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Learn with The News

  • A visitor walks past the statues of  the characters  from the Chinese novel 'Journey to the West' Thursday March 15, 2007 in Lanzhou, Gansu Province in China. Lanzhou was an important town along with the ancient  Silk Road connecting China and Europe and

    Audio China Looks to Open New Silk Roads

    Chinese officials have been campaigning for the establishment of two new trade routes they call the Silk Roads. One of the routes would be a land-based road. The other would be for trade ships at sea. More

  • Religious groups, aid groups and charities help US government with humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

    Audio Aid Groups, Volunteers Help US with Immigrant Crisis

    Tens of thousands of Central American children have entered the United States without family members. Government agencies struggling to deal with the crisis are getting support from charities and other groups. | As It Is More

  • Ebola virus kills majority of people infected by it

    Audio NGOs Work to Stop the Spread of Ebola

    Organizations are helping local officials with containment and prevention efforts, treating people, and supplying medicines and medical workers | As It Is More

  • German Simon Taddiken prepares his robots during a soccer match in the Standard Platform League at the RoboCup GermanOpen 2013 in Magdeburg, central Germany, April 26, 2013.

    Audio Move over World Cup, Time for RoboCup

    A major football event will happen in the South American country later this month, but with teams of robots playing the game. The robot teams are guided by teams of humans from around the world. The event is known as RoboCup. More

  • A member of Iraq's navy guards an oil tanker near Al-Basra in this picture from March. Unrest has hurt Iraqi trade.  The country is Turkey's second largest trade partner.

    Audio Iraqi Unrest Threatens Turkish Economy

    In Turkey, many people are concerned about the economic effects of unrest across the border in Iraq. The country is Turkey’s second largest trading partner. Turkish companies export about $14 billion a year to Iraq. | As It Is More

Featured Stories

  • Travel with Dog

    Audio School Helps Dogs with Fear of Flying

    Service dogs almost never leave the side of the people they care for. You see them on buses, trains and other public transportation. But loud, crowded, bumpy airplane flights require special preparation. Now, a dog school in Hollywood provides it | American Mosaic More

  • A woman undergoes a mammography exam, a special type of X-ray of the breasts used to detect tumors.

    Audio 3-D Technology Saves Lives

    New three-dimensional technology may help find more deadly tumors in breast tissue missed by standard two-dimensional technology. | Health Report More

  • Illustration of Earth as seen from the moon. The gravitational tug-of-war between Earth and the moon raises a small bulge on the moon. The position of this bulge shifts slightly over time.

    Audio Will US, Russia Continue Space Cooperation?

    Also, space scientists see effect of Earth’s gravity on Moon; and, a quarter-century of images of space from the Hubble telescope | Science in the News More

  • A young man jumps into a swimming pool to keep cool.

    Audio Songs About Summer

    Most Americans say their favorite season of the year is summer | This Is America More

  • Audio Celebrating America in Song

    Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with family gatherings, parades, speeches and fireworks. They also celebrate with patriotic music | American Mosaic More

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