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Changes in SAT Exam Make it Harder for Foreign Students

Students leave after a Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT) exam at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong November 2, 2013.

Changes to the US college entrance exam SAT will take effect in 2016. Those changes could make the tests more difficult for foreign students. | As It Is More

Audio Progress Seen for Education in Africa

An United Nations report shows progress being made in education in Africa. But will all African countries meet the UN Millennium Development Goals by 2015? | As It Is

Audio New Opportunities Open for Foreign Engineering Students

New scholarship opportunities are available for foreign engineering students to study and work in the United States. And, an American performer shares his talents with children in Rwanda. | As It Is

UN: One Million Syrian Children Are Refugees

Many of these children are separated from their family and not in school. In Burma, efforts are underway to build schools in rural areas. | As It Is

Audio Economists Say College Costs Hurt the Economy

Many students are turning to online classes to meet their goals for higher education | As It Is

Audio Asian Countries Top International School Test

Also, we look at the growing demand for classes in English slang | As It Is

Audio Music and the Human Brain

American study explores how musical training in childhood can influence the adult brain | SCIENCE IN THE NEWS

Dictionary word lookup

Converts article words into clickable word definitions.

Audio Program Helps First Time Parents

And, Homeboy Industries helps kids quit Los Angeles gangs | As It Is

Audio Graduating Early from Medical, Law School

Should students be able to graduate from medical school in three years and law school in two? | As It Is

Audio A Non-Profit Group Gives Millions of Needy Children 'Room to Read'

Also, children learn about business basics, and we remember the United States Supreme Court ruling that banned discrimination in schools.

Audio An Unusual Instrument for Sale at the Smithsonian Craft Show

We also play new music from Phoenix and tell about clothing swaps | American Mosaic

What Online Teens Consider 'Research'

A survey of U.S. middle and high school teachers highlights the need for digital literacy | EDUCATION REPORT

Tragedy at One School, Renewal at Another

Read, listen and learn English with this story. Double-click on any word to find the definition in the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary.

Vietnamese Man Wants a “Book Revolution” in his Country

Nguyen Quang Thach provides libraries filled with books to rural schools | EDUCATION REPORT

MOOCs Are Moving Forward

More universities are developing long-distance courses by computer for students throughout the world | EXPLORATIONS

Kurdish Lessons Now Allowed in Some Turkish Schools

But the prime minister says other subjects must still be taught in Turkey's official language, Turkish | EDUCATION REPORT

How an Allowance Helps Children Learn About Money

Parents can use even small amounts to teach about giving, spending and saving | ECONOMICS REPORT

Number of International Students Attending American Colleges and Universities Continues Rising

A new report says a record number of students from China were studying in the United States during the past school year | EDUCATION REPORT

Puberty Lessons for Girls May Raise Attendance

Research in Africa looks at the effects of providing free information and sanitary pads to teens | EDUCATION REPORT

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