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'High Tech' Devices to Enjoy Holiday Music

Google Play Music offers more than 30 million songs in 58 countries.
Google Play Music offers more than 30 million songs in 58 countries.
'High Tech' Devices to Enjoy Holiday Music
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Technology makes listening to holiday music easier than ever. There are endless sources to help you find your favorite Christmas tunes and many other songs.

Today we explore ways to listen to holiday music with “high tech” devices.

Apple Music

This is the first year you can use Apple Music to find and listen to holiday songs. Apple Music has more than 30 million songs and is available in over 100 countries.

Search for “holiday music” to find playlists, such as Trimming the Tree and Country Holiday. You can also listen to holiday music stations such as Swingin’ Holiday and Latin Holiday.

Tell voice assistant Siri to “play holiday music” to open the music program on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. The Music app will provide holiday playlists and stations.

Have an Android phone? Apple Music app is available in the Google Play store, but not with voice commands.

You can also listen to Apple Music on your computer through the iTunes store or on Apple TV.

Apple Music is free for the first three months. After that, users must pay a subscription fee.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is also in the holiday spirit. Go to the Google Play Music Holiday page or app and search for "holiday music."

Google Play Music is available for free if you don’t mind the advertisements. If you do, buy a paid subscription to avoid them. Google Play Music offers more than 30 million songs in 58 countries.

The service is available on your computer, and through apps on your Android phone and iPhone.


Live365 is an Internet radio service. Listen to its music on your computer or mobile device.

The service has 158 Christmas music stations, such as Contemporary Christmas, Christmas Breezes and Classical Christmas. You can also listen to Cornucopia of Chrismukkah if you want to combine music from Christmas and Hanukkah.

Live365 is free and available around the world. A paid membership is available. It lets you listen to more stations and listen without advertisements.


Spotify, another online service, is filled with holiday music. Listen to playlists on Spotify by searching for "Holiday Music."

The playlists include Merry Christmas: The Best Holiday Music, Pure Christmas Music and Pure Holiday Music.

TuneIn Radio

Listen to radio stations from around the world with TuneIn Radio. This online service offers stations from all seven continents, including Antarctica.

TuneIn Radio is available on your computer and by using their app.

TuneIn Radio is free to online users. In the United States, Britain and Canada, a paid subscription gives you additional stations without advertisements.


YouTube can be an endless source of holiday music. Search for (you guessed it) “Holiday Music” to find videos that pair holiday music with scenes of snow, sentiment and Santa.​

A popular American tradition for people without a real fireplace is to watch the Yule log on TV or another device. YouTube offers not only the roaring Yule log fire, but music to match.​

Happy holidays! From VOA Learning English, I’m Kathleen Struck.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr wrote this story for Learning English. George Grow was the editor.

Do you enjoy listening to holiday music? What are some of your favorite holiday songs? Share your thoughts in the Comments Section or on our Facebook page!


Words in This Story

tech - n. a machine, piece of equipment, method, etc., that is created by technology

merry - adj. very happy and cheerful : feeling or showing joy and happiness​

source - n. someone or something that provides what is wanted or needed

carol - n. a song sung during the Christmas season

decorate - v. to make (something) more attractive usually by putting something on it

playlist - n. a list of songs to be played especially by a radio station

assistant - n. a person who helps someone

application n. a computer program that performs a particular task such as word processing

subscription - n. an agreement that you make with a company to get a publication or service regularly and that you usually pay for in advance

mood - n. the way someone feels : a person's emotional state

virtual - adj. existing or occurring on computers or on the Internet