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EFSET Sample Reading Passage #1 (easy)


Read the passage from a brochure and choose the best answer for each question.

Do you like reading? Do you want to make new friends? Then this might be the perfect place for you. We are a group of friendly students who meet every month to talk about a book. Each month, the book is chosen by me – sorry, this is the quickest way. The book is always available for download or is available in the college bookshop and library. You then have one month to read the book. Don’t worry if you don’t quite finish it, but it is important that you read some of the book. Then all you need to do is come and meet us in the Red Star Café on George Street. The café has a selection of teas and coffees and great homemade cake. You don’t need to book a place, but if you email me then I will look out for you. You can find the information about the book and the meeting time at

1. What is this brochure about?

  1. A reading club
  2. A website
  3. A bookshop
  4. A café

2. Who chooses the book?

  1. The college bookshop
  2. The college library
  3. The writer of the brochure
  4. The reader of the brochure

3. What must people do to attend a meeting?

  1. Buy the book
  2. Read some of the book
  3. Email the organizer
  4. Register on the website

4. Where should people go if they want to join?

  1. The Red Star Café
  2. The library
  3. The bookshop
  4. The website

5. What can people probably do on the website?

  1. Reserve a place
  2. Find other cafés on George Street
  3. Chat to other students
  4. Download the book