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New Minister Cleans Up Cambodia’s Education System

Students being monitored at testing place

Over 75% of students failed their Grade 12 final examinations in August 2014. Why did so many students have trouble passing? A recently established government policy had prevented cheating. Hang Chuon Naron, the new Education Minister, wants to end corruption in the schools. More

Video How Do You Develop More Female Engineers?

The Obama administration wants to spend billions of dollars on education in science, technology, and engineering (STEM). The challenge is making girls feel welcome in this area of study. Parents, educators and toy makers are trying to increase the numbers of girls studying STEM subjects.

Audio Tips for Writing: ‘They Say, I Say’

English learners often think that academic writing is all about spelling, grammar, and organization. Author Cathy Birkenstein says almost anyone can put a sentence together. The difficult part is learning to read and think critically. Listen to these tips from Birkenstein and Gerald Graff.

Audio Test Scores Drop in South Africa with New Education Plan

Every year, South African 12th grade students take a test to decide their next steps following the completion of high school. Many students were unhappy with the results of their 2014 exam. The scores were released January 5. Universities use the scores to make admissions decisions.

College Women Return to Guide High School Students

Women in their late teens and twenties have a lot to offer younger women. The older students are already successful, said one high school principal. They can teach younger women to find their paths, too. The name of the mentoring program is Imara Roose. Imara is Swahili for strong.

Audio Writing School Papers: Does Your First Version Say It All?

You have written your research paper, your personal essay, your book review. You have provided good information in the needed number of words. You feel good because your work is finished. But is it really done? Many teachers & professional writers believe writing well means making needed revisions.

Video High Stakes Threaten the Security of English Language Tests

High-stakes language test results have an important outcome for the test-taker. They are so important that people are sometimes willing to cheat. But new technology and online tests help make sure that the person taking a test is the person who receives the results, and keep people honest.

Video New English Tests Are Better, but Harder

Editor’s note: This article is the third in our series on English language testing. In this article, we look at trends in language testing, accuracy of the tests and how the tests are changing. We also talk with Dr. Clive Roberts of ELS Educational Services on changes to English language tests

Video Tips for Applying to US Colleges, Part Three

For the third part of our series “Tips for Applying to US Colleges” we visited Shenandoah University. Shenandoah University is named for the scenic Shenandoah Valley in the US state of Virginia. It is a private institution with about 4,000 students from 55 countries.

Audio Will Chinese Replace English as the Global Language?

Mandarin Chinese already has the most native speakers of any language. And, China may soon pass the United States as the world’s largest economy. Is Chinese the language of the future? Could it replace English as the world’s international language? Not so fast, several experts weigh in.

Audio Writing the Narrative Essay: How to Find the Words

A narrative essay tells a story from the writer’s experience. It is something the writer has lived through. And this essay usually follows events in the order they happened. Experts from Purdue University offer tips and suggestions for finding the rights words for your own narrative essay.

Audio Understanding of English Improves Worldwide

The world’s understanding of English appears to be getting better. The private education company EF recently released a report called English Proficiency Index. The report ranks English language proficiency in 63 countries into five categories or classes. Test scores also increase in the TOEFL.

Audio Expand Your Skills for Writing College Papers

Many students say there is no easy way to write college papers. This may be especially true if English is not your first language. Most teachers agree that there is no single “correct” way to create a personal essay or a research paper. But there are methods to help you structure your papers.

Video S. Korean Students Stressed Over College Entrance Exam

More than half a million South Korean students in their final year of high school recently took the university entrance examination. Many people consider success on this test the first step toward a good life. But South Korean students say they feel stressed from the pressure.

Video US Hosts Record Number of Foreign Students

Almost 900,000 international students are studying in American colleges and universities today. Nearly half of this record number of foreign students are from Asia, mainly China. America also has more of the world’s 4.5 million international students than any other country. | Education Report

Video US Teachers Reach Out to Indonesians in 'Access'

Access provides two years of free English classes to needy young people around the world. One of the largest Access programs is in Indonesia --with about 1,000 students. To find out if there will be an Access class near you, contact the U.S. Embassy in your home country.

In Kenya Prison, Criminals Become Students

In Kenya Prison, Criminals Become Students

Video Tips for Applying to US Colleges, Part Two

For part two of our tips for applying to American colleges, we visit George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia. George Mason University is the largest public research university in the state of Virginia. It has about 33,000 students, and more than 100 different majors and specializations.

Audio Ebola Forces Sierra Leone Students to Learn by Radio

More than one million children in Sierra Leone have been unable to attend school because of the continuing Ebola crisis. But educational programs are now broadcast on 41 radio stations as well as the country’s only television station. The radio classes air three hours a day, five days a week.

Audio Writing Groups Can Help Students with Papers

Ms. Ahern-Dodson says that students usually share their writing only when it is completed and ready to give to the teacher. Instead, she suggests that you prepare an early draft version. Then, ask yourself who can give you helpful feedback, or reaction, on what you have written.

Learn with The News

  • NASA's Dawn spacecraft heading toward the dwarf planet Ceres.   (Image - NASA/JPL-Caltech)

    Video NASA Spacecraft, Dawn, Close to Reaching a 'Dwarf Planet'

    Dawn is set to reach the dwarf planet Ceres in March. Scientists will use the spacecraft to gather clues about whether the distant, ice-covered object may have once had conditions to support life as we know it. Dawn, which left Earth seven years ago, will also explore another small planet, Vesta. More

  • Students learning computer skills on a mobile bus in Nairobi, Kenya

    Video Mobile Computer Lab Helps Thousands in Nairobi Slum

    A non-profit group is working to give Kenya’s poorest citizens access to information and technology. The Craft Silicon Foundation provides people who live in Kawangware a computer lab and computer training classes on a mobile bus. The bus has 12 computers powered by the sun through solar panels. More

  • Audio Former Secretaries of State Discuss National Security

    Henry Kissinger, George Schultz and Madeleine Albright talked about Islamic militants, immigration and the crisis in Ukraine. Protesters interrupted the event and tried to arrest Kissinger. They accused him of wrongdoing in South America, Vietnam and other countries. | As It Is More

  • Patriots Football

    Audio The Epidemic of Cheating in Sports

    Throughout time, cheating in sports has caused debate and dispute. Athletes often do whatever it takes to win in competition. Some take drugs that are meant to improve their performance, such as steroids. These might make them run faster or hit a baseball harder. More

  • freedom house vid

    Video Freedom House: Democratic Ideals Threatened Around the World

    The rights group Freedom House has reported a general decline in political and civil rights around the world last year. The group said its measure of international freedom has dropped in each of the past nine years. It added that democratic ideals are now under the greatest threat in 25 years More

Featured Stories

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, joins U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Gov. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., during a get out the vote rally.

    Audio Why Do So Few US Women Hold Top Jobs?

    A new study by the Pew Research Center found that the public says women are just as qualified as men to hold top positions in business and politics. But women are still not equally represented in those top jobs. Most Americans think they will see a woman president in their lifetimes. More

  • AFC Championship Football

    Superbowl Sunday: The Patriots, the Seahawks and Katy Perry, Too

    The National Football League championship game is hugely popular with sports fans and television advertisers. Tens of millions of people watch the game for the competitive play and for the funny commercials broadcast throughout. Many also enjoy the halftime show. This year Katy Perry will entertain. More

  • NYC subway art

    Video New York's 'Underground Museum' Pleases Passersby

    For the past thirty years, artists have been asked to create works of art for New York’s huge subway and train system. The works often relate to city life or to the neighborhood of a station. Some people call it New York’s “underground art museum," with over 250 pieces of original artwork. More

  • agridrone

    Video French Farmers Are Using Drones to Examine Their Crops

    It used to be mostly the military that used small, unpiloted aircraft, called “drones.” The little planes were very costly. But as they have dropped in price more people have begun to use them. Rescue workers and farmers are among the new users. The drones save money and time. More

  • Video Is There a Better Way to Track Passenger Planes?

    New technology could help to more closely follow passenger airplanes, and find them when they crash; international group to meet next month to discuss changes. Airline industry leaders and regulators want to improve airplane safety. They want better, more dependable tracking devices. More

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