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Part 17: New York University - 2001-09-10


Last week, we told about a yearly report that gives information about foreign students who are studying in the United States. The latest report says New York University in New York City had the largest number of foreign students last year.


Almost five-thousand foreign students attended N-Y-U last year. University officials say New York City is a very popular and exciting place for young people. They also say foreign students want to study at N-Y-U because of its excellent programs in fourteen separate schools.

The foreign students at New York University come from more than one-hundred-thirty countries. Fifty percent are from Asia, especially Korea, Japan and China. Foreign students are studying in all fourteen schools within the university. These include arts and sciences, law, business and education. Seventy-five percent of the foreign students are in graduate school. About twenty-five percent are in four-year programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree.

The cost of attending New York University is different in each of its schools. For example, one year of study at the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service costs about nineteen-thousand dollars. Some other schools within N-Y-U cost more. Some cost less. The housing cost is about nine-thousand dollars a year.

Bachelor’s degree students at N-Y-U can borrow money from financial institutions to help pay for their studies. Foreign students in graduate school at N-Y-U can get teaching or research jobs at the university. They can also get loans from financial institutions.

You can get more information about N-Y-U on the Internet. The address is w-w-w dot n-y-u dot e-d-u. University officials say students interested in graduate studies should write to the school in which they are interested. Others can write to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, Twenty-Two Washington Square North, New York University, New York, New York one-zero-zero-one-one, U-S-A.