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Find Learning English on Satellite TV

Each Sunday at 1230 Universal Time, five of our short features are broadcast on satellite television. Each feature is about four minutes long and has captions.

AOR (IS 907: Intelsat 332.5 degrees east)
AOR 63 VC141 2L
AOR 64 VC141 2R

Eutelsat Hotbird 8 (13 degrees east)
HB 43 VC296 1L
HB 43 VC296 1R
HB 43 VC309 1L
HB 43 VC309 1R

AsiaSat3 (105.5 degrees east)
AS 61 VC409/535
AS 62 VC409/535

IOR (New Skies 703 57 degrees east)
IOR 13 VC435 1L
IOR 14 VC435 1R

For a map of satellite coverage areas, and more information: