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Chinese mother, 48, U.S.: College son lives close to home, but does not like to visit

Recently, I found there are some problems between our son and us (including my husband).
My son is an 18-year-old freshman in college. He went to college last year and lives on campus. We hope for him to come back home every weekend. We are living very close by. But he would not like to come back. Sometimes, he points out that this is not good, that it is not good when he comes back. I feel that he looks like that he didn't grow up in this family. He told me he feels repressed when he comes back home. I feel so frustrated. My son was born in China. We have been living in America since 2003. He lives in two cultural environments. I think most of the time he is in American culture because he is in school every day time. I don't know if the mixed culture lets him produce that kind of emotion, or if the same age young people in different cultures have the same emotion.

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