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Let's Learn English - Level 2

Lesson 26: Look-alikes

Let’s Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 26: Look-alikes
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Let’s Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 26: Look-alikes

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Let’s Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 26
Let’s Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 26


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Anna: This article is so interesting. Pete, listen to this: “Somewhere in the world there is someone who looks just like you.”
Pete: No one is this handsome.
Anna: Oh Pete, there’s something between your teeth.
(Pete tries to clean his teeth.)
Pete: It is gone?
Anna: No. No. It’s still there. There. You got it. But think of it: There could be two of us in the world!
Pete: Two Annas?
Pete: Actually, Anna, maybe your silly article is right. Yesterday at work, I met a woman who looks just like you.
Anna: Really? Wait, are you making fun of me?
Pete: Not this time.
Pete: She’s tall and has curly hair. But even her face looks like yours. I think she’s a career consultant.
Anna: I bet she has a lot of great advice. I can’t wait to meet her.
Pete: Yes, you can. I met her and she is very difficult.
Anna: Pete, she’s just new. We have to give her a chance. What’s her name?
Pete: Evelyna or something like that. You can’t miss her. She always wears a hat.
Penelope: So, Anna, have you met the new consultant yet?
Anna: No. But I’ve already heard. We look alike, don’t we?
Penelope: Yeah, but you don’t act alike. You’re much nicer than she is.
Anna: Maybe she gets nervous at new jobs. Or maybe she’s shy. Let’s not judge, Penelope.
Penelope: She’s not nervous or shy. She’s mean.
Anna: You know, we should get to know her better. Let’s invite her to lunch!
Penelope: Sorry but I’m busy that day.
(Penelope walks away. Anna yells after her.)
Anna: Oh, that’s too bad. Hey, I haven’t picked a day yet!
(Anna and Pete are playing a game.)
Anna: This is going to be so much fun. Boy, I can’t wait to play this game.
Evilana: How much longer are you going to be?
Anna: We’ll be just a minute …
(Anna turns around and sees her look-alike.)
Anna: You must be Evelana. I’m Anna. We are look-alikes!
Evilana: No, we’re not. And my name is pronounced “Evil-ana.”
Pete: Oh. This is going to be fun.
Evilana: You had better hurry up. I need this room for a lecture. It’s called: “If You Want to Win, Others Must Lose.” What is all this stuff, anyway?
Anna: It’s a game. We’re going to play at lunch.
Evilana: It’s a stupid child’s game!
Anna: It’s a fun game. But yes, it is for children.
Evilana: Well, you may be childish but I’m not. And you look stupid with that thing on your head.
Anna: Well, you look serious with that look on your face. Come on, Pete. Let’s play somewhere else.
Pete: Actually, I’m going to stay for Evilana’s lecture.
Anna: Fine. You can learn new ways to beat people.
Evilana: He will. He will.
(Days later, Anna and Penelope are playing the game. Pete comes in. He has a problem with his eye.)
Anna: Okay. Am I a food?
Penelope: Nope.
Pete: Hey, do you guys have room for one more?
Penelope: Sure, Pete! Come on over. What happened to your eye?
Pete: Evilana “accidentally” hit me. And she didn’t even say sorry. She’s so mean!
Penelope: I told you so.
Anna: Here, Pete. Put on this headband. You’ll feel better. Penelope, you’re right. Evilana is an awful person!
Penelope: And violent. And now we have to work with her!
Anna: Haven’t you heard? She’s gone! She was given another assignment.
Penelope: What assignment?
Anna: I’m not sure. I think it has something to do with outdoors. Anyway, let’s play! Pete it’s your turn.

Evilana is the new career consultant at The Studio. But how long will she stay?
Evilana is the new career consultant at The Studio. But how long will she stay?

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