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Ukrainian President: Troops Will Defend Port of Mariupolu

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko meeting Monday with Ukrainian forces in Mariupol.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko meeting Monday with Ukrainian forces in Mariupol.
In the News 09-08-14
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Ukraine’s president went to the southeastern Ukrainian port of Mariupol on Monday to show support for its 500,000 people. People in Mariupol have been digging long narrow holes around the city to try to protect it from pro-Russia rebels.

Petro Poroshenko spoke to workers at a factory. He promised Ukrainian forces would defend the city against separatist forces. The fighters moved toward Mariupol last week before a ceasefire took effect.

Separately, leading United States lawmakers have invited Mr. Poroshenko to speak to Congress when he visits Washington later this month. He is travelling to the U.S. capital to meet with President Obama.

Afghan Presidential Candidate Rejects Audit Results

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has rejected the results of an investigation into the recent presidential election. The United Nations led the investigation. The election was June 14th.

On Monday, Mr. Abdullah said he won the election. And he said efforts to form a coalition government have not been successful.

The recount of the 8 million votes was completed September 5th. But the final count has not been released.

Mr. Abdullah has blamed cheating for the election of Ashraf Ghani. On Sunday, President Obama spoke to both of the men and urged them to agree on a national unity government as soon as possible.

US Investors Show Little Interest in Alibaba

Few American investors are showing interest in buying shares of the Chinese company Alibaba.

It sells more products online than Amazon and eBay combined. It could raise $21 billion in its first public sale of stock.

An official with the financial company TD Ameritrade said interest in Alibaba stock is less than it was for Facebook and Twitter.

One financial advisor said many American investors do not know about Alibaba. He said some who do know of it are worried about the possible influence of the Chinese government on the company.

Obama to Announce Plan Against Islamic State Group

President Obama will speak to the American people on Wednesday. He will talk about plan to deal with the threat from Islamic State militants.

He told NBC News that he will talk about the need to, in his words, “go on the offense” against the extremist group. The group has taken control of parts of Iraq and Syria.

He said the United States would not act alone but would be part of an international coalition. He said the coalition would carry out airstrikes and support Iraqi and Kurdish troops fighting the militants. He has said he does not plan to deploy the U.S. army.

Mr. Obama said the group is not now a threat to the United States. But he said it could become a serious one if permitted to capture more territory and gather more weapons and fighters.


Words in the News

dig – v. to make a hole in the ground

later – adv. after the correct time; near the end; opposite early

interest – n. what is important to someone (“He acted to protect his interests.” “She had a great interest in painting.”); a share in owning a business; money paid for the use of money borrowed

capture – v. to make a person or animal a prisoner; to seize or take by force; to get control of

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