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Do You Remember the Week's Top Stories?

A Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas staff carries a sign wishing Nina Pham well, Oct. 16, 2014. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Editor's Note: To find the correct answers for this news quiz, you can follow the hyperlink to each story or see the answer key at the end of the quiz. Tell us how you did.

1.What was a group of bishops in the Vatican discussing this week?

  1. Making stricter rules about relationships outside of marriage.
  2. Allowing Pope Francis to perform same-sex marriages.
  3. Easing the rules about divorce and gay relationships.
  4. Endorsing political candidates who support family values.

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2. What incident in Hong Kong brought criticism from Amnesty International?

  1. Police used pepper spray against protestors.
  2. Police were filmed beating a handcuffed protestor.
  3. Police cleared an area near the government headquarters.
  4. Police took down barricades set up by protestors.

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3. What new techniques are scientists using to map the ocean floor?

  1. They are using data from ancient earthquakes under the sea.
  2. They are measuring the gravity of the water in the ocean.
  3. They are using satellites to measure small changes on the ocean surface.
  4. They are fixing mistakes made on a 20-year old map of the sea floor.

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4 .What are some problems for African migrants to Greece, according to Human Rights Watch?

  1. Police are preventing them from entering the country.
  2. Police ask them to pay higher taxes than residents.
  3. They have to carry documents everywhere they go.
  4. They face searches and frequent stops.

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5. What are unusual aspects of the new test from Education First?


  1. It is an online way to measure English speaking and writing ability.
  2. It measures listening and reading at all English levels for free.
  3. There are thousands of human raters evaluating responses.
  4. Test takers have to confirm their identity electronically.

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6. What did the Texas Health Care official tell reporters this week?

  1. The hospital made mistakes when it treated its first Ebola patient.
  2. There are more Ebola patients arriving from West Africa.
  3. The nurses and doctors at the hospital are getting special training.
  4. There are new patients among the hospital staff members.

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Answers: 1 - c; 2 - b; 3 - c; 4 - d; 5 - b; 6 - a.