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Chinese man, 25, South Korea: Student's first love wants to join him, but his family makes a threat

I'm a Chinese graduate student studying medical chemistry in South Korea.

My girlfriend has decided to come to Korea to study Korean in my university this year. However, my family doesn't support this plan and even asked me to break up with her or else they will stop giving me economic aid anymore.

I am very serious about this relationship. She is my first love and we already know each other for more than six years. Since I came to Korea four years ago, we can only chat on Skype every night, and this semester I start my four to five years of Ph.D courses in Korea, so we hope to stay together in 2012.

Despite the economic stress, how to persuade my family to understand our relationship is also a big challenge for me. I try to communicate with my mum. She is worried about how can I take responsibility for my girlfriend and how can I focus on my studies if my girlfriend comes to Korea? Mum sent me a message that said there will be MANY difficulties if she goes there!

My girlfriend was working for a trade company for two years, selling dresses on eBay, so her dream is to start a business of her own on eBay. And our dream is in the future we can build our own business between America, Korea and China. We both understand this is not easy. However, we want to live our extraordinary life by working hard together and enjoying every challenge.

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