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Hillary Clinton sits down with host of VOA's Parazit to talk about Iran.

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Secretary Hillary Clinton sits down with Kambiz Hosseini, host of VOA's Parazit to talk about Iran. At the end of the interview, Hilary had a welcoming message for the people, especially the young people, of Iran.

“We believe strongly that Iran has such a future of potential, and the Iranian people have proven themselves over the course of history to be such an extraordinary people that we want to unleash the potential that exists within you. We would like to see your regime change. We would like to see your government begin to support, first and foremost, the human rights and aspirations of yourselves. And we would very much like to improve relations, to move away from the past. We think that there are reasons for regret on both sides as to what has happened in the past fifty years, but we would like to forge a new relationship. President Obama was very committed to doing that. So far, he hasn’t received a particularly positive response, so what we’re going to do, despite the fact we do not have diplomatic relations, is I’m going to announce the opening of a virtual embassy in Tehran. The website will be up and going at the end of the year. We’re going to continue to reach out, particularly to students, and encourage that you come back and study in the United States, and we’re going to look for other people-to-people exchanges that will try to develop the relationships that I think are so important between the American people and the Iranian people for the twenty-first century.”