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Burned Firefighter Gets Historic Face Transplant

Back in 2001, a firefighter lost his face when a burning roof collapsed on him. In what is called a “historic” accomplishment, he got a completely new face from an organ donor. More

Audio Drink and Smoke Go 'Hand-in-Hand,' Scientists Say

Drinking and smoking are activities that commonly go hand-in-hand. But there may be a scientific reason why. Researchers are studying the brain for answers.

Audio New Gene Therapy 'Precisely' Targets Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death for people worldwide. But precision medicine is poised to revolutionize cancer treatment. It tailors drug treatment to each person’s unique genetic make-up, thanks to rapidly evolving technological innovations.

Audio Man's Life Saved After Tapeworm Removed from Brain

A college student in California suffering from common symptoms almost died recently from a shocking cause. Read on to learn useful medical words like "parasite," "contaminate" and "nausea."

Audio Banana Protein May Help Kill Viruses

Bananas are often called the perfect food. They are nutritious. To most people, they taste great. And they come in their own biodegradable packaging. And now there is another reason to love bananas. Read on to find out what it is.

Audio Angry Men More Influential than Angry Women

In a new study, angry men were shown to be influential in a group. Angry women were seen as emotional and less influential. This has implications for women trying to exert influence in the workplace and in their everyday lives.

Audio Introvert or Extrovert. Which One Are You?

Which of these people sound most like you? Person A, who tries to talk to everyone at a party and stays late? Or Person B, who prefers to talk to only a few people and leaves early? If you said Person A, you are probably more extroverted. If you said Person B, you are probably more introverted.

Audio WHO: Processed Meat Can Cause Cancer

Eating processed meat can cause cancer, World Health Organization experts said Monday. Processed meat is meat that has been preserved by curing, salting, smoking, drying or canning. Researchers say there is "sufficient evidence" meats like bacon and hot dogs cause cancer.

Audio Black Death Older Than We Thought

Bubonic Plague killed more than half of the European population during the 1300s. But that is not the first time it killed. Researchers say the plague may have affected earlier civilizations. Read on to learn more about the plague as well as how to use the expression, "cause quite a stir."

Audio Move Over Fast Fashion, Here Comes Slow Fashion

Many clothing companies have made a fortune turning top fashion into inexpensive clothes for young buyers. But some people in their 20s and 30s say they are tired of "fast fashion." They want fewer, better clothes. Now, clothing companies must act quickly to keep up with "slow fashion."

Audio Study Links Video Game Use to Problems in School

A new study warns that too much time spent playing computer games could affect a child's performance at school. Britain's National Children’s Bureau Northern Ireland reported the results of the study. They show that too many hours spent playing games can reduce students' chances of success.

Audio Report: Smoking Will Kill One in Three Young Men in China

If you are a Chinese man and smoke, you may want to stop. That is because one in three of all the young men in China will die from the health effects of tobacco, researchers say. In this context, hear how we use the expression "silver bullet."

Video Fathers Learn to Balance Parenting, Work

Who is more important in a child’s life: a mother or a father? An American-Russian church community says both are important, but a father’s role is often overlooked. A place called River House runs programs to help fathers learn to be better parents, balance work and spend time with their children.

Audio Too Much Internet May Be Bad for Teenagers

A new study says frequent Internet use could be giving teenagers high blood pressure. Read on to learn what high blood pressure could do to their bodies and how to avoid it from happening. On the lighter side, learn two common idioms that describes a situation that is too far gone to change.

Audio At What Temperature Will Your Hair Fry?

Blowdrying. Curling. Straightening. Heat has been used to control hair for hundreds of years. But how much is too much? If you’ve ever opened a very hot oven, you know that heat can burn your eyebrows off your face very quickly.

Audio 400 Million Live with Hepatitis

About 400 million people around the world are living with viral hepatitis. And some people do not know they have it. But nearly one million of those infected will die each year. There are different kinds of hepatitis with different treatments. The question is: can people afford it.

Audio Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes May Reduce Addiction

A new study suggests that selling only cigarettes with very low nicotine levels may actually help people stop smoking. Researchers studied more than 800 smokers. However, cigarette replacements, like e-cigarettes, have not reduced nicotine addiction or tobacco use.

Video Older Athletes, Lower Fitness Age

There are many benefits to exercise. You feel better and are more healthy. But can it really make you younger? A new study focused on older athletes says you can lower your fitness age -- no matter how early or how late in life. Fitness age is how well your body works.

Audio Step Aside Millennials: Over-60s to Double by 2050

A new World Health Organization report says the number of people older than 60 is expected to double by the year 2050. Globally, 1-in 5 people -- or 20 percent -- will be over the age of 60. The report says societies need to adjust to an aging population.

Audio Coffee Before Bed Does More Than Keep You Awake

Sleep is important for our mental and physical health. But, an internationally popular drug may interfere with that. Caffeine is found in coffee and other foods and drink. Researchers now say to be careful about when you drink it!

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 A volunteer holds up a baby as others help migrants and refugees to disembark from a dinghy after their arrival from the Turkish coast on the Greek island of Lesbos.

A volunteer holds up a baby as others help migrants and refugees to disembark from a dinghy after their arrival from the Turkish coast on the Greek island of Lesbos.


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