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Part 16: Guide to International Students - 2001-09-10


Every year, the Institute for International Education publishes a report about foreign students who are studying in the United States. It says more than two-thousand-five-hundred American colleges and universities welcome international students. We tell about this year’s report, called “Open Doors, Two-Thousand.”


The latest report from the Institute for International Education gives information from the school year that began in September of last year and ended in May of this year. It says more than five-hundred-thousand foreign college students attended American schools during that school year.

New York University in New York City had the largest number of foreign students. Almost five-thousand foreign students attended N-Y-U last year. The University of Southern California at Los Angeles had the second largest number of students, about four-thousand-five-hundred.

The report says the state of California had the most foreign students, with about sixty-six-thousand living there last year. New York State was next, with about fifty-five-thousand foreign students.

China sent the most foreign students to the United States last year. More than fifty-four-thousand students from China attended American schools. Japan sent the next highest number of students, almost forty-seven-thousand. India was next, with about forty-two-thousand. And Korea was fourth, sending more than forty-one-thousand students to the United States.

The report says the most popular subjects of study for international students in the United States last year were business and management. Twenty percent of all foreign students were studying those subjects. Fifteen percent studied engineering. Nineteen percent studied mathematics and computer science.

The I-I-E report contains much more information than we have time to provide here. You can get details by using the computer to go to the Institute for International Education web site. That address is w-w-w dot i-i-e dot o-r-g.