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Man, 32: Wife is short, and his mind keeps going back to ex-girlfriends

I am happily married. (My wife and I both have higher education.) The problem is, sometimes I feel like I made a mistake marrying a girl who is short, has no parents, is the same age as me, etc. In reality, these are not big issues for me, but why do these things come to my mind, which cause me to lose interest toward my wife?

I know this is an illusion but whenever I think of my ex-girlfriends, I ask myself why I didn’t marry A, B or C (my exes). I know that they were not my type but they had something that my wife doesn’t, like height, being younger and having parents.

I would appreciate if you could tell me what is the hidden problem of mine, and how can I get rid of this annoying situation?

Note: I really don’t want to share my name or country.

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