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Woman, 32: Eager for love, but scared of it
Cambodian, 18: Advice for teens about love
Man, 22, Vietnam: "My lips seem to be locked"
Man, 30, U.S.: Seeks "smooth" way to learn if a friend has a boyfriend
Man, 27, China: How to talk to attractive women?
Woman, 21, China: Boyfriend does not seem serious about love
Woman, 24, China: Angry at growing debt of boyfriend's family
Woman, 21, Vietnam: Can't relax around boyfriend
Man, 21, Pakistan: Wants Bulgarian love to drop male Facebook friends
Man, 21, China: Medical student's girlfriend looking "far away for a job"
Man, Vietnam: Object of his love only sees him as a friend
Man, 40: Actions of girlfriend, 25, make him jealous
Woman, 27, Brazil: How to relate to potential boyfriends?
Man, 30, Somalia: Facebook chat with ex-girlfriend brings new hearbreak
Man, Colombia: Loves women, can't understand them
Woman, 26, Iran: Miserable since split with her ex-professor over his son
Woman, 21, Taiwan: Wants ex-boyfriend, but he loves someone else
Woman, 24, Vietnam: Loves man who sees her as a "mistake" in his life
Woman, 24, Vietnam: Fell in love with older co-worker of different religion
Woman, 22, Vietnam: First kiss changed everything
Man, 30, China: Plans to propose to his girlfriend with pictures
Man, 27, Burkina Faso: Needs new ways to please longtime girlfriend
Man, 20, Vietnam: Falling in love 5 years too soon
Woman, 27, Mongolia: Afraid she is too old to break up with boyfriend
Man, Malaysia: "Dream girl" keeps disappearing
Woman, 25, Brazil: "All my friends are married or getting engaged. =("
Man, 26, China: May Be in Love at the Office, No Idea What to Do
Woman, 18, Russia: "Disappointed in love and guys"
Chinese student, 25, South Korea: His mother objects to girlfriend's visit
Woman, 21, Guatemala: Is her boyfriend really separated from his wife?
Woman, 32, Brazil: Trusted man who promised a life together
Woman, 40, Indonesia: Being far apart strengthens her relationship
Woman, 19, Turkey: 10 tips for a lovely Valentine's Day
Man, 27, U.S.: How can he hide his romantic interest in V Day date?
Valentine Greeting: From Jimena in Argentina to Daniel
Dating | Marriage | Family | Friends | Work | School
Woman, 36, Brazil: "Would a marriage work without passion?"
Woman, 43, U.S.: Wants bachelor's degree; husband wants her to work
Woman, 35, China: How to restart my career?
Man, 32: Wife is short, and his mind keeps going back to ex-girlfriends
Woman, 25, Russia: Says not obeying doctor caused husband to flirt
Woman, 35, Canada: Chinese immigrant, away from husband, has crush
Woman, 38, Vietnam: Husband ignores family
Woman, 28, Indonesia: Problems with new American husband
Iranian woman, U.S.: Husband wants a divorce
Man, 75, Spain: Wife refuses to speak to him
Woman, 39, Zimbabwe: Husband asked for polygamous relationship
Woman, 48, Ecuador: Happy marriage includes communication, patience
Dating | Marriage | Family | Friends | Work | School
Man, 64, India: Daughter-in-law keeps son away from him
Boy, 7, Japan: "What can I do to make my dog love me more?"
Woman, 23, India: Her views on "flaws of today's relationships"
Woman, 18, Kyrgyzstan: Wants to get along with younger sister
Chinese mother, 48, U.S.: College son lives nearby, does not like to visit
Man, 33, Brazil: How to improve relationship with his older brother?
Woman, 28, Brazil: How to get her sister to talk to her again?
Man, 30, China: Not sure what to do about heavily indebted father
Dating | Marriage | Family | Friends | Work | School
Woman, 48, Colombia: Longtime friend talks only about herself lately
Woman, 24, Vietnam: A story of love lost to family circumstances
Woman, 50, Brazil: Wants to feel admired by other people
Chinese man, 39, living in U.S.: Trouble making new friends
Man, 38, France: Question about friendship with private English teacher
Man, 23, Mongolia: How to save relationship with old friends?
Man, 45, Japan: How to deal with friends requesting loans?
Man, 45, China: "How can I live with self-confidence?"
Woman, 27, UAE: "I am totally secluded in my own web"
Dating | Marriage | Family | Friends | Work | School
Man, 27, Cambodia: Struggles speaking English with casino co-workers
Man, 30, Dubai: Hotel worker has anger problem
Woman, 24, Armenia: Biologist struggles with English to advance career
Man, 53, Vietnam: Manager ignores rude co-workers
Man, 46, Brazil: Boss is rude, shouts at employees
Man, 40, Iran: How to build effective relationships to get a promotion?
Dating | Marriage | Family | Friends | Work | School
Cambodian man, 20, now living in U.S.: Wants to date Chinese classmate
Man, 20, Brazil: Engineering student struggles with extreme shyness
Man, 59, China: How to make life's dream of studying in U.S. come true?
Man, 22, China: Needs advice to improve speaking and writing
Man, 24, China: "Bitter sorrow and grief" over competition to succeed
Man 26 China: Preparing for IELTS, but losing confidence
Woman, 21, China: "Weird girl" to classmates focused on gossip, guys
Woman, 23, Sweden: Hard to keep quiet and let classmates speak
Woman, 21, Vietnam: Studying medicine to please her family, but hates it
Chinese man, 21, New Zealand: Trouble making friends away from home
Woman, 25, Togo: How to deal with TOEFL time pressure?
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