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Politicians Suggest Ways to Reduce College Tuition

The cost of higher education is an important issue in the U.S. presidential elections. What plans do candidates have for reducing costs? More

Audio US Religious Colleges Test Anti-Discrimination Law

The US government protects the rights of every person to receive equal education. But some religious colleges and universities can choose to ignore this right. These schools can discriminate against some people if the beliefs of the school's religion say the schools cannot accept them.

Audio Do You Pay Full Tuition While Your Roommate Pays Less?

Public and private schools engage in price discrimination, which means charging different prices to different students. Colleges often use computer programs to give a price. The price reflects a student's willingness to pay, academic record, ethnicity, and the major that they are likely to choose.

Audio SAT Testing in Asia Cancelled in Cheating Scandal

The SAT is a standardized test that measures academic ability. Many colleges and universities in the U.S. require students to take the SAT before applying.

Audio Best Tool to Teach Baby Speak? Their Parents' Voice

Parents teach their babies more when they let them play with traditional toys, instead of electronic toys, says a new study. The study says how quickly children develop language is based on what they hear from parents. And not much talking occurs when kids play with electronic toys, says the study.

Audio Taking Steps toward a Great College Paper

College level writing is very different from any other type of writing. It is more difficult than high school writing. College level writing can cause problems for international students. But, there are some methods students can use to create the best writing possible.

Audio Manbun Fights With Dadbod For 'Word'

When the American Dialect Society met to choose their Words of the Year, there were two new categories to think about: hashtags and emojis. Learn about those and the American Name Society’s choices for important names of 2016.

Video 'They' Wins as Linguists’ Word of the Year

Linguists looked at the names and words that were in the news and decided which ones will be used and remembered beyond 2015. The American Dialect Society made its decision at the Linguistic Society of America annual conference in Washington D.C. this week.

Audio Flying Robots Are Coming to US Universities

Drones are flying robots that people use for fun and for work. More and more jobs involving drones are created every day. Now some US universities are starting drone classes and degree programs. But, some new laws make drone piloting difficult.

Audio Why Do Americans 'Color' But the British 'Colour?' Thank Noah Webster

In the first years of the U.S., many Americans spoke German, Hebrew, Latin or English influenced by British history and literature. But one teacher believed the new nation needed its own language. For American English learners, Noah Webster may be the most important figure in U.S. history.

Audio Public Speaking, Grammar Lead Top Education Stories

Our website’s review of the top Education stories this year showed that English learners want to improve their public speaking skills. Other strong interests among our audience include tests of English, grammar and academic writing.

Video College Rankings Look at Many Factors

Many organizations have lists that rank the quality of colleges in America. They rank schools for everything from best academics to best value. But rankings are not as straightforward as they may seem.

Audio New US Education Law Gives States More Control

States and local communities in the United States gained more control over education standards and testing last week. U.S. President Barack Obama signed the education reforms into law last week.

Audio Google Looks to Black Universities for Diversity

White males hold more positions in big technology companies like Google, Apple & IBM than any other group of people. But Google is trying to solve this problem by sending employees to teach at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the US.

Audio One School, Five Languages

In the New York City public schools, 176 languages are spoken. With so many languages, New York’s Department of Education struggles to give every child an equal chance to learn. Their dual-language program is taught in nine different languages, with plans for more in the future.

Video Online University Offers Poor Students a Chance

Emmanuel always wanted to go to a U.S. university. But when he came to the U.S. he didn't have the money to pay for a university education. Also, he is not living in the U.S. legally. Luckily he found the University of the People.

Audio UK Minorities More Likely Than Whites to Attend University

A new report shows that ethnic minority students in the UK are more likely to go to college than white British students. Researchers found that poor white British students are the least likely of all groups to go to university.

Audio US 'Open Doors' for International Students

The number of international students studying in the US is larger than ever. There was a 10 percent increase in the number of international students from 2014 to 2015. International students also added $30.8 billion to the US economy.

Audio Peacemakers, Employers Come Together for Education

Several leaders of non-governmental organizations came together to mark International Education Week. At a discussion in Washington, D.C., they told about education programs in places like Lebanon to prevent violence between Lebanese and Syrian youth.

Audio International Students Find Ways to Pay High Tuition

The 2015 Open Doors report shows 65 percent of funding for all international students comes from the students or their families. However, not all international students have enough money to pay full tuition. Many international students are finding other ways to pay the high cost.

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People burn incense as they pray for good fortune on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, at a temple in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

People burn incense as they pray for good fortune on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, at a temple in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

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