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Off-topic: Woman, 25, Togo: How to deal with TOEFL time pressure?

My name is Abdoulaye Tairou from Togo. I plan to pursue my graduate studies in the United States of America. The university I choose, asks for a score of at least 580 on the paper-based test of the TOEFL. I took the exam once and I only scored 500. Although I continue studying in order to get a better score, I don’t realize any progress. I bought many books such as Barron’s and Longman and have subscribed to some Internet programs that are supposed to help you score higher. But my problem is, under time pressure, I answer questions wrong that I may have answered correctly under different conditions. Does anyone know a strategy that has been proven successful? Or a way to prepare for the TOEFL exam, especially the paper-based format which is the format given my country (Togo)? I appreciate your help.

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