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Man, 30, Somalia: Facebook chat with ex-girlfriend brings new heartbreak

My ex-girlfriend and I started our relationship 08/08/2003, when I was a secondary student. She and I were neighbors. I can say it was the first time I proposed a relationship.

She accepted and welcomed me. Both of us fell in love with each other and our relationship increased day after day. She and I were staying in her room every afternoon. Even during final examinations at school, I answered some questions with her name because I hadn't done any reading and those days my love was very high.

She requested that I get a telephone line in my home in order to communicate, and I did that because she and I loved each other.

Our relationship was secret because in Somali culture, neighbors are not supposed to make a relationship. No one knew about our relationship except her younger sister.

Suddenly, she went to Ethiopia in order to apply for a visa at the Swedish Embassy. When she failed to get a visa she started to immigrate to Europe through the Libyan route to Malta. Luckily she succeeded in her journey to Europe, but she married and that made me disappointed because I loved her very much.

I started a relationship with another girlfriend. We have been dating for four years up to now and she loves me, and I forgot my previous girlfriend. But, everything changed when she and I started chatting every night on Facebook with my ex-girlfriend (K). Now she is a single mother with a child three years old.

My love rejuvenated again. Nonetheless, one night she wrote to me: "Hi, Y, please advise me, I am dating two guys. One is older than me and the other is younger than me. So, please, which one should I marry?" Then I got silent and I signed out of my account immediately. Next night I told her my advice. I said marry the one who loves you. Once again I was very upset and disappointed. I love her so much, more than before. Please advise me what I do.

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