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Let's Learn English - Level 2

Lesson 7: Tip Your Tour Guide

Let’s Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 7: Tip Your Tour Guide
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Let’s Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 7: Tip Your Tour Guide

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Let’s Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 7
Let's Learn English Level 2 - Lesson 7


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Professor Bot: Welcome back! Anna and Penelope are taking a tour with DC Ducks. In this lesson, we are looking for prepositions. Listen for in, on, at, under and over - some important prepositions of place.

Anna: Penelope, the Lincoln Memorial is coming up on your left!

Boy: You’re going to love my Lincoln Memorial Fun Fact!

Anna: Oh, please tell us!

Boy: On a wall inside the memorial, the word “FUTURE” was carved wrong! They carved “EUTURE”!

Anna: Well, we all make mistakes.

Boy: Yeah, but this mistake was carved in stone!

Anna: You’re right. That is pretty bad. Here’s another dollar!

Penelope: More fun facts, please! (Crossing the river) I love riding over bridges! The water looks so pretty from here!

Anna: Penelope, this is amazing! A minute ago, we were riding along the river, and now we’re riding in the river! Awesome.

Penelope: Hey, we’re passing by the Pentagon on our right!

Anna: Penelope, you love riding over the water on a bridge. But I love riding under a bridge in a boat!

Penelope: Anna, look! An airplane is flying right over our heads!

Anna: Wow! This is the closest I’ve ever been to an airplane in flight. Well, I’ve been inside a flying airplane. But not outside of an airplane as it flies over my head!

Penelope: And now we’re driving out of the water. I still can’t believe this thing drives and sails!

Anna: I know. It’s amazing.

Boy: After we ride along these railroad tracks, you’ll see my favorite part of the tour! The U.S. Treasury where they make money!

Professor Bot: That young man is making a lot of money, too. Did you hear these prepositions? On your left, on our right, in the river, over bridges, over our heads, over my head, on a bridge. As you watch more, look for 'inside' and 'outside.'

Penelope: Look, the U.S. Capitol is coming up!

Boy: I have a great Fun Fact about the U.S. Capitol.

Penelope: What is it?

Boy: There are tunnels under the Capitol. They connect the Capitol and office buildings of lawmakers.

Anna: I bet they built them years ago for secret reasons!

Boy: No. The lawmakers did not want to walk around outside in bad weather.

Anna: Oh.

Penelope: We’re back at Union Station!

Boy: Do you want to know a creepy Fun Fact about Union Station? (he points to Union Station)

Penelope: The creepier the better!

Boy: Many years ago, inside Union Station, there was a funeral home!

Anna: A funeral home?! You mean, for dead people?!

Boy: Do you know another kind of funeral home?

Anna: No!

Boy: Well, I’ve gotta run!

Anna: Thanks for giving us the great tour!

Anna: Captain, that was awesome! And your son is a great tour guide!

Captain: What son?

Anna: Him.

Captain: I’ve never seen that boy in my life! See ya, ladies!

Professor Bot: I learned many new Fun Facts in this lesson. Did you learn about prepositions?

Here’s a list of all the prepositions used in this lesson. Wow! That’s a lot! I know, let’s not read them. Let’s sing them! Hit it, boys! Take it away singers!






















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