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Obama Halloween

Audio Halloween Is Big with Kids and Business

The National Retail Federation says sales of Halloween goods will total about $7.4 billion this year. It says the average American will spend about $77. The group expects 162 million people to celebrate. The NRF predicts 54 million of them will hold Halloween parties. | American Mosaic More

A print shows the Second Battle of Bull Run, also called Second Manassas.

Audio South Defeats North Again at Manassas

Lincoln named George Pope to lead the Army of Virginia. He wanted to join Pope’s forces with the Army of the Potomac and break through Confederate defenses around Richmond. But General Robert E. Lee decided to hit Pope first. More

Star House

Video Home of Last Comanche Chief Close to Ruins

One of the most interesting people in U.S. history is Quanah Parker, the last chief of the country’s Comanche Indian tribe. Quanah Parker was the son of a Comanche warrior and a white woman who had been captured by the Indians. Quanah Parker was a fierce fighter. More

FILE - A veterinarian at the nonprofit Bali Animal Welfare Association gives a rabies shot to a puppy in Kebon Kaja village, Bangli Regency in Bali, Indonesia.

Audio Mass Vaccination of Dogs Can Eliminate Rabies

About 70,000 people worldwide die every year of rabies. Rabies is a viral infection that people get mainly through dog bites. Scientists say vaccinating dogs can effectively get rid of rabies outbreaks in dog populations. And this will have a domino effect, fewer humans with rabies. More

Methane oxidizing

Photogallery Small Organisms in Deep Sea Rocks Eat Methane

The gas methane has been linked to rising temperatures on Earth. But methane does not stay in the atmosphere as long as another “greenhouse gas” -- carbon dioxide. Scientists say both gases trap heat from the sun. They prevent heat from escaping into outer space. More

News Words

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News Words: Consensusi
Our hosts explain the term consensus and how it may be used in the news. Then, write a comment or ask us a question below.

Video News Words: Consensus

Our hosts explain the term consensus and how it may be used in the news. Then, write a comment or ask us a question below.

Video News Words: Revision

Sometimes things need to change. Our hosts tell you about the term "revision" on News Words. Then comment or write a sentence using the word. We will answer you.

Video News Words: Stabilize

Keep it steady. Watch and our hosts will explain what it means to "stabilize" on News Words. Then, comment or ask us a question. We will respond

Video News Words: Convoy

"Convoy" is not a word you hear in the news every day. Listen to our hosts and hear the word used in a news story, then comment or ask a question below.

Video News Words: Maritime

If you are "at sea" about the use of the word "maritime" listen to our hosts, then comment or ask a question about this news word.

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