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1600 UTC Newscast for November 8, 2016

People arrive to cast their ballot for 2016 elections at a polling station as early voting begins in North Carolina, in Carrboro, North Carolina, Oct. 20, 2016.
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From Washington, this is VOA News. I’m Frances Alonzo reporting.

Americans began voting Tuesday. It's the end to a campaign that was exhausting and often bitter -- as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presented radically different visions of how to lead the United States.

Let’s take a listen to VOA's Katherine Gypson and her live election coverage on VOA's Facebook page.

“I’m VOA’s Katherine Gypson. I’m here in downtown Philadelphia, where voters have been lining up since seven (o’clock) this morning, voting in the most exciting and consequential presidential election in American history, a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and a number of other key races in this battleground state that could help decide the presidency.

So coming down here, we see a whole mix of voters. We’re going to be talking to a couple of them and asking what’s the important issues for them in this election. So ma’am, can you tell me your name please?"

'I’m Glenna MacDonald.'

'Okay. And can you tell me, what issues are you voting on in this election?'

'Women’s issues and economic issues, specifically tax cuts or raises for the wealthy.

So I hear there’s a whole range of issues that are facing American voters today: economic issues, immigration and, of course, women’s issues, which has been a big point of discussion in this campaign.'"

The name of the winner, meanwhile, is not expected before 0300 GMT.

Hillary Clinton cast her vote early Tuesday near her home in New York State. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is expected to vote shortly in his precinct in Manhattan.

You can follow all of the election coverage on

Meanwhile, hot and wild and with an ``increasingly visible human footprint'' -- that's how the U.N. weather agency sums up the global climate in the past five years.

This is VOA News.

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