Video The Science Report: Search for Life in the Universe

Is there anybody out there? That is among humanity’s oldest questions. Now, scientists and a few billionaires are putting their minds and money together to support a project to answer that question.

Video The Technology Report: Microsoft Takes Legal Action Against the U.S.

The technology company Microsoft says government agencies are abusing a law that lets them demand to read emails or online files without their owners knowing they are doing so. Microsoft says the agencies are violating the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Video English in a Minute: Moving Target

Are Jonathan and Anna talking about shooting a bow and arrow? Find out what "moving target" means in this week's English in a Minute!

Video English @ the Movies: 'Come To Your Senses'

"Rock Dog" is a movie about dogs. This funny movie is a cartoon about a Dad dog and his son who wants to be a rock musician. Our English @ the Movies phrase we are talking about is "come to your senses." Come watch it and tell us what you think.

Video News Words: Birthright Citizenship

Birthright citizenship are a couple of long words. Find out what they mean and why they are important with your News Words hosts.

Video The Economics Report: There are Many Ways to Save Your Money in the U.S.

There are old sayings about the importance of saving money for your future. Here is a look at some ways to do that in the U.S.

Video The Education Report: More U.S. Students Choose College in Another Country

The number of students in the United States who seek a college education in a foreign country is increasing. A report from the Institute of International Education explains.

Video The Health Report: New York's Emergency Crews Learn Mandarin

First responders are the first emergency workers to arrive at a fire or other accident. It is important that they are able to collect information to study the problem. In New York City, some first responders are learning a difficult language so that they can do just that.

Video The Science Report: Scientists Could be Closer to AIDS Cure

Scientists say they may have found a way to permanently take the virus that causes the AIDS out of a person’s body. AIDS has taken many millions of lives. HIV is the killer virus that causes AIDS.

Video The Technology Report: Spanish ‘Smart’ City Project Saves Time, Money

A city in Spain uses technology to make life easier for its citizens and visitors. It is an example of a "smart city" that other cities are interested in trying.

Video English in a Minute: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

A lot of idioms in American English come from sports. "Keep your eye on the ball" comes from baseball, but we can use this expression for many situations.

Video English @ the Movies: 'Make It Count'

The movie "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II" is the last in The Hunger Games series. This week's English @ the Movies phrase is "make it count." Are they talking about counting, like in a math class? Listen and find out.


Audio As Violence Increases in Syria, US Seeks to Restart Peace Talks

International diplomats are trying to negotiate a restart to the ceasefire agreement in Syria, but need Russia's help. The Syrian military has called for calm in areas near the capital, but not in the rebel headquarters Aleppo. More

Everyday Grammar

Audio Commonly Confused Words: Part One

The English language is full of words that English learners - and even native English speakers - often confuse. These words may sound the same but mean different things. Or maybe, they are spelled the same but mean different things. This week, we look at three sets of commonly confused words. More

Health & Lifestyle

Audio Suicide Rates Increase in US

A new study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows suicide rates increased 24 percent between 1999 and 2014. The study showed that the number of suicides increased sharply after 2006. Economic conditions in the U.S. began to worsen at that time. More


Audio Reports: Prescription Drugs Found with Prince's Body

Media reports say police discovered prescription drugs with Prince when the musician was found dead at his home last week. Several news organizations, including ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, are citing law enforcement sources as the basis of the information. More


Audio Arts Fuel Tech Creativity in Children

A public library program is showing American children how to think creatively by adding art exercises to mathematics and science. STEAMtivity combines STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts, and math – with creativity. They involve different technologies, but they focus on the same result. More


Learning How to Ask Questions

Suzanne Meyer says that students need to practice question-asking activities. Question-asking activities help students to become better language learners. By practicing question-asking activities, students can improve their language skills and develop critical thinking skills. More

Science & Technology

Audio European Space Agency Plans a ‘Moon Village'

A permanent base could be built on the Moon in 20 years according to the European Space Agency. The Moon base is considered a “stepping stone” to a possible human flight to Mars. More


Benjamin Banneker: Surveyor, Mathematician, Astronomer

Benjamin Banneker was one of the few free black people in the American colonies. The self-taught mathematician helped plan the nation’s capital and wrote a popular book. Today, he is remembered for questioning how Thomas Jefferson could ignore slavery in the Declaration of Independence. More

America's National Parks

Video National Park in New Orleans Celebrates Jazz

Only in New Orleans, Louisiana, will you find a whole national park honoring jazz. Join us as we explore the Jazz National Historical Park in the city that many consider to be the birthplace of jazz music. More

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Two boys smiles after shaving their heads during a service to celebrate Buddha's upcoming 2,560th birthday on May 14, at Jogye Temple in Seoul, South Korea, May 2, 2016.

Two boys smiles after shaving their heads during a service to celebrate Buddha's upcoming 2,560th birthday on May 14, at Jogye Temple in Seoul, South Korea, May 2, 2016.

The Making of a Nation

The US Expands West

In 1801, the United States under the Constitution was very young — only about 12 years old. And compared to its size today, the country was very small. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the U.S. at the time. Even today, the land accounts for about one-third of America’s territory. More