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October 17, 2002 - 'Who's on First?' - 2002-10-17

Broadcast on "Coast to Coast": October 17, 2002
Re-broadcast on VOA News Now: October 20, 2002

AA: I'm Avi Arditti with Rosanne Skirble, and this week on Wordmaster -- some baseball word play in honor of the World Series.

RS: We've got a classic skit about baseball. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello perform a linguistically challenging bit of comedy called "Who's on First?" You'll find out -- but these two old-time comedians talk pretty quickly, so listen closely.

[TAPE -- texts of "Who's on First?" can be found on the Internet]

RS: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello with "Who's on First?" from the 1945 movie "Naughty Nineties." And that's Wordmaster for this week.

AA: With Rosanne Skirble, I'm Avi Arditti.