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Part 23: MBA Programs - 2001-09-10


We continue now with our series for foreign students who want to attend college in the United States. Today, we tell about a popular graduate degree known as the M-B-A. The letters represent the words Master of Business Administration. ANNCR:

M-B-A students learn to deal with all kinds of business situations. They learn to solve business problems. They develop skills needed by many different kinds of companies.

All M-B-A programs teach students about subjects including economics, the structure of organizations, finance, marketing and policy. Students then do more study in areas that interest them. It usually takes two years to get an M-B-A degree if you attend school full time. Many programs permit students to take classes while they work. These programs take longer to complete.

Business is one of the most popular areas of study for foreign students in the United States. To be admitted to an M-B-A program, foreign students must show a clear understanding of English by taking the TOEFL test. All students must also take the Graduate Management Admission Test. The scores on this test are used by more than one-thousand-five-hundred graduate programs throughout the world.

Studying for an M-B-A can be costly. The program at the University of Virginia, for example, costs more than twenty-two-thousand dollars a year. That cost does not include housing and food. Foreign students can get financial aid for M-B-A studies after the first year. The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia today has one-hundred-twenty foreign students studying for an M-B-A degree.

To get information about studying for an M-B-A, use the computer and go to a web site called M-B-A Explorer. The Internet address is w-w-w dot g-m-a-t dot o-r-g. Another way is to go to a meeting of the Graduate Management Admission Council. These meetings are called M-B-A Forums. They are held in different cities in several areas of the world. At the M-B-A Forums, representatives of business colleges explain their programs and answer questions from people interested in studying business.