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Man Builds Motorized Wheelbarrow

Motorized Wheelbarrow Aims to Set World Speed Record
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The creator of the world's fastest shed has turned his hand to another niche mode of transport: a motorized wheelbarrow built on a zero budget during the coronavirus lockdown in Britain.

Man Builds Motorized Wheelbarrow
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While in lockdown, many people around the world are using the time to do different projects.

In the English town of Chipping Norton, a former gardener wanted to spend his time at home creatively. So, Kevin Nicks decided to add a motor to something that does not have one – a wheelbarrow!

With his wheelbarrow project, Nicks said he wanted to show what was possible with a positive attitude, some creativity and, of course, a wheelbarrow.

Nicks told Reuters news agency his goal was to build a machine on zero budget. He was able to build the motorized wheelbarrow with no money and limited materials. For some people, he added, “money is tight,” meaning they do not have much.

Nicks said he only used parts that he already had or that others gave him. One person donated a broken moped, which he fixed and used. The other parts, he said, were just scraps -- bits and pieces of things he had laying around.

“Now I have built this amazing machine,” Nicks explained, “which has actually turned out far better than I thought. It is such fun!”

He named it the “Barrow of Speed.”

His invention required some creative engineering because wheelbarrows are meant to be pushed – not driven. They are used to transport many things, including large and heavy items that are hard to carry.

A wheelbarrow has three wheels -- one in the front and two in the back. It is controlled with two handles. On his version, Nicks attached a platform to the back where he stands and “drives” his unusual vehicle.

This is not the first time Nicks has motorized a normally non-motorized garden item.

Back in 2015, he built the world’s fastest shed. A shed is a small building usually used to hold tools and garden equipment.

On September 22, 2019, Nicks beat his own record for the world’s fastest shed. He clocked in at 170 kilometers per hour.

He said he also wants to win a Guinness world speed record on his “Barrow of Speed” – after the coronavirus crisis passes. That event will most likely happen at Elvington airfield in Yorkshire, north England.

Nicks said it will be quite fun seeing the wheelbarrow go down the runway doing around 65 kilometers an hour. While the speed is slower than his motorized shed, Nicks said that moving at 65 kilometers an hour while standing is fast enough.

I’m Anna Matteo.

Reuters news agency reported this story. Anna Matteo adapted if for Learning English. Bryan Lynn was the editor.


Words in This Story

lockdownn. the confinement of people, often prisoners to their cells, for a temporary period as a security measure

gardener n. one who spends time cultivating plants and tending a garden for pleasure or recreation

positive adj. having a good effect

attituden. a mental position with regard to a fact or state

moped n. a lightweight, low-powered motorbike that can be pedaled

scrap n. a small detached piece

platform n. a level usually raised surface

runwayn. paved strip of ground on a landing field for the landing and takeoff of aircraft