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Malia Obama's College Decision Brings Attention to 'Gap Year'

Others May Follow Malia Obama’s Lead and Delay College for a Year

President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, will complete her high school studies in a few weeks. She has decided to wait a year before starting her first year at Harvard University. News coverage of the announcement may lead other parents and teenagers to do the same, according to experts. More

Schools in US Don’t Get Same Funding

Every school has one job – to help students learn. But schools in the United States get very different amounts of money to do that job. If you guessed schools in wealthier communities generally get more money for education and other services, you would be right.

Learning How to Ask Questions

Suzanne Meyer says that students need to practice question-asking activities. Question-asking activities help students to become better language learners. By practicing question-asking activities, students can improve their language skills and develop critical thinking skills.

Kids Need More Than 'The Basics' to Learn

America’s top education official says kids need more than just the basics – math, reading and writing. U.S. Education Secretary John King said his New York elementary school teacher helped him experience the arts and current events and that helped make him who he is today.

Audio If You Did Not Get into Harvard, Do Not Worry

Fewer than 5 percent of the students who applied to Stanford University in California were accepted this year. About 6 percent of the applicants to Yale University in Connecticut were admitted. But one writer says don't worry if you did not get into a school like Stanford, Yale or Harvard.

Audio Success In Debating and Business

After learning to be a successful debater, students can apply their critical thinking skills in the business world. They can express opinions, give reasons and support their reasons with evidence as they take part in business meetings and discussions. They also learn to understand Western culture.

Audio What America's Top Schools Have in Common website has recognized what it calls the best public high schools in the United States. All four have a lot in common. They choose only the students who do best in entrance exams. They offer a mix of difficult classes. The four schools have a large percentage of Asian-American students.

Audio Successful Debate for Expressing Opinions

Many students of English engage in debate as part of their training. In Part Two of our Successful Debate series, we learn the kinds of debate topics that work well for English learners. An expert shares tips for organizing a debate in a large class and for answering arguments.

More US Students Choose College Overseas

The Institute of International Education, or IIE, says that the number of U.S. students pursuing college degrees in Western Europe increased by about 5 percent from 2010 to 2012. In the 2011-2012 school year, there were 46,571 U.S. students enrolled in degree programs in 14 countries.

Audio Successful Debate Is Like Building a House

As an English learner, you want to be able to understand and to discuss a subject. You want to have the ability to express your opinions, and to support that opinion. In the first of our three-part series on debate, an English teacher tells about his simple approach to teaching this valuable skill.

Audio Students React to New SAT College Entrance Exam

The new exam focuses less on vocabulary words. It focuses more on everyday learning and analysis by students. On the old SAT, students lost points if they guessed the wrong answer. On the new SAT, students are not penalized for guessing.

Some New Words for VOA's Word Book

Some big news today here at VOA Learning English. We are adding new words to our 1,500-word Word Book.

College Students Describe Election in One Word: Crazy

There are 18.5 million college students in the United States. Trying to understand who they vote for and why can be difficult. But no matter how they vote in the 2016 election, they are making their voices heard.

Solar Powered Library Helps Remote Students

In the village of Naviso, some people have never heard of the Internet. That is not uncommon in the South Pacific, where some people have limited access to learning resources. To help with that problem, California Polytechnic State University students and professor develop SolarSPELL

Education Controversy in Hong Kong

Proposed education changes are causing debates in Hong Kong about its own future.

Part-Time Professors Demand Full-Time Work

Professors across the U.S. are paid less and less every year. They are also not able to find jobs that give them enough work or last for very long. But some professors are starting to organize and demand greater pay and more job security from their universities.

Audio Palestinian Wins Teaching Prize and $1 Million

Palestinian teacher Hanan Al-Hroub won the prestigious Global Teacher Prize on Sunday. Pope Francis announced the award in a video message. The award is for $1 million dollars.

Audio US Universities Want More African Students

Only 3 percent of the almost 1 million international students studying at U.S. universities in the 2014-2015 school year came from Sub-Saharan Africa. But members of the U.S. government and schools across the country are trying to increase that number by visiting African nations.

Audio Kanye Tweets for Cheaper Textbooks

When Kanye West wrote a message on Twitter about the price of textbooks, Tidewater Community College responded. Over the past 30 years, the price of textbooks that universities require students to buy has gone up by more than 1000 percent. Now schools like Tidewater are offering a different option.

Audio National Grammar Day Is Here!

Lovers of the English language celebrate National Grammar Day on March 4. Several websites offer resources and are even checking the grammar of famous people on Twitter for this holiday. How will you be spending your Friday?

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A woman pass by a graffiti drawing in Beirut, Lebanon, May 4, 2016.

A woman pass by a graffiti drawing in Beirut, Lebanon, May 4, 2016.

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