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Man, 20, Vietnam: Falling in love 5 years too soon

My name is Khuy. I am 20, a second-year student in Vietnam. Today I am writing to you to share my situation. I met a lovely girl two months ago. She is 19 years old and studying in the same university as me. Since then, we have been texting, chatting, sharing personal experiences, etc.

It is amazing because we have many things in common, especially our interests. As time goes by, I am now on the edge of falling in love with her. Last week, we had a date on a cold, rainy evening. When we were walking in the park, I held her hand but it was really cold. She said, "Boy's hands are warm while girl's ones are cold. That's why boys have to hold girls' hands and make them warmer." It was really wonderful!

But now I am wondering. I have made up the plan for my life, according to which I would not be in love until 25. Now I have to concentrate on my studies and prepare for a future career. Moreover, my parents also ask me not to love any girl.

Now, if things keep on the same, I am afraid that I cannot control my emotions and one day I may fall in a deep and passionate love with her. I should stop. But I cannot help thinking of my lovely girl, her face, her voice ... She is a part of my life.

I need some advice. What should I do now?

Thanks for reading my problem.

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