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Health Report

Raw Chocolate Is Better For Your Health

A cocoa farmer and some of her crop in southern Vietnam.

Is Chocolate Good For Us? Or Just Good. The experts may disagree on that point. But most agree that raw chocolate could be the healthiest type yet. More

Audio Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads in Southeast Asia

Doctors are worried about a type of malaria spreading in South East Asia that is not responding to usual treatments. Doctors can still treat infected patients with stronger drug cocktails. But they worry that it is just a matter of time before those medicines also become ineffective.

Audio While You Sleep, Your Brain Works

While we sleep, our brains are doing much more than getting ready for the next day. Researchers at the University of Rochester found that the brain may be busy cleaning house -- cleaning out harmful waste materials.

Audio Brain Imaging Improves Treatment for Depression

Clinical depression is a serious medical condition. The word “clinical” is added to separate people who are depressed from those who simply feel sad because of life events. Researchers have identified one area of the brain that reacts to talk therapy or medications by “lighting up” | HEALTH REPORT

Audio Mindfulness Meditation to Reduce Tension

More and more people in the U.S. feel tensions from work, family and technology. To ease these feelings many are joining the Mindfulness Meditation Movement. Check it out for yourself.

Audio Marijuana Helps Children with Epilepsy

People who support legalization of marijuana say some kinds of the plant offer extraordinary help for human health. For example, one kind of medical marijuana is reported to ease effects of epilepsy, a disease of the nervous system.

Audio Conversations Find Lost Memories

Conversations about the past are proving to help senior citizens remember the present. These conversations are also helping them fight depression and feel better about themselves. | Health Report

Audio Ebola: Staying Safe Against a Killer Disease

The World Health Organization says the deadly disease Ebola is spreading in West Africa. How would you protect yourself against a disease that kills most people it infects? | Health Report

Audio 3-D Technology Saves Lives

New three-dimensional technology may help find more deadly tumors in breast tissue missed by standard two-dimensional technology. | Health Report

Audio WHO: Alcohol Can Kill

Not all drinking is harmless, social drinking. The World Health Organization warns that some dangerous trends in alcohol drinking around the world are killing people. Find out more. | Health Report

Audio Electric Shocks, Not Drugs, Help A Brain Disease.

New treatment of a brain disease uses electricity. And researches say this could be the start of something beautiful. | Health Report

Audio Obama Joins Head Injury Debate

Studies show different findings on the dangers of concussions in sports. So, President Obama joins together health and sports leaders to discuss the issue. | Health Report

Audio The Effects of Bullying on Health

Growing evidence suggests that the effects of being bullied do not end with childhood. Poor health from being bullied may follow well into adulthood. | Health Report

Audio Could This Be the Fountain of Youth for Mice and Men?

A protein found in the blood of young mice reverses the effects of aging in older mice. Could this be the “fountain of youth” for mice and humans?

Audio E-Cigarettes Safer, But Not Risk Free

U.S. Poison Control Centers have seen a large increase in calls about e-cigarette poisoning, mostly of children | Health Report

Audio Men and Women Really Do Think Differently

The brains of men and women really are different. New research shows just how much different the wiring of our brains are. | Health report

Audio MERS Virus Spreads Outside Middle East

Experts are watching a viral outbreak in the Middle East for signs that it could spread around the world. | Health Report

Audio Women Are Giving Birth at Home – On Purpose!

Only one percent of babies in the United States are born at home. However, interest in home deliveries is on the rise. In Los Angeles, California, for example, some women are choosing to use midwives instead of the usual hospital birth with a doctor.

Audio Herbs and Spices May Be Good for Your Health

Some herbs and spices are valued for their taste. They help to sharpen the taste of many foods. Others are chosen for their smell. Studies from universities found that they may be good for your health. | Science in The News

Audio Speaking More than One Language Could Delay Dementia

Today on the program, we tell you how many millions in China could be saved from smoking-related diseases. But first, we report on how to delay or prevent mental decline. | As It Is

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