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EFSET Sample Listening Section #2 (intermediate)


Editor's note: The audio for the listening sample questions was produced by VOA Learning English and may not represent how the audio will sound on the actual test. Scroll down to see a transcript of the audio and the answers.

EF question 2 (medium)
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You will hear a fitness consultant give a tour of a gym. You can play the recording TWO times. Answer the questions based on what you hear.

1. Which ONE of the following best states the central focus of the speaker’s talk?

  1. The parts of a personal training program
  2. Various options for gym membership
  3. Location of gym equipment and activities
  4. Explanations of how dance classes work
  5. Weight training to build strength

2. Which TWO types of exercise are done in the cardiovascular area?

  1. Zumba
  2. Running
  3. Rowing
  4. Cycling
  5. Aerobics

3. Which TWO special offers are available for people who sign up this week?

  1. A number of free aerobics classes
  2. A discount on membership fees
  3. Free monthly training sessions
  4. Free introductory sessions
  5. Access to a spa and sauna

4. Which TWO statements are probably true about the group on the tour?

  1. The group is mostly made up of students.
  2. No one in the group has been in a gym before.
  3. The group has come for a group discount.
  4. The people in the group do not have much time.
  5. The group is small.

5. Which TWO statements are probably true about the group aerobic classes?

  1. They are popular.
  2. They are for women only.
  3. They are intense.
  4. They involve use of rowing machines.
  5. They cost extra.

6. The speaker specifically mentions which TWO features of the weight room at this gym?

  1. It can be used by both weight lifting experts and novices.
  2. It is designed to accommodate people wanting to focus on different muscle groups.
  3. It is equipped for people who would like to improve overall fitness.
  4. It is frequently visited by professional trainers who are available for assistance.
  5. It is used by the fitness consultants who show new members how to use the equipment.


MAN: Good morning everyone and thanks for coming. My name is Kevin. I’m a fitness consultant here at Genesis and I’ll be showing you around the gym today. Everyone’s here? Okay, good. We’ll be able to move quickly and you can all see everything without crowding. I know that most of you have to go back to work. First up is the cardiovascular area — in other words, the exercise machines. These will get your heart pumping and build up your fitness. As you can see we have running and cycling machines. There are twenty here in this area and another fifteen upstairs. Both areas have a flat screen TV and a water cooler. We provide free towels as well. Next, we have the weight room. This is for building strength. Here are the free weights and the benches. It may look a little scary to some of you, but there are plenty of people to help you, and most people get the hang of it quickly. You can start slowly with dumb bells and move up to the bar weights from there. And here are the weight machines. We’ve separated them into upper body and arms on this side, and core and legs over here. When you join the gym, I’ll sit down with you and work out a program that fits your needs, and show you how to get the best out of all of this equipment. You’ll have three free introductory sessions with a trainer upon joining. If you join this week you’ll also get one free personal session every month after that. In the room beyond the weight room, we have group aerobic classes every lunch time, which you need to book in advance — they fill up quickly. You’ll need to bring water and a towel as well! We have group Zumba dance exercise sessions, which are packed with both men and women every time. There are also a couple of rowing machines in there for people who find it hard to keep up in dance classes but would like to keep moving at their own pace. Last we have the locker rooms. Please go in and take a look. There’s a spa and sauna in each, and plenty of showers and lockers. We have several options for people who wish to join the gym, including full and off-peak time membership. And remember, there’s a 20% discount for people who sign up this week. I’ll be waiting at the front desk to discuss membership options with you and answer any questions. Thank you.