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9:03 PM - 9:04 PM February 05, 2016

Dynamite Caused Explosion on Somali Airliner

7:23 PM - 7:26 PM February 05, 2016

Clinton, Sanders Debate Sharpens in New Hampshire

7:08 PM - 7:10 PM February 05, 2016

Shipwrecks Found Underwater, But No Missing MH370 Plane

6:43 PM - 6:48 PM February 05, 2016

Carolina Quarterback in Spotlight at Super Bowl

11:17 PM - 11:21 PM February 04, 2016

North Korea Prepares to Launch Long-Range Missile

10:21 PM - 10:25 PM February 04, 2016

Pacific Trade Deal Signing Just the Beginning

8:07 PM - 8:09 PM February 04, 2016

Body of Mystic Monk To Be Displayed at Vatican for Holy Year

7:45 PM - 7:47 PM February 04, 2016

Trending 02-04-16

6:20 PM - 6:22 PM February 04, 2016

Record Number of Americans Cleared of Crimes in 2015

2:05 PM - 2:07 PM February 04, 2016

How Should the Next US President Talk About Islamic Extremism?

10:54 PM - 10:59 PM February 03, 2016

US Gives Less Foreign Aid than Americans Think

8:54 PM - 8:57 PM February 03, 2016

Obama Makes First Visit to US Mosque

8:39 PM - 8:43 PM February 03, 2016

On to New Hampshire for US Presidential Candidates

8:15 PM - 8:23 PM February 03, 2016

South Korea, Japan Warn Against North Korea Missile Launch

7:59 PM - 8:04 PM February 03, 2016

Old Age, Debt Threaten Vietnam Economy

6:53 PM - 6:55 PM February 03, 2016

New Texas Law Permits Open Carrying of Guns

6:06 PM - 6:09 PM February 03, 2016

Person Infected With Zika Virus Through Sexual Relations

10:23 PM - 10:27 PM February 02, 2016

Helicopter Pilot Dies Fighting Poachers

9:46 PM - 9:47 PM February 02, 2016

US Commander Rejects Carpet Bombing in IS Fight

8:53 PM - 8:54 PM February 02, 2016

Nearly 700 Sick Animals Rescued From Shelter

    North Korea Prepares to Launch Long-Range Missile

    North Korea said Tuesday it planned to launch an “Earth observation satellite." It said the launch is part of its peaceful space program. Countries in northeast Asia are being forced to either support economic sanctions against the North or accept that it is a nuclear state.

    Audio How Should the Next US President Discuss Islam?

    Americans are split on how their next president should talk about Islamic extremism. A study says 65 percent of Republicans want the next president to speak directly, even critically, about Islamic extremism. But among Democrats, 70 percent said they want the next president to speak carefully.

    Audio Texas Law Permits Open Carry of Guns

    People can now carry guns openly in public in the southwestern state of Texas. The new law is receiving support and criticism. Some private businesses are banning guns on their property.

    Audio Obama Makes First Visit to US Mosque

    His trip to the Islamic Society in Baltimore, Maryland was the first time he had been to a Muslim religious center in the United States during his presidency.

    Video Person Infected With Zika Virus Through Sexual Contact

    Officials in the southwestern state of Texas have reported what may be the first case of the Zika virus being transmitted in the United States by sexual contact.

    Audio Japan, S. Korea Warn Against N. Korea Missile Launch

    South Korea and Japan joined the United States Wednesday in urging North Korea to cancel plans to send a long-range rocket into space. Japan has ordered its forces to shoot down the rocket if it threatens its territory.

    Saudi Media: Nine Americans Among Terror Suspects

    Spokesman John Kirby, speaking Monday, said U.S. officials have seen Saudi media reports of the detentions, and that diplomats are in contact with authorities in Riyadh. He told reporters he could not verify "the actual truth of these reports."

    Deadly Suicide Blast Rocks Kabul

    Another suspected suicide bombing took place Monday in Kabul, Afghanistan leaving at least 20 dead and close to 30 people wounded. The bombing is the latest in a series of Taliban attacks in Kabul the past few days.

    Audio Pakistan’s Imran Khan Urges Taliban to Talks

    He’s a living legend in Pakistani sports and a key member of the legislature in Pakistan. Meet Imran Khan and his hope for the Taliban in making peace with the Afghan government.

    Audio Nearly 700 Sick Animals Rescued From Shelter

    Close to 700 dogs, cats, horses and pigs were rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is working with North Carolina to remove and rehab the animals.

    Audio Cruz Over Trump, While Dems in Dead Heat

    The Iowa vote finished with Ted Cruz as the leader in the Republican primary caucus race. Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were only slightly apart when the polling was counted after midnight. The Iowa caucus, or primary, is the first in the U.S. for a final election in November.

    Video US Senator Discusses Iran, Syria, North Korea

    Republican Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He shared his thoughts about peace talks on Syria, sanctions on North Korea and the nuclear deal with Iran.

    Audio British Woman in Prison for Taking Her Baby to IS City

    A British court ruled Tareena Shakil guilty of membership in the Islamic State terror group. It also convicted her of encouraging acts of terrorism.The court sentenced her to six years in prison.

    Audio Myanmar's New Legislature Takes Oath

    Many are calling the new legislature in Myanmar, also known as Burma, the first democratically elected group of lawmakers in more than 50 years. However, who will take the role of president remains a big question.

    Audio Wages for Women Lag Years Behind Men

    Women are making progress, but they are still not making as much as men, according to a World Economic Forum report. Based on current trends, it will take women 126 years to win wage equality, the report’s authors say. The most equity occurs in Northern European nations.

    Audio Officials Say They Failed Women in Cologne Attacks

    A month after the New Year’s attacks on women in Cologne, German’s policy of admitting refugees from the Middle East and Africa is being questioned. But also being examined are how the police, news media and German politicians responded. German officials have named 35 suspects in the attacks.

    Audio Chinese Miners Rescued After 36 Days Underground

    Four miners were rescued in eastern China after spending 36 days underground, reported the country’s state-run news agency. Thirteen others are missing and believed dead in a gypsum mine collapse that took place in December last year.

    Audio Thai Officials Worry About Child Doll Superstition

    People in Thailand are treating dolls that look like real children as if they are good luck angels. Authorities worry that the craze will grow superstition. There is a dark side to the dolls that includes drug trafficking.

    Video Migrants Cower as Raids Target Illegal Immigrants

    An 8-year-old girl describes what it was like when federal agents entered her home looking for illegal immigrants. She said the agents searched her home, but did not find a family member hiding in a bedroom with her three boys.

    Video Businesses Weak on Cyber-Crime Protection

    Researchers say policies designed to protect companies from cyber-attacks are not strong enough, and many computers have outdated software.

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