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1300 UTC Newscast for October 4, 2016

FILE - Secretary of State John Kerry speaks in New York. Kerry is threatening to cut off all contacts with Moscow over Syria, unless Russian and Syrian government attacks on Aleppo end.
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From Washington, this is VOA News.

I’m Frances Alonzo reporting.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry criticized Russia Tuesday for its "irresponsible and profoundly ill-advised decision" to back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He said efforts to end the war in Syria must continue in spite of the U.S. decision to break off talks with Moscow.

Kerry said "I want to be clear that we are not giving up on the Syrian people and we are not abandoning the pursuit of peace.” He made the comments in a speech in Brussels.

“We will continue to pursue meaningful, sustainable, enforceable cessation of hostilities throughout the country,” and that includes the grounding of Syrian and Russian combat aircraft.

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded Tuesday to three United States university professors for their work on exotic states of matter.

VOA's Jeff Custer reports.

"Research conducted by the three British-born scientists, David J. Thouless, F. Duncan Haldane, and J. Michael Kosterlitz, brought forth a new and totally unexpected understanding of the way solid materials behave.

Acting chairman of the Nobel Committee for the prize in physics, Nils Martenson, explained the importance of the work the three scientists have done:

‘This year's Nobel Laureate have in their theoretical work discovered a set of totally unexpected regularities in the behavior of matter.’

Thouless is an emeritus professor at the University of Washington, Haldane is a professor of physics at Princeton University and Kosterlitz is a professor of physics at Brown University.

Jeff Custer, VOA News, Washington”

Hurricane Matthew churned across the Caribbean toward Haiti with devastating force Tuesday after claiming its first victims in the impoverished island nation.

It is the most menacing storm in nearly a decade.

This is VOA News.

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