April 21, 2014 07:05 UTC


Speaking More than One Language Could Delay Dementia

One hemisphere of a healthy brain (L) is pictured next to one hemisphere of a brain of a person suffering from Alzheimer disease.

Today on the program, we tell you how many millions in China could be saved from smoking-related diseases. But first, we report on how to delay or prevent mental decline. | As It Is More

Are You Hardcore Enough for CrossFit?

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Audio Group Claims Older People Are Denied Basic Health Care

Many older adults do not have good quality of life. Also, health care law will affect U.S. elections | As It Is

Audio West Africans Fear Spread of Ebola Virus

The first case of Ebola virus was reported last month in Guinea’s southeastern forest area. The outbreak has caused widespread fear that the deadly virus will spread across borders. Also, experts suggest why the U.S. Congress gets so little work done | As It Is

Audio Pakistanis Suffer from Drought but Find New Energy Sources

Some Pakistanis need rain. Others use water and small machines to make electricity | As It Is

Audio Device Finds Malaria Infections in Seconds

Today on the program, we report on how antibacterial soap manufacturers must prove their products are more effective than normal soap and water. But first, researchers have developed a medical device which they say can find malaria infections in the human body. | As It Is

Audio Smartphone Apps Aren't Just for Fun and Games

If you think Smartphone apps are just for sharing photos and playing games, think again. Two new apps make it easier for you to share potentially life-shaving medical information. | As It Is

Audio Can Music Help Your Pain?

And, “Walking with Dinosaurs” Blends Entertainment, Science | As It Is

Audio How Babies Learn, When, and Even In What Position

Studies offer better understanding of when and how babies learn, the importance of exposure to language early in a baby’s life and the effect of high-quality child care | SCIENCE IN THE NEWS

Audio Chimpanzees May Recognize Emotions in Others

Study finds as chimps grow, they increase their ability for empathy, learning to recognize the emotions of others | As It Is

Audio Health Problems in Sub-Saharan Africa

But the number of hungry worldwide declines | As It Is

Audio Deaths Among Young Children Decrease Worldwide

And, Iraqi law professor visits American law schools | As It Is

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Audio Good for Agriculture, Bad for Public Health

Adding water to some very dry areas can increase malaria risk | As It Is

Audio Fighting Malaria, Brain Cancer and TB

The latest news in the fight against the three deadly diseases | As It Is

Audio Issues for the Elderly, and Those Who Care for Them

A British study examines the connection between social activity and death rates among older people

Audio Help for Heroin Addicts

Scientists have developed an experimental vaccine that may help heroin users end their dependency on the drug | As It Is

WHO Countries to Vaccinate Children

Around the world, 22 million children are not protected from dangerous diseases with basic vaccines | HEALTH REPORT

Fight Against Militants in Pakistan Leads to Advanced Treatments for Wounded

Thousands of troops have lost arms and legs in the fight against terrorists and militants | HEALTH REPORT

Malawi Hospital Expands Use of Electronic Records

Electronic medical records are not just for rich countries | HEALTH REPORT