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EFSET Sample Listening Section #1 (easy)


Editor's note: The audio for the listening sample questions was produced by VOA Learning English and may not represent how the audio will sound on the actual test. Scroll down to see a transcript of the audio and the answers.

EFSET question 1 (short)
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You will hear a conversation about pets. You can play the recording TWO times. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. The two friends are talking about…

  1. how much dogs eat.
  2. what pet to buy.
  3. how much cats cost.
  4. what frogs do.

2. The woman thinks dogs are…

  1. expensive.
  2. independent.
  3. noisy.
  4. affectionate.

3. The man does not like it when…

  1. cats are dirty.
  2. dogs are independent.
  3. cats want attention.
  4. dogs bark.

4. The woman thinks a pet should be…

  1. cute.
  2. quiet.
  3. clean.
  4. cheap.

5. The man thinks frogs are…

  1. interesting.
  2. cute.
  3. boring.
  4. clean.


WOMAN: Weren’t those animals at the pet store cute? I don’t know which pet to get. Have you decided on which one you want yet?

MAN: I don’t know. It’s hard to decide. That black and white cat was sweet.

WOMAN: Yeah, I was thinking about a cat but then again, I like dogs more than cats. I think dogs are more affectionate and a lot cuter.

MAN: Yeah, but they’re also a lot noisier. They bark all the time. And they’re always licking your hand. Arghhh, I hate it when they do that! It feels so dirty!

WOMAN: But so do cats. I mean, not the barking bit but licking your hands.

MAN: True, but they don’t do it all the time. Also, cats are more independent, which is great! They don’t need your attention ALL the time. You need a lot of time for a dog, taking him for walks every day.

WOMAN: That’s ok. I work from home so we can go for long walks in my break. Anyway, what kind of pet are you gonna get? It sounds like you really want a cat?

MAN: I’d like to but I have an allergy. So I was thinking of a frog.

WOMAN: A frog?

MAN: Yeah, why not? They eat little, they're not so noisy and, most of all, they don’t lick hands!

WOMAN: Yeah, but… they are not cute and you cannot cuddle them. Frogs are boring!

MAN: Oh no, they are very interesting! You can watch them jump around, catch insects, swim…

WOMAN: Well, thanks, Tim, for convincing me to get a dog!