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Man, 25, Turkey: Got Girl to Say 'Yes,' but He Was Thinking 'No'

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A friend told me, "There is a good girl. If you want I can introduce her to you." I said OK. The girl and I met. She was sweet and well educated. I thought that if I didn't like her, she mustn't know it. I must talk very normal and be outgoing, so the girl would feel good even if I didnt like her. I thought like this because I knew that that was her first experience.

She came. We talked for one hour about life, marriage, education, family. I asked a lot of questions and told her a lot of things about me. At the end I persuaded her to say yes. Maybe I just wanted to be liked by one girl (I don't know). But I couldn't think how I could tell her that I didn't think I wanted to marry her.

One week later I thought I had better talk with her once again. When I called the friend who suggested the girl to me, he said yes we could, and she was waiting for a second meeting. She thought everything was OK and we would be a good couple. When I heard that, I thought I couldn't tell her no.

A second meeting hasn't happened. I know that rejection is terrible, especially if you love or start to love someone. But the girl wasn't a girl who I had waited for for years.

The question is, what do I want from a girl? And what do girls want from men? After this experience I feel terrible because one girl's dream has fallen down. I feel remorse.