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Trump-Sanders GIF Goes Viral

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

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An edited video of Bernie Sanders “scaring” Donald Trump has gone viral.

Businessman Trump is the leader in the Republican presidential race. Senator Sanders is the underdog in the Democratic race. The two have blamed each other for violence at Trump’s campaign events.

Trump cancelled a rally in Chicago after some of Sanders’ supporters entered the event. He blamed Sanders for organizing the protest, and threatened to send his supporters to Sanders’ events.

Sanders responded with a statement on his website, "What caused the protest at Trump's rally is a candidate that has promoted hatred and division against Latinos, Muslims, women and people with disabilities."

A YouTube user who goes by the name of MisterOwlMan decided to have some fun with the Sanders versus Trump battle.

He combined footage of Trump reacting to a protester jumping on the stage with a Sanders interview from last October.

In that interview, Sanders was explaining how he acts like a monster while playing with his grandchildren.

The edited video makes it seem as though Sanders flies in on a chair, scares Trump and then quickly hides in the crowd.

A “GIF” version of the funny scene has spread quickly on social media. GIFs, or Graphics Interchange Format, are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time.

GIFs are one of the oldest image formats on the web. GIF technology has been around since the 1980s.

Nowadays, GIFs go viral on social media because they are short and easy to view.

The recent Sanders versus Trump GIF is being called “the best GIF of this election cycle.”

One Twitter user wrote, “I don’t know what genius made this, but you have brought great happiness during a dark time.

And that’s What’s Trending Today.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed a quote to Sen. Bernie Sanders. The story has been updated with the correct statement from Sanders.


Words in This Story

underdog - n. a person or team that is expected to lose a game, competition or battle

rally - n. a public meeting to support or oppose someone or something

footage - n. images or action recorded on film or video

compressed - v. to reduce the size of (a computer file) by using special software

format - n. the way in which information is stored on a computer disk

cycle - n. a set of events or actions that happen again and again in the same order; a repeating series of events or actions

genius - n. a very smart person; a person who has a level of intelligence or skill that is extremely rare