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Man, 26, China: May Be in Love at the Office, No Idea What to Do

I live and work in the beautiful city of Hangzhou. In our country, more and more young girls and boys find it is difficult to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Maybe you think it is still OK for a man at 26, but in the Chinese traditional view, it is time for a boy to find a girl.

After one or two years of knowing each other, then it is the right time for the wedding. In that case, my friends and I face the stress from our parents and other friends. We need to find some girl so urgently! At the same time, busy with work, we only want to go directly home when the work is done. Then, we find it is harder for us to know new girls, more difficult to find the right girl. In that case, the circle we communicate with is quite small, like classmates and workmates. But mostly, the boss would not like to see an office romance.

These days, I find I may be in love with one girl in my office. But considering that an office romance is no good, I am afraid to express myself to the girl. And I also do not want to be embarrassed if the girl does not accept me. So right now, I just do not know how to handle this situation.

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