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About Your Hosts - 2002-03-01

Rosanne Skirble reports on the environment for VOA News Now. She has held a variety of assignments and hosting duties since joining VOA in 1981. She started as a producer in the American Republics Division, after working at radio and television stations in the Washington area.

Rosanne holds degrees in education, Latin American studies, and teaching English as a Foreign Language. In the 1970s she taught Spanish and EFL at schools and universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan. She has written several EFL textbooks as well as articles for professional journals for teachers of English as a Foreign Language and Spanish. She and her husband have three sons.

Avi Arditti is feature editor and senior Web editor in VOA Special English. He joined the staff in 1991 after reporting for VOA from Seattle. Before that, he was a radio, wire service and newspaper journalist in Los Angeles and San Francisco -- for the Associated Press, UPI and USA Today, among others.

Avi has a special interest in technical communication, particularly the field of plain language. He has a degree in legal studies from the University of California at Berkeley, where he met his wife; they have a daughter.