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9:53 PM - 10:01 PM August 28, 2015

Donald Trump Leading the Republican Pack

7:44 PM - 7:47 PM August 28, 2015

Andean Glaciers Reveal Secrets of Climate Change

6:33 PM - 6:36 PM August 28, 2015

Serena Williams Chasing History at U.S. Open

6:07 PM - 6:11 PM August 28, 2015

Student Develops Gun Unlocked by Fingerprint

2:49 PM - 2:53 PM August 28, 2015

Ugandan Kayakers in World Championships

1:54 PM - 1:57 PM August 28, 2015

Iran Seeking Foreign Visitors and Their Money

8:35 PM - 8:38 PM August 27, 2015

Is China’s Economic Information Correct?

8:03 PM - 8:06 PM August 27, 2015

Fighting Climate Change Important to President Obama

7:47 PM - 7:50 PM August 27, 2015

China's Slowing Economy Affects Stock Markets Worldwide

China's Slowing Economy Affects Stock Markets Worldwide

7:01 PM - 7:03 PM August 27, 2015

Explosions Change Soldiers’ Brain, Study Says

5:40 PM - 5:46 PM August 27, 2015

China Debates: Should Single Women Be Allowed Freezing Their Eggs?

12:39 PM - 12:43 PM August 27, 2015

Study: Head Lice Growing Resistant to Existing Treatments

9:07 PM - 9:10 PM August 26, 2015

Providing Electricity to Poor Communities in Kenya

7:26 PM - 7:29 PM August 26, 2015

Los Angeles' Silicon Beach Becoming Like Silicon Valley

6:05 PM - 6:08 PM August 26, 2015

Philippines Looking to Open 'Ecotourism Zone' in South China Sea

5:53 PM - 5:55 PM August 26, 2015

Gunshots Kill Two US TV News Crew

9:46 PM - 9:48 PM August 25, 2015

History Made: Two Women Become US Army Rangers

9:13 PM - 9:17 PM August 25, 2015

Poroshenko: Russia Threatening Ukraine's Independence

7:58 PM - 8:02 PM August 25, 2015

US Navy Commander Confirms "Great Angst" Among Allies

US Navy Commander Confirms "Great Angst" Among Allies

9:17 PM - 9:19 PM August 24, 2015

Book Pages Could Provide Safe Drinking Water for Millions

    Video Student Develops Gun Unlocked by Fingerprint

    Kai Kloepfer has a talent for technology. He has been teaching himself engineering skills since he was a child. He decided to create a gun designed to prevent accidental shootings.

    Audio Is China’s Economic Information Correct?

    An American expert on China says the Chinese government is not influencing information about the country’s economic growth. He believes that the economy is changing quickly. And he says the ways of measuring new economic activity is unable to keep up with the changes.

    Video Volunteers Change Lives, Build Community

    A non-profit group called Thread helps high school students find a job, wash their clothes, complete school and more. The relationships between its volunteers and the students are designed to last at least 10 years. | As It Is

    Audio China's Slowing Economy Affects Markets Worldwide

    China’s stock market has dropped by more than 40 percent since June. Signs of a slowing economy in China have had effects on other stock markets and raised questions of whether measure to increase growth are enough.

    Audio Fighting Climate Change Important to Obama

    President Obama has called climate change the greatest threat to national security. At a clean energy meeting this week, he pushed solar power and other renewable energy sources. His political opponents say his plans will hurt the oil, gas and coal industries and the American economy.

    Audio Book Pages Could Provide Safe Drinking Water

    The expression "a thirst for knowledge" may soon have a new meaning for millions of people who have no way to get clean water. Researchers have developed a book with specially treated pages that can make water safe to drink.

    Audio Philippines Looking at 'Ecotourism Zone' in South China Sea

    The Philippines has launched a campaign to push for an "ecotourism zone" in the middle of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. Under the plan, tourists could visit Philippine-controlled parts of the disputed area. China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei also have claims to the area.

    Audio Nairobi Music Store Sells Vinyl Records Again

    Musicians once performed at the store, which used to sell record albums. Cassettes, CDs and MP3s caused lowered sales because they were easily-copied. But the renewed popularity of vinyl records may save the store, and some once-forgotten East African music is being heard again.

    Audio US Navy Commander Confirms 'Great Angst' Among Allies

    The new commander of the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet says the U.S. pivot to East Asia will continue. Some allies in the area are concerned about China's maritime activities in the South China Sea. Defense Department released its maritime security roadmap with key role for Japan and others

    Audio Poroshenko: Russia Threatening Ukraine’s Independence

    Ukraine celebrated Independence Day earlier this week. President Poroshenko says the next year will be one of struggle against Russian efforts to weaken his country. At the celebration in Kyiv, he adds that Ukraine’s fight for independence would last many years.

    Audio History Made: Two Women Become US Army Rangers

    Two women recently completed what many believe is the American military’s most difficult training. But current rules do not permit them to join a combat unit. However, that may soon change. The Army is reviewing the rules on whether women will be able to join men in combat roles.

    Audio Global Markets Fall as China Economic Fears Rise

    The Shanghai Composite dropped 8.5 percent, marking the sharpest fall China has seen since 2007. Stock markets in the U.S., Asia and Europe responded to China's drop Monday. Observers warn changes in global markets are likely to continue.

    Audio Asia's Growth Needs to Build on Better Infrastructure

    Developing countries in Asia are building businesses and homes, but not enough trains, roads, and bridges. Some new bank programs are beginning to loan money for the purpose of building the needed facilities.

    Audio Americans Driven by 'Gut Instinct' to Act in Train Attack

    Three Americans, a Briton and a Frenchman overpowered a heavily-armed gunman on a train in France last Friday. The three Americans told reporters that “gut instinct” to survive drove them to stop the gunman. They spoke Sunday at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

    Video Small Farm Is a Hit in the Big City

    Community supported agriculture farms, or CSAs, allow participants to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown by local farmers. John Glebocki, owner of Glebocki farms, has expanded his CSA program to a law firm in New York City.

    Audio Making Noise, Studying the Quiet

    Researchers want to know how humans and animals are affected by noise pollution. They have already learned that car noise causes migratory birds to flee and fail to gain weight. They have found that noise lessened the ability of the birdwatchers to identify recorded bird sounds.

    Video Rats Trained to Find Land Mines in Cambodia

    They can search an area of 100 square meters in less than 20 minutes. A human would need four or five days to examine the same area. Land mines have killed an estimated 20,000 Cambodians since the civil war ended 40 years ago. | As It Is

    Video Mall in Brazil Composts to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    A shopping center in Brazil is growing vegetables on its rooftop using waste collected from the mall’s restaurants. The garden is on the roof of the Eldorado shopping center in Sao Paulo. Workers there use trash from the restaurants to create compost for the garden.

    Audio Prosecutors: Uber Drivers Have Criminal Records

    Lawyers in two California cities have expanded their civil lawsuit against the online ride-sharing service Uber. Court records show that the company has hired people previously convicted of murder and sex crimes, despite background checks.

    Audio Bailout Approved, Greece Repays EU Central Bank

    Greece made a debt payment of $3.5 billion to the European Central Bank. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned calling for new elections on Sept. 20th. And the International Monetary Fund decides to delay including China’s currency, the yuan, as a special reserve currency form.

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