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Peacemakers, Employers Come Together for Education

Several leaders of non-governmental organizations came together to mark International Education Week. At a discussion in Washington, D.C., they told about education programs in places like Lebanon to prevent violence between Lebanese and Syrian youth. More

Audio International Students Find Ways to Pay High Tuition

The 2015 Open Doors report shows 65 percent of funding for all international students comes from the students or their families. However, not all international students have enough money to pay full tuition. Many international students are finding other ways to pay the high cost.

Audio Blacks, Latinos Score Lower on Tests than Whites, Asians

Black and Latino students score lower on tests than white and Asian students in the US, says the US Department of Education. Researchers say that black and Latino students face many problems that white and Asian students do not face.

Audio Do Student Athletes Have Any Power?

Last week, a protest by student athletes caused the University of Missouri’s president to resign. The athletes said they would not play football until the president lost his job. Around the country, other students question the principle of amateur athletics.

Audio Are Children Taking Too Many Tests?

A report says that US students are spending too much time taking tests. President Obama and the U.S. Education Department agree. The White House has an action plan to find a better balance between testing and teaching.

Audio Students Protest High Cost of Education

Protests in the UK, South Africa and Chile have happened throughout the past year. Thousands of students in all three countries fight to lower the cost of higher education. The high cost of education causes problems for the poorest people in these countries.

Audio How Well Does Your Country Speak English?

The world’s English continues to improve, says a newly released study. The report, called the EF English Proficiency Index, is a yearly report card on the English level of adults in 70 countries. Sweden leads the world, while Libya is last. The index is based on the online test scores.

Video ‘Better Make Room’ for College Kids, Obama Says

First Lady Michelle Obama launched a media campaign last week to support young people who want to go to college. A social media website called Better Make Room is at the center of this campaign. This website helps share information and stories between students applying to college.

Audio Future Doctors Learn Medical English in Havana

Doctors who practice in international organizations must learn to use English to communicate with patients and co-workers. At the Enrique Cabrera Medical School in Havana, Cuba, the English program helps medical students prepare to work in English-speaking countries.

Video Can You Wrap Your Words Around These Tongue-Twisters?

Saying tongue-twisters is a kind of word game. American University students who study Japanese meet Japanese tongue-twisters. Exchange students from Japan also struggle with English tongue-twisters. Guess the meanings of some tongue twisters and try them yourself!

Video Rethinking Grammar: How We Talk

For better or worse, we judge people by the way they speak. The minute you open your mouth, you are giving clues about yourself—where you grew up, with whom you grew up, and where you went to school.

Video Students Get Motivation Straight From the Top

Many life coaches say that the key to getting what you want out of life is to keep motivated. Motivation is the energy that keeps you moving toward your goals. A group of DC students recently got motivation from a very unlikely source.

Audio Everyday Grammar: Introducing Phrasal Verbs

English learners face the difficulty of learning a large number of English phrasal verbs. This week we explain their history and give some helpful advice on how to spot and use these verbs.

Video Rethinking Grammar: Who Makes the Rules?

Every week, thousands of VOA Learning English listeners turn to our series Everyday Grammar to learn grammar rules. Have you ever wondered who makes the grammar rules? In this multipart series, Rethinking Grammar, we’re going to take a deeper look at grammar, power, and politics.

Audio Everyday Grammar: When Nouns Act Like Adjectives

English speakers usually modify a noun with an adjective. Today the Everyday Grammar team looks at the times English speakers modify a noun with another noun. Learn how to say and write them correctly in this episode.

Audio Children Targeted for Better Learning in Cambodia

The Liger Learning Center says it wants to transform education in Cambodia with technology and a modern approach to teaching and learning.

Audio Everyday Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives

When we want to compare things we use comparative and superlative forms. Find out some of rules and exceptions of these important forms in Everyday Grammar for this week.

Audio Terror in Cameroon Targets School Children

Children and teachers cannot go to school safely in the area along Cameroon’s northern border with Nigeria. Security forces, parents, and the government are doing all they can to keep school campuses safe.

Audio Kenyan Education Ministry Orders Schools to Close

The government ordered all schools to close because of a strike by Kenyan teachers. The teachers’ union head says teachers suffer from a history of unfair treatment by the government. A move to impeach President Kenyatta over the strike has begun in the Kenyan parliament.

Audio Students Love Grammar! So Why Do Teachers Hate It?

There has been a trend against teaching grammar to native speakers as well as English learners. Now the experts say it should be taught along with communication, and students need to know grammar to communicate well. And when it’s taught in a fun way, they love it!

The Day in Photos

A train travels through hills covered by snow after heavy snowfall on the outskirts of Beijing, China, November 23, 2015.

A train travels through hills covered by snow after heavy snowfall on the outskirts of Beijing, China, November 23, 2015.

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