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Tell Us About a Relationship Problem

UPDATE: Many thanks to those who took the time to write to us. We now have enough letters to start our test project. Look for the answers on our site in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted about how to find them.

VOA Special English

Original post, January 26:

We are thinking about starting a new feature to offer advice to people who have a problem in a relationship. It could be a problem in a romantic relationship, or with a family member or a friend, or at school or work.

We would ask experts for advice and also gather opinions from users of our social media sites. We would give a brief summary of the problem but never identify you. We would give our answer online and on radio during our program AMERICAN MOSAIC.

To test this idea, we need you to tell us about a relationship problem.

Give us enough details to understand the situation. This will also be a chance to practice your written English. End with your age, gender and country. For example: "A 25-year-old woman from Iran." "A 20-year-old man from Pakistan." "A 16-year-old boy from the DRC."

Write to and type "Relationship" in the subject line.