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Man, 46, Brazil: Boss at "good company" is rude and shouts at employees

I’ve been working as a journalist for 24 years – with jobs at radio and TV stations, newspapers, magazines and press relations. My problem started last June when I changed from a press relations job to a marketing coordinator position, better paid in a good company. The thing is that my director is rude and doesn’t want to hear what the team members have to say about different issues. He shouts and humiliates people, even if he is not right about the situation. To tell you the truth, he’s always been wrong.

I have no skills to deal with such a person. Usually, people like him make me feel miserable. He spoils our day when he comes. For example: some days ago, he treated me grossly when I told him that an artist who had performed at the place where we work didn’t want to grant an interview for marketing purposes. I told my boss that the artist’s press representative explained to me that he wouldn’t like to talk to journalists. Then, he exploded in fury and answered me back with bad words – as I were a teenager journalist.

I wouldn’t like to quit the job. The company is good, as well as the money and co-workers. What should I do?

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