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Man, 75, Spain: Wife refuses to speak to him

My relationship problem is called in Spanish MECANISMO DE PROYECCION [projection mechanism]. It is a problem that my wife has towards me, and it began without an argument or other problem. One day she said: "From today, I don´t want to have anything to do with you." I said "What is the matter, what is the reason?" At least I wanted to know. She didn't say anything. We live together but she doesn't want to speak to me. I say every day goodbye and hello, reminding her that if she wants, she can begin our relationship again. We have lived in this situation for 15 years more or less. I have read that this situation can be for the rest of your life. What can be the reason? Is it posible to mend this situation? We have been to a psychologist but without a solution.

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